The deep revelation musk Open AI, not only to save the world

By Danny Gordon,2015-04-21 09:51
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The deep revelation musk Open AI, not only to save the world

The deep revelation musk Open AI: not only

to save the world

Tesla CEO, Open the AI, co-founder of musk

    Phoenix technologies - News on December 16, Beijing time, the valley of Sagittarius, created the Open AI artificial intelligence company, and said it would Open its share to the study of artificial intelligence research results of every one of us.Well-known foreign science and technology media commentary wired magazine, said the establishment of the Open source Open AI will artificial intelligence research to a climax, but also transformed by Google, Facebook and other giants currently lead the competitive landscape of the artificial intelligence field.In the future, the Open AI is expected to become the field of regulators, which leads to the development of human safer track.

    The following is a full article:

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Elon Musk and entrepreneurial incubator Y Combinator President Sam Altman (Sam Altman) worry that artificial intelligence would take over the world.So two entrepreneurs plan to set up an investment of $1 billion, not in pursuit of profit as the goal of the company, hopes to play the greatest potential for artificial intelligence, and then share it with you want to use the artificial intelligence technology to everyone.

    Artificial intelligence technology is more security

    At least this is musk and altman in announcing they want to convey the information of new initiatives, two people built a family history of an unprecedented OpenAI new company.Altman accepted technology site

    up at the time of OpenAI Backchannel founder Stephen Levy (Steven Levy) of the interview, he said, a decades-long project is expected to exceed human intelligence.But they believe that anything will be lower, because the technology will be used by all people, not only Google and other companies to use.

    Levy naturally asked, their free sharing strategy will make artificial intelligence technology is used by the bad guys, actually will eventually cutting-edge technology provided to the real world "Dr. Evil" (Dr. Evils).Altman believes, however, the risk is not too big.They think that the public power will be more than a few people the power of evil."As humans struggle with Dr. Evil, most people are good, the collective power of the human can contain some factors of insecurity," altman said, "we believe that it is more likely, many artificial intelligence technology will prevent a few bad evil."

    This seems counter-intuitive idea can hold up, years of verification is needed.Superhuman artificial intelligence even if can achieve, also need a long time."This idea has a great attraction on intuition," Arizona state university, PhD, mills bo lu da (Miles Brundage) when it comes to OpenAI, says he focuses on human and social level research in the field of science and technology, "but it is not a very clear argument. At the moment we are in the environment, no artificial intelligence system can take over the world, in the foreseeable future there will be no."

    But with the establishment of the OpenAI, there will be more people began to research how to develop to be able to dominate the world of human intelligence, rather than just let it stay on the basis of theory.In the short term, OpenAI musk, altman, and their companies benefit directly.Y Combinator investment companies, including American short rent website reality, cloud storage service Dropbox and payment company Stripe "unicorn", etc.From Google and other companies hired top after artificial intelligence researchers, two entrepreneurs can get development concept can't get before.They promised to online data extracted from the respective company, in this way, they have the ways to implement these ideas.At present, is a key factor to promote the development of artificial intelligence engineering talent, another is data.

    If OpenAI can stick to their mission, let all people can access to new technology concept, so at least it will be a test of giant Google, Facebook, etc.Musk, altman entrepreneurs such as more than $10, OpenAI is to show the change of the competitive landscape in recent

    years.Companies, entrepreneurs and investors are increasingly hope, by opening their technology to compete with rivals.They began to discuss the idea seems perverse.

    The advantage of open source

Two co-founder of the Open AI

Over the past month in artificial intelligence, a series of admirable

things and OpenAI was set up to a climax.In early November, Google

    announced its artificial intelligence services will be part of the open source software engine.The artificial intelligence service is a kind of deep learning technology, can recognize the image and voice, translation and understand human language, etc.Established in OpenAI Facebook also recently announced that it will open its deep learning computer server design.Facebook, the depth of the learning services have the same as the Google artificial intelligence services.Now OpenAI further and vowed to share all of its research results, mainly about the depth of learning technology.

