Under the Tuscan sun reviews

By Michelle Baker,2015-04-16 18:07
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Under the Tuscan sun reviews

    Under the Tuscan sun reviews

    I once threatened to favorite movie is jean - Pierre heat in a very long engagement.I really love his narrative of the two clues, love him warm yellow picture, love Audrey tatooine with unequal leg inside still insist on looking for her lover.

    But, every time, I

    lack of courage, the lack

    of hope, or when I'm at a

    loss, I always look at

    Tuscany under the

    sun.See a person's


    Under the Tuscan sun, already watched three or four times.

    Man said to her will always love you at the time of divorce to her and said I never loved you.This is what hurt?Woman to self-improvement, in love and faith.When his friend to let her go to Tuscany.The tour guide introduction did not make her happy all the way through.When she saw a mysterious woman, she bought a three hundred - year - old house.

    Have no hope of life, depression, don't know what you are doing, at that time, the man to say such words to her: the Alps has a very steep, they built on the rail, used to connect Vienna and Venice, the railway is built before hasn't the

    train coming.They built it, because they know that one day the train would come.

    In the film appeared twice in this sentence, think this sentence is very good.

    Encounter in Rome, I believe that will not have a good ending.I sometimes confused what is the right person.Now I know that when you are ready, the man meet by chance, it must be the most suitable for your man.Obviously, however, when she is not ready to accept a relationship.

    When you is in order to warm and to find a man, then later you will think he is more and more warm enough.

    When you are in order to secure and to find a man, then later you will think he is everywhere.

    When you is for the sake of loneliness and to find a man, so later that he was to do your own things, your world will collapse.

    And so on.

    So is the most suitable for you hope, meet the man.It is the most suitable for you.So the end, she found her wishes had come true, if not her wedding, but in the mind is a hopeful way, close your eyes, lady beetles have appeared in her, the man must be her need of man.

    So don't worry.No wonder people say, a smiling girl luck will not too bad.No matter how to all want to smile, because

    you never know who is falling in love with your smile.Smile, smile, with hope we don't have to die, we don't try so hard.

    Recently I have been think I a person's time, how did I come here.Needn't anger with other people depend on others, a person's time is also very good.Don't need what to do with others.Because of hope, love is not a company.

    Don't know why, when a mysterious woman lie on the bed to the hero said do you know which movie is my favorite, Cabiria, when she felt bad, seeing the children in the street, think of once upon a time, she smiled, like fete said, no matter when don't lost his childlike innocence, it is important thing. But I think she is when she says in tried not to cry, see of I very afflictive, really want to cry, it seems I haven't seen the actor of other movies, but her eyes made me feel very familiar, very beautiful!

    I always thought that travel can heal wounds, so every time always want to go out.But I found that this is more like to escape.Remember the tao of summer's separate travel travel there is a sentence is very easy, easily, avoid is easy, but it is not easy to find out.Travel is let us see more people and things, to be able to really put down.Rather than thought to leave, and all these things with the wind.

    In Tuscany under such a beautiful scenery, when you are busy with some things, some things really went so slowly down.

    An expired food you will lose, you will lose a broken things, why can't the feelings of a failed down?

    The more often and the more likely you are to want what, god let you can not get.If got you don't know to cherish, because you're not ready.

    Neighbor's beautiful daughter marry poor boys in Poland, her parents don't agree at first, they say there is no love in the world, the heroine said you consider as what, her mother said that I spent in hate him, my father said you why want to say that, because of your experience?She said I was seeking love, although I now have no, I didn't get, but don't say love doesn't exist, at that time the white-haired grandma said, there is love, I have love.I think my grandma is really a lovely figure.

    Remember that day I saw a word, love is a knowledge and understanding, for sure and strong heart, see generated by strong heart, do not blindly extreme dependence.

    This is a film full of hope.What could be more than before, you suddenly realize you have so much happiness.Joy peace.Suddenly remembered fruit chan said about love, we need love, need the ability to love more, need to deal with problems, is to know the pleasure of giving.

    Has a very steep in the Alps, they built on the rail, used to connect Vienna and Venice, the railway is built before hasn't the train coming.They built it, because they know that one day the train would come.

Don't try so hard, when you hope when you in the heart

filled with good things to come, even if late, also can yet

be regarded as a kind of happiness.

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