Titanic diamonds are forever, love forever

By Sean Wright,2015-04-15 11:24
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Titanic diamonds are forever, love forever

     "Titanic" : diamonds are forever, love forever

     Didn't think of that, I still have a chance to write the film."Titanic" has a special

    place in my heart, because it is I have

    ever seen in a movie theater, best film,

    I was the only film in the ninety s and

    it out of their own pockets, willing to

    see a part of the accounts.Ten years

    later, at that time I can remember all

    the pomp of when watching the film,

    as if or yesterday.Since seen at the

    cinema, have never complete

    again.Now look again, will continue

    to be impressed by the plot, visible

    how good it is a excellent work.When


    All good-looking, it is a good film!

     The film tells a poignant love story.An expedition fleet in order to find the lost diamond in the ship, "the heart of ocean", drew a survivor, tells the story of the diamond.Survivors aboard the Titanic when still young, it is a positive young girl, and diamond "the heart of the ocean" is a gift from her fiance.Girl for family living at the time, was forced to engagement with her fiance.Girl in the boat slowly aware of our future life will be dull, so late at night, she came to the boat ready to jump into the ocean, but under a poor boy painter dissuade changed his mind.Poor boy is at the bottom of the passenger, he is gambling to win the tickets.After the poor boy saved a girl, be fiance and men see, invited him to have dinner together tomorrow.The next day, the poor boy dressed in a nice woman, and the upper society people have made a

    nice dinner.After dinner, poor boy took the girl to the underlying the cabin, let the girl to experience the fun of life.However, all this is her fiance's found that the fiance then ordered the girl don't meet with the poor boy.Poor boy found after girl ignored him, pretending to be others see her again.Encouragement from the girls in the poor boy decided to continue exchanges, and let the poor boy for his portrait.So, the girl with the "heart of ocean", let the poor boy drew a nude portrait for yourself.After the picture, two people were the fiance men found that two people in the ship to avoid.After some time, chasing two people relations happened in a car.

     At this point, the Titanic had hit an iceberg.Crazy enough two people back to the cabin, poor boy was very angry fiance plant, has been arrested as a criminal.Then, the whole ship began to escape work.Girl in order to save the poor boy, doesn't sit on the lifeboat, but came to the bottom of the cabin risked his life to the poor boy.Next, the girl poor boys sail together, in order to once again gave up the chance by boat.Both intimacy angered her fiance, he came for two people, and by default will be "the heart of the ocean" on the girls.Escape fiance and bottom dangerous two people back to the deck, now they've missed a chance to sit the lifeboat, only to see the ship sinking.After the ship sank, the encouragement from the girls in the poor boy survived and wait to rescue boats, and the poor boy is by the sea froze to death.When the girl came to the United States, only to find yourself with that "the heart of the ocean" diamond.Survivors of the story finished, let the team captain was disappointed,

    decided to give up looking for.In the end, the girl will be "the heart of the ocean" thrown into the sea, and in the dream back to the Titanic.

     After the movie released from until now, is a classic aftertaste letting a person.Look at the theater, to enjoy the thrilling disaster and poignant love story, did not think about the film itself.So, the advantages and disadvantages of the film, is in today to found it.Careful aftertaste movie, can be found that the film "gone with the wind", "Dr Zhivago" have similar place, such as the ordinary love story to place under the background of climate, this set is not only increased the poignant love story itself, also reflects the era background.For the film is a status difference between men and women love, placed in the sinking of the Titanic this historic, through such a story that reflects the history of the ship, and sing praises to the pure love, but also the human nature under the disaster.In short, it is a disaster film is fit.

     Film in love, focus on two points, one is the pure feelings, men and women protagonist is a hierarchy of western society.Men and women protagonist emotional is not much said, as the usual romance.Actor love at first sight, fell in love with the beauty of the heroine, the heroine is in love with male leading role is full of vigor and vitality of life attitude, as well as the actor's talent.In terms of hierarchy, the performance in all aspects of the film, such as hierarchical cabin, hierarchical, hierarchical service activity area, as well as the ship sank at the levels of life-saving rules.All this out into the western society of nature, like textbook writing in the school.Therefore, when men and women protagonist love met after class system, the result is one of the stories of the film, the heroine how to earn the shackles of secular, to find a true love.Read this is Hollywood classic elements and it can sing the great of love, and can reflect the social status quo, also can increase hook, is the first of the try not great.All in all, director very cleverly set up a common but not bad love story, let the film have the basis of an attractive look.

