Approached the French women's life Copy their delicate and elegant

By Nicole Owens,2015-04-20 17:48
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Approached the French women's life Copy their delicate and elegant

    Approached the French women's life Copy their

    delicate and elegant

    Guide language: when it comes to elegant and sexy, many people would first think of French women.The misty eyes, a whisper of French, oil, fine but thin figure, extraordinary fashion taste, balance and sexy, and between the gestures out noble temperament...French woman of grace is carved into his bones.Beauty is a woman's life mission, for women, life should be enjoyed every second.Study with the French woman, you can also elegant and moving.

    In life, old should be gradually in the elegant majestic heights in a woman's life.Elegant demeanor is the performance of a kind of method, it is not only refers to the external beauty, but with the condition of different life reflected a kind of wisdom inside.Heart is not elegant, how elegant, also can't say it's really elegant.

    In contrast, the French art of living is obviously more quality, more elegant and delicate.In the French street, old age is still attractive lady everywhere, they slim, temperament elegant, delicate and fashionable.French women live youth twenty, thirty, forty years old living wisdom, fifty years old live comfortable, live easily sixty, and age as a priceless treasure.

    French women take yourself seriously, regardless of whether or not a born beauty, is willing to spend time, energy and money to dress up yourself.Because they think: ugly, is immoral.French women will notice the details around, always keep the most elegant one side, show the most beautiful yourself at any time.Such women may not be the most beautiful, most favored, but must be the most lovely and attractive.

    Beauty is a woman's life mission, slim, temperament elegant, fashionable dress, the same can't be little.For women, life should be enjoyed every second.Although life is not every woman is Audrey Hepburn, you may buy designer handbags and expensive jewelry, but you can learn to get delicate life.

    Literally live free, or busy to enrich themselves, but no matter you choose which kind of way of life, woman!Eventually, all want to know how to maintain oneself, live out the temperament and noble in years.

    In pieces only not compromise

    French is beautiful to love people, their requirements to beauty, perhaps no one can match.

    French women do not lower the standards of your own fashion, every moment every little detail can reveal a belong to their unique temperament.French, sex appeal is not to show all the dew, but the proportion of fine grasp the dew, dew is proper, oil, fine degree.Can be seen from the French woman, they for sexy and exquisite master.Inclined shoulder gown show beautiful collarbone, and natural revealing lingerie straps.

    Dot not only external to good, for French woman, not directly see, is more important.So listen to French woman said, complete set of wear underwear to them is quite difficult to understand.Just married or have been married for 25 years, whether in a relationship or single, whether living with a roommate or live alone, even if only a cat company, even if not to go out during the day, don't have to appear in public field, French woman in that which is decent attractive when wearing pajamas.

    With them at their high standard, with exquisite and view of life, even if it is not part of the show in front of others, they also can't so lax, this is the French tribute to beauty and not willing to compromise.They put on life drawing to new heights.

    In pieces less makeup more maintenance

    When it comes to makeup, almost French women of all ages (except teenagers) all think less as possible.Too thick foundation may enhance wrinkles, enlarged pores, so most of the French woman as far as possible avoid the use of powdery bottom, just using the French PG cream firstly, and then apply some blush.French PG cream is a certified by the European Union's snail concentrate content up to 85% of the snail cream, is essential to artifact of the household in Europe, it can effectively repair skin, reduce pigmentation, postpone skin aging.In addition, besmear brushs bit eye shadow, they will be a little dot eyelash creams, may draw a line and apply lipstick, to try to make myself look natural.

    Perhaps this is the French women don't show the secret of the old.According to the survey, the French woman spent about $2.2 billion a year to do facial treatment, it is Spanish, German and British women combined combined.If you happen to be borrowed from French friend bathroom (by the way, into the bathroom is considered rude to) you can see there is of course essential French PG frost, from coarse skin to reduce varicose veins, you name it.But you may find no soap,

    because French women rarely on the face or body (in addition to the "parts") with soap.

    Pieces of living

    The Frenchman's elegant, is that they face life since has a stubborn attitude.For food, the French demand looks beautiful, smells fragrant, entrance, be short of one cannot, flavor, can be called a good food.The Frenchman's exquisite, higher level of French cuisine "art.And the "food" noble spirit is deeply rooted in every pursuit of the French woman in the heart of high quality life, they will try to perfect table setting, guests only delicious food is never that simple.

    Dinner have to deserve to go up a cup of wine;Be free and at leisure is always does not forget reading, watching plays, visiting art galleries, edify disposition;Don't blindly follow the fashion, but pay attention to detail, and the French woman of elegant actually comes from their fussy about quality, so their elegant embodiment, precipitation in the passage of time, the older the more lasting appeal, as many one hundred French fashion technology, make people better.

    Literary grace in pieces

    French woman like reading, especially like to read novels.Compared with the French woman, French men love of reading is not so obvious.On the streets of

    France, it's easy to find women is reading a book.Some French woman sitting on a bench in the park, holding a book, a see be all day.

    In China, if you talk with others in the field of philosophy, classical music, poetry, etc, the pursuit of ambition, could be seen as "pretentious", is considered to show off.But the French love these topics, before they ask you which country "from", and more like to ask you "what is reading a book".

    Mixer is bold and unrestrained

    French women not only style is open, the life style is bold and unrestrained.Reports show that most French woman in 15 ~ 25 years, and he contributed first.In life, they hasn't shied away from not only to sex, even often in discussion.

    In many French film and television works, the problem is without cover out of the show.France, for example, release of shock film 3 d love sensory nude scenes in the film "love".Or is that a French RTL TV station to evening adult programs will be aired.

    French women like the pursuit of sexual pleasure, is also keen to explore the skill, the French seem in some way is very free.

    Mixer mustn't get fat

    If a French woman in the body of the bathroom on the blockbuster find themselves suddenly a kg or 2 kg, then she will stop at nothing to get pointer back to its original position.Its like honey ria Zhu in Solomon's best-selling title (Mireille Guiliano) said, "the French woman not Fat" (French Women Don 't Get Fat), rather, French Women Don't want to Get Fat.

    "Don't eat when I was not hungry."This rule is firmly cling to every French women.They eat refined and less, so both food already, also can maintain and graceful figure.They have good eating habits, every meal is absolutely conforms to the nutrition collocation, don't eat outside dinner time, will not let their weight than partial, even slightly fat also can not.

    Walk mixer is movement

    See here, you must feel since French woman pay attention to the body, so they are often fitness.You are wrong.French woman never love for sports.Fitness is torture in their eyes.It seems, the only acceptable way to burn calories is to walk.

    Favorite sport is walking in Paris.Living in Paris, you will find people to work on weekdays, with walking instead of driving.Climb the stairs, clean the room, walking to work, no French woman will spend money to go to the gym, but the size is all very well.

    Enjoy your life in pieces

    For the French, to this world, if not to enjoy, that is for the sake of what?So they love, indifferent, drinking, will ponder life as the most loyal purport to the extreme, similarly, the French women may also be the world's most understand love your woman.

    They are engaged to marry or gave birth to a child, my mother will only is one of their identity, they always remember their own another identity, is called the woman.Walking in the French street, often can see milk dad pushing a stroller, mother and friends sitting in open-air cafes, sipping coffee bask in the sun.

    French woman can not old, when his mother still sexy, because they remember their was a girl.

    There are so few nights, French couple will a child to a trusted friend, to two people world of sweet appointment, between husband and wife should have appeal not reduced as a result, the child is born even with kids, they still retain their own private space.

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