To develop the economy, please start with free

By Danielle Young,2015-04-17 05:08
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To develop the economy, please start with free

    To develop the economy, please start with free

    The economy of a nation, has its internal structure.In the 1980 s, a group of economists are trying to use the traditional economics, experience and skills to explain the sustainable development of national economy, the "economic freedom index" from now on.The well-known friedman and several other scholars involved in promoting free market economy.From the management and control, pricing, the perspective of monetary policy, fiscal policy and international trade to measure a country's economic policy.If a country policy management control level is relatively low, free pricing, monetary policy was stable, low level of tax, international trade openness, such countries would be evaluation of the academic paradigm for high economic freedom.On the other hand, if a country policy management control level is high, the pricing received restrictions widespread inflation, monetary policy, tax level higher, pure pursuit of international trade surplus, or even closed, such countries, will be judged as have relatively low economic freedom.

    Today, many economists "economic freedom index" is becoming a consensus, more importantly, she has been already formed national economic history.For example, where the highest economic freedom country, also has the highest GDP per capita.Developed countries such as private enterprises at the same time, the flourishing entrepreneurs,

    education equality, the freedom of thought agitate, multifaceted national society replaced the power of the medieval architecture and noble architecture.Remind each national market, you can from your personal interest and the cost, participate in the evolution of the freedom of the market, no one deprive your right.Conversely, economic freedom through the low countries, the government's administrative ability become one of the biggest economic development momentum, blind pursuit of high foreign exchange reserves and the trade surplus, and all the real market economy countries produce too many trade disputes.Within countries corrupt and weak domestic demand market, people proud of power or curry favor with power, thought stagnation, innovation is scarce, the uneven distribution of resources, uneven regional development, the whole country to show strength by image project, that involves the per capita index, both GDP per capita, and per capita income is not optimistic.

    Every country in the world economic landscape is differ in thousands ways, what the reason is that freedom.In 1776, Adam Smith he explicitly proposed the market a chance factors: people only freedom to participate in the process of market economy, to increase wealth.Only in this context, people can find his comparative advantage, to activate everyone entrepreneur endowment, so as to promote the evolution of

    the market.Therefore, it is said, in fact, everyone is entrepreneurs, everyone in the innovation, the key is our system design, whether to give everyone the chance.

    This academic questions, provide the current China's economic woes, let we know, the problem in this country, exactly where.

    Refund, such as the state at the moment as the currency issue is more and more uncontrolled, large amounts of liquidity will hold the bigger state-owned enterprises, the situation, the surface appears to be the deep pockets of state-owned enterprises, in fact, is the power for the development of economy is losing its market, the most eye-catching characterization, beleaguered is a large private enterprise's development, industrial structure to the real estate, energy, and even excessively pure concentration of capital operation, and a large number of industries involved in daily life itself marginalized.Under such a background, the government management layer is talking about the so-called economic structure transformation, if not on the market, there is no common sense, it is self-deceit!

    We always talk about innovation, for example, high scientific and technological progress.The problem is that the economist schumpeter's

    view, any kind of innovation, is the result of the division of labor, is a specific people based on their own interests and the cost of differentiation.That is to say, innovation is a kind of individual work first, second, the innovation is the result of the free market division of labor.A unified national economies, there is no detailed market division of labor, not weave industry distribution, no companies and entrepreneurs emerge in endlessly, it is absolutely impossible any innovation.Here even involve more important personal boundary value problem: a thought is control of the country, a free speech is not the basic protection areas, everyone is bound to be less incentive to innovative ideas at the same time, even if a population of more than 2 billion, also won't someone a breakthrough in the innovation.On the issue of innovation, has never been a many hands make light work, on the contrary, in a market division of labor is too simple, and freedom of expression serious to be controlled, the more population, lack of innovation, the more.

    Such as at the moment is being repeated around the house demolition and violence, is the damage to the personal basic property rights, which is also damage to the market economy foundation.Once listen to Mr Yu, he went to the wanzai county of jiangxi province lectures, called on everyone doesn't want to hurt people house.Results the county party committee secretary of the claim, in order to development, have to be

    hurt.Such bureaucratic speech, on the one hand, shows the ignorance of the market economy development thoroughly, again, on the one hand, according to the local communist party secretary for the development of, is just his personal development as a bureaucratic political career.He dominated the development of has nothing to do with the market economy, has nothing to do with freedom, and they preached improve people's livelihood slogan and files, it does not matter.

    In fact, the party secretary's remarks, represents the moment of China's most typical short-term interests.Officials have always been a rational economic man, they will not be in this job, because forgot his own personal interests, on the contrary, rank aggravate their interests for strength.Therefore, any long term, sustainable economic plan, will not be in such officials.So, we pursuit of saving resources, environmental protection, the benefit of future generations of pure economic method, in this country, but is a sham.

    Even from the basic common sense of the market economy, we are the real need of reform.But slightly brain will find, when all the valuable resources, whether natural resources, economic resources, market resources, firmly control in government hands, all and any kind of reform, there is no doubt that is the redistribution of resources, so in such a

    market under the background of talk about reform, more or less like a light comedy, people performing on stage, the audience, or snoring, either smiling not language.

    It's a really huge economic woes, and the sticking point of all, only about freedom.There is nothing new under the sun, and no market freedom, no economic rise?If we really want to develop, so please start with freedom.

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