Paul's perfect curtain call

By Bryan Hudson,2015-04-18 08:59
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Paul's perfect curtain call

    Paul's perfect curtain call

     If there is no Paul walker's accidental death, so the speed of 7 level still is only possessed by adrenaline in Hollywood blockbusters, it is blood cool, but without iron powder, after sowing and ploughing, and might even can't remember exactly what movies, but everything is different, because of his departure film gave Paul a perfect curtain call as actors.

    On November 30, 2013, "fast and furious" series of actor Paul walker died because of car accident, and the news shocked the network quickly, also become the one of Hollywood's most heartbreaking news.He died, also make the original plan was released in 2014's "fast and furious 7" delay the remake, and change in the year to meet with the audience.For

    many of the fans "speed shock" series, "fast and furious 7" has far not only is a racing action so simple, it's more like a symbol, a mourning and memories, Paul to say goodbye to accompany us for so many years.

    So, I'm afraid it is difficult for many in the audience to objective criteria to evaluate the film very much.Especially the film's end, when the characters one by one and Paul said goodbye to the song "See You Again" rings, must have a lot of people have lost control and tears all the way.This has become a way to show the movie magic, you will find that the people who are still alive on the big screen, the experienced all kinds of risk and chase all of them survived, in fact already left us, forever left.Even though, he is still in the big screen so alive.

    Paul walker, if we say goodbye temporarily forget it, just from the film quality evaluation "fast and furious 7", this movie is really a lot of regret.Is probably the most popular and lack of speed.Was very hard, but in terms of scheduling the audience passion, always bad breath.Strong overall look, this is just to live a "fast and furious 6", is far worse than the fast and the furious five.New took over "speed and passion" series director James wan, first big-budget films, fluctuation full time is also possible in hot, all kinds of impact and shooting, coasters, many times even cars skydiving, speed through the tall buildings, and so on thrilling setting, on the ability to burn, the film is a hard and attentively.But James

    wan on the circuit control seems to be worse than before Lin Yi bin is still some unfinished, the fast and the furious 7 didn't play what pattern on speed, even without too much speed.But in during the first several is Lin Yi his alley.In the "fast and furious" series, due to the speed of passion, is always the soul of this series, is the important reason for a lot of viewers obsession for many years.Lost it, hard to avoid some regret letting a person.

    "Fast and furious 7" about three o 'clock to let a person very unforgettable, one is all kinds of expensive luxury cars, it has become a sign of this series, all kinds of cars, luxury cars has appeared, especially in the global set limit to seven lane supercar.And, in order to highlight the nostalgic flavour, this "fast and furious 7" also brought a lot of nostalgia models, such as the 69 Chevrolet, 70 dodge and so on, these vintage models, should make a lot of fans excited.Secondly, dozen deathless of jack Bauer, whether it be a hero or a villain, have shown strong vitality, whether the gun, cannon, automobile collisions, various leap can be unscathed, stick to live to the end.Its tenacious vitality and super lucky value, also let a person plaint.And the biggest bright spot, and, of course, the famous "skinheads", from the beginning of the protagonist vin diesel, the fifth in the rock, and this season's new villain Jason statham, baldheaded tough guy has become the pronoun of this series, the tough

    guy, and they represent the street culture, has become the soul of this series.

    Before the film, we had thought many kinds of Paul walker, and farewell.Have to admit, James wan and the design of this kind of farewell, sometimes is the most warm, also be the most appropriate.Don't very sad, very emotional painstakingly, regardless of what kind of encounter, Paul is in reality the Brian in the film is perfect finale, will be with his wife and son have a happy life forever.

    Montage of paragraph at the end of the motorcycle racing and memories, also let the movie will bring us back some good memories, to remember once Paul walker.This pair of brothers, also finally parted ways in the last paragraph, from now on all the various... do You remember the sentence "You 'l l always be with me, and You' l l always be my brothe"!

    Eventually to farewell, Paul!

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