    Yes, the three companies of the open source initiative is actually a form of competition.Companies like Google and Facebook are open sharing of software and hardware design, will be able to speed the progress in the development of artificial intelligence, and ultimately benefit themselves.With the outside world, for example, gradually improve the open source technology, artificial intelligence, Google and Facebook will be able to take these technologies in turn for their own use.At the same time, open source is a means of recruiting and retaining talent artificial intelligence.Especially in the field of deep learning, many relevant researchers from academia, they are happy to share their research results, in order to benefit as many people as possible."When recruiting researchers this, of course, is a kind of competitive advantage,"

    she told wired magazine."We will hire these people happy to OpenAI for open source, because they can share their research results."

    These might be much more direct than it looks, competitive.We can't help but to think, Google's open source may be because its TensorFlow artificial intelligence engine, it knows OpenAI is established.Facebook open its Big Sur server design may also be a response to Google and OpenAI.For this kind of speculation, Facebook responded that the intention is not the case;While Google has yet to respond to requests for comment;Altman, declined to comment, but said Google know OpenAI is established.What Google might not know, actually OpenAI before the establishment of its top artificial intelligence experts Elijah souter, Eva (Ilya Sutskever) poached.

    But anyway, all of these can't obliterate Google the value of the open source project.Whatever the motivation of Google, it will eventually open source code, everyone can use as long as think right.But it is worth you to remember, in today's science and technology, sharing their own scientific and technological achievements not only because the noble so simple.Now deep learning industry scale is still small, all these companies are competing for the can help them to master the powerful technology talents.These companies want to share, but they want to win more.As a result, they must come up with some of their own secret, but not all of them.Open source will accelerate the process of artificial

    intelligence, but to prevent individual companies and individual technology dominance is also very important.And this is why the establishment of the OpenAI is so meaningful.

    Apollo plans to rev

    Artificial intelligence control human

    In some ways, musk will share as a way to victory."It is well known that I have been wary of artificial intelligence," he said in an interview.Having said that, tesla is still in absorbing nutrients from the development of artificial intelligence.Like Google, driverless cars, tesla

    also doing this kind of product depends is the deep learning technology of artificial intelligence.

    Deep learning depends on what we mean by artificial neural network, it USES the powerful hardware and software to simulate the neurons in the human brain.For example, after the show a lot of pictures of cats, neurons can learn how to identify the cat.And after hearing many human dialogue, it can also be incredibly dialogue doorways.In the same way, after driving to obtain large amounts of data, it can also become a qualified driver.

    Musk, of course, can be directly for tesla to AI researchers, however, after the creation of OpenAI researchers will further improve the quality of the (after all it is an open organization, not bound by any business model and short-term benefit), and possibly from old rivals Google to attract talents.In addition, he can also create a more powerful data pool, thus to help the researchers to carry out the work.Altman's business incubator Y Combinator will be Shared with OpenAI data, add data accumulated over the years, tesla OpenAI now has absolute power battle with Google.

    "In some ways, OpenAI may even have more advantages."Deep learning startup Skymind CEO Chris said, the company recently joined Y Combinator incubation project.", after all, there are specializing in Google on the housing information data is definitely not an well done."

    Musk investment for a long time ago a British company called DeepMind, the company describes itself as "the Apollo program of" artificial intelligence.This investment also let musk to realize the great potential of artificial intelligence technology, but in the end, Google acquisition of the company, broke his mind.But for musk, nothing is impossible, it's not, it directly created OpenAI, open the Apollo program, back to the artificial intelligence development fast lane.In addition, amazon is also one of the partners of OpenAI, presumably the artificial intelligence fight future will be more colorful.

    Pessimistic and optimistic

    But that does not kill musk the value of the open source project.He may be vested interest, at the same time, a sense of selflessness, but the end result is vast AI world gain great benefits.With the world to share their technology, OpenAI will push Google, Facebook and other enterprise research and development work.For all Y Combinator tesla and support enterprises it is also a good one, for all the people who love the AI is also a good thing.

    Of course, by sharing technical OpenAI also will provide new elements for Google and Facebook.People who are evil wherever hidden, will devour OpenAI technology with its own system.We don't have to worry too much, technology will be spread to the world of evil, the technology itself can also spread to the world.In the field of driverless

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