Lip balm is overdue Don't throw, and these five use!

By Diane Baker,2015-04-21 17:36
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Lip balm is overdue Don't throw, and these five use!

    Lip balm is overdue? Don't throw, and these five use!

    Lipstick is an essential beauty products for women.In order to be able to timely repair a makeup, many women put lipstick on your bag in order to use at any time.But according to the service life of the lipstick, kaifeng 3-6 months after finished is ideal.

    "In such a short time out is impossible!"Perhaps heard of this, most women would think so.So today teach you a few action the use method of the lipstick, other than the care labial ministry is both practical and can burn the lipstick of best use.

    Method one: used to repair a makeup very well in the areas of the want to makeup on besmear lipstick, then put the lipstick oil is wiped clean, will want to decorate good makeup part.But should pay attention to use the lipstick of no mint taste.

    Method 2: eyelash shape whether they use eyelash creams, you can apply a little lip balm on eyelash, especially lip balm contains vaseline ingredients.This is a famous cosmetics division, Sarah?Cut the beautiful eyelash secret of pullman.Do this not only helps moisturize dry in the winter fragile broken eyelash, increase the intensity of eyelash, can also help make eyelash to firm up is not easy to hang on.

    Method 3: make eyelash more dense as eyelash detailer is not essential toiletries, although there are many women want to buy but also will hesitate: "so you don't buy or".But actually the lipstick can take the place of eyelash detailer.This is because the oil content of the lipstick can protect eyelash, promote the growth of eyelash, make eyelash grow is thick and long.However, eye is very vulnerable sensitive parts.Contact with lip stick of lipstick will be stained with a considerable amount of bacteria, therefore, please be sure to use the lipstick of bottled and clean finger touch or a swab take blotted out.In addition, the lipstick is meant to apply on lips, in the eyes when using need to pay attention to don't put them into his eyes.

    Method 4: used for partial discharge makeup is always poor and lip makeup removing eye makeup will end up being forced discharge makeup.All say the thickness of the eye skin only a layer of plastic wrap around, so must push gently to reduce damage when discharge makeup, sometimes small scratches also turn into wrinkles.When work is a lipstick.Apply lipstick by hand rub, and then use discharge makeup cotton dab can easily removing eye makeup.If makeup look is strong, can use lipstick for partial discharge makeup before discharge makeup, can reduce the burden of skin easily discharge makeup.

    Method 5: use a specular seem to hear everyone "highlights?"This question, but lipstick can also play a great highlights.Highlights don't have to carry bright products, you can dip in with finger take a lip balm after patting on the cheeks, outer corner area C and midway through the bridge of the nose, this step can quickly light cheeks, give skin luster, make facial outline appears more stereoscopic delicate.By the same token, the lipstick also can be used in eyebrow bone and jaw specular highlights.Compared with vanity grooming products, lipstick build luster bright, more water especially in the light is very bright.

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