Scientists invented anti-bomb device when bomb explodes the plane will not crash

By Gloria Shaw,2015-04-19 23:53
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Scientists invented anti-bomb device when bomb explodes the plane will not crash

    Scientists invented anti-bomb device when bomb explodes the plane will not crash

    In October, a Russian passenger plane crash killed 224 people, the cause of the accident is likely to be a bomb in the passenger cabin, suggesting that the interior of the aircraft is still very fragile.Although aircraft security is more and more perfect, but similar things still happen.However, the researchers from Britain an innovation may be to enhance safety of the aircraft, it can make the plane when facing internal bombs and explosive devices not only a road crash.Fly - Bag is developed by researchers at the university of Sheffield's a bomb inside lining, can be placed in the trunk of the plane, and within the hidden in the baggage on explosion suppression effect caused by explosives.

    Aircraft accident

    Security consultant Matthew Finn although not involved in the study, but he later in an interview, said: "for a long time, aviation safety risk lies in whether someone carrying bombs and dangerous goods on the plane. The emergence of Fly - Bag, even if a bomb on board is not unacceptable. We need to consider the next question is, how to reduce the explosion device inside the aircraft."

    Earlier this year, there are professionals on the Fly - Bag unique lining is tested, from the point of the results, the bomb proof device can reduce the impact of explosion device inside the aircraft.The device USES the multi-layer fabric and composite material, including the aramid found in body armour.The combination of these materials provide it with very high strength, the resistance to impact and heat has great advantage.

    The study's lead researcher, engineer Andy Tyas said: "this concept is the key, the lining is flexible, and toughness, in the face of the explosion shock and debris have enough capacity. Therefore, we developed the Fly - Bay is an ascending aircraft safety film, rather than a rigid wall are easy to be damaged container."


    The research team said, compared with the baggage compartment of hard, Fly - Bag lined with more lightsome, also cheaper, and thanks to its flexibility, people can consider to apply it to various types of aircraft.In this year's test of a ground plane, Fly - 'success proves that it can restrain a suitcase containing explosives produced by explosion, and does not use the Fly -' the plane in the big bang, the fuselage a large hole in, obviously, if the plane is the air at this time, and will be a big disaster.

    Matthew Finn said: "I think it has changed our views about baggage compartment. Previously, we spent a lot of time to think about how to deal with the relationship between the passengers and their luggage. Since the 1988 lockerbie bombing, this has been a major focus in the airline industry. Fly - the invention of the Bag is a very interesting, I want to see it more widely deployed."

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