The king's speech

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The king's speech

    The king's speech

    King's speech in the selection of the background music is the second movement of Beethoven's symphony no. 7. This article is the Peking University public course last semester < master music in the film creation research > I answer some questions. In the final exam is roughly gives several with the same bei seven films (also, and the end of the < predict >), talk about the application of which the most impressive. The requirement is 1000 characters (the result is just delete to 1000 words well = =), lacklustre, light spray = =

    I think the king's speech in the use of bei qi's most successful and most impressive.Bei qi in the king's speech before the war of world war ii, here is no rich plot and content, but the director is how to make it so rich or even become a highlight of the whole?The answer lies in the successful use of natural sex music, one is with the speech, 2 it is to cooperate with the picture, the third is the resonance of the text background music and the story.

    Wind rang the first sound, immediately apply colours to a drawing gives a kind of solemn and somewhat gloomy mood, the king's mouth trembling didn't speak.The second long rang, and he still didn't speak.A short period of weak low rapid string followed by enter, the king's speech is success?A tense atmosphere at once.The king began to speak, spoke slowly at first, music also slowly cooperate with (the rhythm of

    the three films in the movie the slowest).Along with the music, the king's speech more fluently.Music melody abound change, along with the lecture content ups and downs, let people unknowingly focused attention.However, this change is large, and it is "beating", like a heartbeat, itself has a feel of the godawfulness atmosphere, it suits well with speech.That sombre music and often rise, with a win confidence and faith, but without a sense of fickleness, composed and calm all the time, just like the king's state of mind.When all kinds of brass instruments in the magnificent music but also into the glorious mission and blood lofty sentiments.When the king called on people to unite to face the dark when the music is also rising, let a person can't help a swell!My guess is that this piece of music should be settled before filming.Is not only a music have the same length and the length of the speech, but also because in the process of the whole speech, music perfectly fit the speech speed and content, in the end is perfect.

    Here the sound of something combination is.Mr Seven itself feel of the godawfulness commensurate with screen dark tonal very solemn.Bei seven second movement is 42, look carefully, visible every four or eight clap, lens will transform an Angle.Director also frequently use the music montage, cut the lens to all levels of the British people were listening.Bass vibration as the pulse of The Times, in the heart of the king, with one of the people's heart beat, up and down across the UK in shard at the moment.When the brass forte in picture cut from the king's mother, her expression of joy and excitement - for the king also for the whole country!The expression changes of features can show emotions more exciting upward, let people can not help but also excited, at the climax of music to use this lens is far!Changes rich music and pictures make the whole paragraph is vivid enough!

    Is said to be seven Beethoven in the teacher information about their dating back the process in a decade, he was hit by the huge deaf, finally out of the shadows self-salvation.And the king of the war with Britain is facing the moment, the fate of the two has similarities with Beethoven, this in bei seven pathetique solemn melody resonance.Beethoven self-salvation in the end, the seven suggests the king also can

overcome the difficulty of stuttering, Britain also can calm to deal with the arrival of the

war, this resonance in bei seven uplifting melodies.

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