     Another to watch movies, sunken ships, a specialty is the disaster film.Film through the ground in front of the conflict of love story and characters, with their experience as the main experience, show the increase of spectacular, amazing sea disaster.Wreck scene, the film with the method of panoramic description, in addition to men and women protagonist and related roles, also be involved in every aspect, such as crew, waiter, sailors, the captain, taifook, designers, and so on, even if the ordinary passengers also concretely describe each level of passengers, even can't speak English expatriates are involved.Through films, can let the audience see to learn the whole through the ship, which can meet the curiosity, also enriched their knowledge - how did the Titanic sank.In addition, the movie to highlight actor and the greatness of love all kinds of horror and wreck the bottom tank, tank for men and women protagonist in the deck and bottom, back and forth between in and out of the two is so deliberately.Such a set completely is not reasonable, because fool to escape again, also won't flooded areas run!

     Last to watch movies, but also the film's most impressive place, both people show in front of the disaster of humanity.The film depicts this respect, in many disaster films have been performance, but the film is the best performance.Human nature in general no more than "good" and "evil" two aspects, so people in the film were also reflect on these two aspects, concrete is not much.In a word, to see the behavior of people in the disaster, can see the human nature of complex and contradictory.But can

    delight "evil" on the one hand, or in a few, kind person and a lot of.The movie stars, fiance and her fiance, of course, under the four, represents the human nature of "good" and "evil", through they can see how bad the bad guys, how good a good man.Their expression pattern as other Hollywood movies, also is only under the background of this extreme, they four people against the hotspot is full.To sum up, through a detailed characterization, vivid shows human nature both sides of the "good" and "evil", set a model to other disaster movies.

     Finally, the film's biggest characteristics, emotional.Front has said many of the movie to watch, but these are not the film moving, moving in the key, the film can impress people, is extreme emotional expression.The film's emotional from the first picture with the beginning of the film by James Horner melodious music to start, until the end of the film, never interrupted.Moreover, this emotional style is varied, have a picture, as one kiss of the men and women protagonist standing in the bow of a dialogue on aspects such as the hero in the bow shouted, have the plot aspects such as sea stars of the movie's dialogue, as well as throughout the film by James Horner composing music.In a word, the movie director will use a variety of ways, what happens in a movie emotion in the audience raises a chord, let their empathy.Say simply, see the film can be excavated human nature in the most true feelings, makes the audience shard with stars.I believe that all people have seen the film impressed by the plot, if not, can only say that the man without feelings.

     As for the film itself, it is absolutely perfect, it's every aspect without faults.Pictures, clothing, modelling, props, and so on meet the plot of s and the environment, especially in the luxurious decoration and colorful clothes, looks very beautiful.The film's special effects in the ninety s also top, what impressed me most when the Titanic set sail in the grand scene and aerial aerial, huge and luxury of the Titanic's real performance.End wreck scene and disaster films rare scenario.In special ways, the film is perfect, even if again after more than ten years, will not seem old-fashioned.It also comes with a good place, have to mention that the movie beautiful poem to music.Music of the film has no words can describe, can only be described in one word: classics.James Horner for the use of the bagpipes, is perfect.

     The film is AFI100 new list, new in 2007, it was called, because it is from which on the one hand is perfect.However, the film on IMDB has been is not high, always let me very confused.Now to look after only to find that the film's weaknesses, namely, the story of the movie, characters, special effects, music, and so on are out, the only lack is the profound connotation.The film in general only commercial movie, the first part is a love story, the lower is the disaster film, it besides the greatness of love, there is no deeper kernel, compared with other movies, appear too empty, this probably is the reason why the film in the IMDB has been below 8.0.

     The film is perfect choice in terms of actors, with two red star.Two star from age and appearance to temperament all conform to the role, James Cameron vision and precise casting.Actor Leonardo DiCaprio is now an actress, taken a lot of movies.But in 1997, Leonardo DiCaprio, appearance and acting are very young, I feel generally.Actress Kate Winslet is now acting winner level to send.Look at the heavy, only to find that Kate Winslet to offer their best appearance to the film.Can literally in "Titanic", her face and body absolutely is the world's first, second to kill all the actress, just a word -- beautiful!Her big eyes, lips, Peugeot's facial features and plumpness and fair skin, is a beautiful creature.In the film after Kate Winslet, she would never see

    such a beautiful.Actress in a supporting role in another Oscar winner Kathy Bates, her appearance in the slice is not much, but very upstage, worthy winner.In addition to the above several, other actors is not deep impression to me, not much said.

     Thirteen years after watched the movie, feel like at first glance, still so let I was moved, so let me shocked, I did not think.This has once again proven the charm of the film.Even if the movie has a small shortcomings, lack of connotation, but will not affect its position in my heart.For the film, can tamper with the slogan to describe it "diamonds are forever, love forever", even "the heart of the ocean" sank in the sea, but men and women protagonist's love will always stay in the heart of the heroine and

     listening to stories in man, the audience also will stay in my heart.

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