These habits will damage your skin you still make

By Lucille Wagner,2015-04-18 14:27
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These habits will damage your skin you still make

    These habits will damage your skin you still make?

    Some arrangement for you before will harm the skin of the habits and customs, today again for you arrange some ignored by people living habits, they also damage the skin in silence.

    Tap water

    This refers to the skin is washed with water, can produce damage to the skin.Tap water contains chlorine and other pollutants will be extremely serious bad influence to the skin.In addition to damage cells, also can let the skin become easy to dry.So if you can, try to frequently washed with tap water.


    Frown can affect skin condition it is not most people seem to know.If you regularly frown, skin can make whole person looks old for your age.The damaged skin and fine lines around the eyes to a large extent affected by frowning.This habit will also make have aging skin under greater pressure, thus the skin will be more out of condition.

    In addition, contact lenses will also let eye week skin appear very old, so both from the perspective of health and beauty, properly frame glasses are very necessary.

    Lack of sleep

    Actually relatively, enough sleep can damage the skin has been well known.But there are still a lot of girls don't pay attention to this, think to stay up late the skin damage after a period of time can recover.

    Lack of sleep can let the skin premature wrinkles, dark circles, and some other more serious skin problems, and once appear the skin after injury, basic is difficult to restore to its original state.The skin is flabby, of course, is the inevitable, but we can be a healthy life to as far as possible to the arrival of the delay.So it is very important to keep eight hours of sleep every day.

    Steamed face

    Steam face is a lot of people are familiar with way of beauty, it can promote the regeneration of the skin cells, scavenging free radicals, open pores to facilitate cleaning.But steamed face too many times also injury of facial skin.Skin overexposure to steam can reduce the elasticity of the skin, in the destruction of collagen in the skin.So good to control the number of steamed face at ordinary times, can't because want to beauty and excessive use of steamed face machine.

    High intensity exercise

    High strength sport will harm the skin condition, although this has not been many people understand.Daily exercise can actually use of metabolism, body fitness.But, in fact, high strength sport will also bring some negative impacts.Such as running, it can bring the benefits of natural needless to say, but actually this campaign is to a certain extent can let the skin can harm skin health.High speed run is likely to be intermittent collagen regeneration process in the body, but also will damage the elasticity of the skin.

    Of course this is not to say that will not be able to exercise.Such as can choose a few strength slightly lower forms of exercise, such as jogging or walking, this way of exercise can exercise the muscle, also can maintain good state of the skin.

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