Slumdog millionaire not whitewash melodramatic

By Pedro Garcia,2015-04-16 07:50
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Slumdog millionaire not whitewash melodramatic

    "Slumdog millionaire" : not whitewash melodramatic

     12 inThe United StatesThe 66th golden globe awards ceremony held in California, best picture, best director, best screenplay and best original filmmusicFour awards all went to theSlumdog millionaire".A miserable and warm inspirational conquer hearts, so that people demand for sadness and self-help is never-ending - especially when the economic crisis.

    IndiaRaised in the slums gemma only 18 years old, but only one step away from a millionaire.He took part in the programme called "who wants to be a millionaire" TV quiz show, did difficulties, as long as he correct answer the last question, coveted 20 million rupees will all belong

    to him.The much-anticipated answer was, citing he suspected of cheating scam police may him away.Prosecutors and police suspect is not unfounded: gemma, young poor man, in the slum have never received a good education, just a waiter poured water to pour tea, how can answer a series of the experts and scholars also face a little-used problem?

     India won the cannes international film festival 1953 movie "the tramp", 30 years ago by the extent of the mainland audiences, any todaylargeAll dust, many theaters all night is still hard to get a ticket.The film's classiclines: "the son of a judge is always judge, the son of a thief must be a thief", at the beginning of the revolution of advocating equality, struggle aroused unusually strong passion.What, only after a dozen years, March 5, 1970, "a dozen three-mirror"movementIn full

    swing, the Beijing workers stadium GongPan assembly, because write an advocate of equalityThe article"Origin theory", one hundred thousand people at the scene a deafening "down with" sound, only 27 years old in the rock was"ChinaBeijing municipal courts of the people's liberation army military management committee "to" the counter-revolutionary crimes "sentenced to death and executed immediately.

    More than half a century later, "the tramp" and "which" in rock blasting, in theSlumdog millionaire"Appeared in another form.Gemma under torture.Police laughed at gemma lack common sense (hinted that he was cheating), not to be outdone gemma retorted: "you know how much a croquette?"

    In the police station for the v, reveals the gemma why happened to know the correct answer to those questions.Those answers with gemma is full of blood and tears and fears of life trajectory, bear witness to India sensitized, common people and the pursuit of happiness life difficult bumpy.Large-scale religious conflict, sinister idleness and career orphanages, displaced, gangs - big fish eat small fish, small fish eat shrimp, desperate and choking injustices with the underlying social, law of the jungle of the law of the jungle threat to every one of us.On each of the brother's bottom edge add blood killer business, first love girlfriend a prostitute, constant but gemma that honest, kind heart, and the rightloveStrong, justice and happinessThe letterRead and desire.

    In the process of the first day of the answer, gemma don't really know the right answers to the last line of the key problems.Presenter intentionally to gemma in error prompt, only to self-defeating, gemma unexpectedly against its meaning that a "mask" to the right answer.It is coming from the inside of the violence, conspiracy, betrayal, gemma don't believe in heaven will fall pie come, to go straight to the attention of the national spotlight.Gemma intellectually over feel-good TV host, let the latter become angry from embarrassment and called the police.

    The success of the film director not whitewash, melodramatic, STH over and over again.Cruelty of slum life, India this emerging Asia's dream and hope, through the restraint of lens show vividly in front of the audience.Lead gemma brothers childhood, juvenile and youth, respectively by six actors.They have the same temperament with the film: pristine, fascinating.That has let them win the 33rd annual Toronto international film festival "the people's choice awards",The BritishIndependent film award for best British independent film, best director and best new artist.Before the golden globes, they also won the 2008 countriesFilm criticsPeople association awarded the best film, best newcomer and best adapted screenplay.It is necessary to gossip: by the way here.When national film critics association was founded in 1966, members are was blocked by the New York film critics association of film critics, so the prize has become and Oscar opposite sign.historyThey

identified the best picture of only four is overlapped and the Oscar for

best film.Small cost indie movie,Slumdog millionaire"Oscar trip, will like

gemma's fate?

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