When New York hit small and pure and fresh

By Ida Gibson,2015-04-19 12:28
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When New York hit small and pure and fresh

    When New York hit small and pure and fresh

     Today's directors, music taste a better than one.The music taste, is not to say the original soundtrack, but every now and then inserted into the one or two songs in the film.Early TV drama "the book stay with freak," use "the last come sail away, let me love no, now the TV drama, film, or more than one god into all kinds of existing songs.This is aeriform in, take the traditional musical director for more challenge.

    Musical there are many kinds of presentation, with bright red les miserables as last year or earlier "rent" the lines all of the songs, and natural musicians was shot also have related person of life, like a TV drama "glee" is the story of the choir, there are also like the simple folk or the film shoot the story of the musician.The film director who, of course, is one of the most famous films and pure and fresh movie represents "once", but the site is chosen in Ireland, fast in the past ten

    years, now carney took a new version of the musical director, this time, he chose the background in New York.

    In the city of New York, is really to be linked with small pure and fresh and music.For me, it is the most easy to match the type of music in the film stars in the night, on a brisk pace, headphones to listen to jazz.But this time, he tell you he is not only to small and pure and fresh movie in New York, also let a person feel, small and pure and fresh movie is like from the mayor of New York City into, he set the plot to men's and women's leading role in the city to find music, go to an open area in the recording, they went to the subway station, to the balcony, the alley lane, let a person feel that music is the pure natural, especially late Adam plays a boyfriend, she said, this system after another, tying a rejected, told us, this is belong to the music of the city of New York, without processing, everything is just right.

    Seen music movie series, people are liable to begin from down and out, and even death.All the students in the glee is various edge, by the power of music together.The film is no exception, because music together, because music, because music become a better person.But the film also both love elements at the same time, somehow, love elements of the film began to always remind me of the characters in the movie "sleepless in Seattle" setting.The film inside Dan is a divorced father, his wife and daughter relationship is bad, the record company also don't he built;Gretta heroine is very not easy come to New York was abandoned by her boyfriend, and then in the night, two people in a small bar, because of the song of Gretta met.All the natural naturally, two people together to create music, at the same time inevitably produce some different feelings.But in our regrets if two people together, really is some too common, director or subtle nudges, love of men and women protagonist suffered the injury, Dan's wife on a business trip a year decided to spend the rest of my life with people, boyfriend, as long as a month can Gretta to new girl write sweet greasy, but again in the near future, caocao break up, so people have experienced the feeling experience, they know that not only "together" to prove anything, to the little and pure and fresh music, even love, just nudges, too late.

    Since the film is a music movie, music elements cannot little.There were two popular figure to join the music industry.Adam Levine acting

    out of my expectation, Ceelo Green is still a face of happy feeling is like.Song, of course, nature is top priority.In fact, don't know whether I had heard little pure and fresh and age, I think for the film the most bright eye of the song is also good, the main song "lost star" is far from the simple folk of 500 hundreds more moving.And the story itself, seems to be a bit weak.At the beginning, I also because want to see the "Once" struggle for a while, but now I can sure is, read this one, should be enough.

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