Interpretation of the film the mind punch where is the lost memory

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Interpretation of the film the mind punch where is the lost memory

    Interpretation of the film "the mind punch:

    where is the lost memory?

     The prototype of the female character, she is the director's daughter.

     Why do we sometimes feel the whole world has lost its meaning?Lost memories gone?Why do brainwashing divina commedia

    cycle?Recently have imagination to open a lot of film, called "brain punch.Through the colors of the brain adventure, film deftly used interpretations of the mystery hidden countless in the mood.If you have it when the animation look, it is "too young, too simple", in the eyes of psychology experts, it is psychology science edition of teaching materials.I invited psychology experts help you read, let us together into the "imagination", see what this god is behind what scientific knowledge.

     To understand the movie

     The brain has a castle Five little lived

     Why would people happy, anger, sorrow and joy?Growth in the memory is how to store?The mind's little girl, she's mind world, vivid and image to solve the two scientists are hard to explain complex scientific issues, full of imagination, lively and sweet story.

     The little girl's mind world, including many structure, novel design and trival things: have created "dreamworks" like film studio, is full of strange sight "imagination" castle, and winding, like a maze of "memory" and moment in the "train" knowledge.

     Memory in the film is to be stored in a crystal ball, put in the memory in the library.Gold is a happy memory, blue is blue, the core

    memory is the most main content is linked to the girl's life, such as family love, friendship and hobbies.In the "control center" in the five little: "joy", "sad", "angry", "fear" and "disgust" and grow up with the heroine, she and control her emotions and memories.

     How do you say to listen to the director

     The film is to want to find out

     Daughter brain thinking

     Director Peter "in an interview, it means a great deal to him, is he as a father's experience.Slice the heroine riley is based on his daughter (ElieD octer), even the appearance is very similar.This is not the first time that ali in dad's work, she was also in the "up" for the old woman's childhood.Peter tak, said: "like a lot of experience of an adolescent, my daughter has changed a lot in the process of growing up, when she was 11 years old, I suddenly feel she is no longer love said love to laugh little girl before, she began to melancholy, I'm guessing what thinking in her mind, and then come up with this idea to explore the mysteries of the teenage brain."Director interviewed for this lot of neurological and psychological science, the production team to shape the brain in the abstract world into a world full of imagination, so that the audience to understand.With a

     Emotional essay

     "Bad mood" also has a positive side

     Any kind of feelings will not disappear forever

     Joys and sorrows, and this is people often say that the four kinds of emotions.The in the mind's joy and sorrow, failure, and fear and anger five little man.According to introducing, this is due to one of the seven emotions, in addition to the five kinds of emotions, and contempt and surprise.

     How many kinds of human emotions?Southeast university

    affiliated zhongda hospital psychological psychiatric Li Yinghui attending physician said that about people basic emotion, not a word."And the person's mood is very complicated, is not simply a few nouns can cover."Li Yinghui said, along with the ascension of human thinking, the joys and sorrows of the person's mood may by comparing single, then derived embarrassment, shame, guilt, pride, and so on, may have a variety of emotional intersection together.

     In the movie, "le le" found that core memory of the ball, the other side of happiness, have a bad mood "sorrow sorrow".She discovered, this "sorrow sorrow" is also very important.Thus reveals the core theme of the movie, we can't make everything happy, happy can't

    do all things;Sometimes anger make us full of energy, let us fear to avoid disaster, aversion to make us from harm, and sorrow is to help us to protect themselves, get help.

     Medical psychology doctor said that the occurrence of any kind of emotions are natural and necessary.Such as "fear of fear", that is, fear, this kind of mood is used to alert you to stay away from dangerous, is man's survival instinct.

     "To be happy is a good thing, but the mix of emotions that will only make more abundant emotion." Some feelings can not be deliberately suppressed, such as sadness, should think about how to comfort, catharsis, rather than the emotional buried together.

     We often "tired sleep love" (network language: tired feeling won't love again).This movie, when the "lele" plunged into the abyss, little girl, she also won't feel happy.So, people of a certain emotion will be lost forever?

     Doctor tells a me, mood won't be lost forever.Even the depression, may be accompanied by a brief loss of emotions, emotions suppressed;But through effective regulation and the rest, or through some treatments, the mood will resume normal function.

     Memory article

     Emotion can affect memory, memory also has "color"

     Memory is short-term and long-term, by association

     Mind agent team in the film, rylai generates a memory, the mind headquarters in generating a crystal ball.Has its dominant emotion and memories, so the color of the crystal ball has a corresponding emotion.For example, when dad hello little rylai eat broccoli, emotional SIMS "anaerobic" master, the memory of a green ball, this part of the memory also play with disgust.

     Psychologist's eyes, and also to a certain extent, reflects the relationship between emotion and cognition.Medical psychology doctor said, cognitive will affect our mood, treat the same events, different people treat the attitude and feeling is completely different.

     "A failing the exam, for example, some people think everything is finished, pessimistic, depressed, disappointed, but some people think, still can start all over again, appear confident and optimistic, which is the cognitive effect on the mood." says, and the accompanying memory also is to have emotional color, such as some memories are painful, some happy memories.

     Have specialized staff to clean up the storage room in the movie, the memory of those who didn't use the ball, will be thrown into a similar sites.Most memory slowly disappear, this process is "forgotten".

     That memory is actually a trace of impression in the brain.Human memory is divided into immediate memory, short-term memory and long-term memory.

     "Long-term memory may be an isolated event, but a lifetime all remember very clear."Experts say that some alzheimer's patients, even remember the details of the wedding decades ago, but in the morning to eat what don't remember.This is the lack of short-term memory and working memory, but the long-term memory is clear.

     In the film, "le le" desperately protection is rylai core memory "ball".Nanjing brain hospital medical psychology LiuNa doctor tells a reporter, "core" of memory and psychology "implicit memory" is similar in concept, is refers to under the condition of no consciousness or intentionally memories, individual experience of the past to influence the current task automatically.Once the memory is formed, very durable, can be in the case of involuntary automatic exercise, such as learning to ride a bicycle, typing, swimming, etc.

     The dream story

     Dream is the a secret passage to the subconscious mind

     Cause tension emotional excitement or special dream, easy to be recalled

     Dream about the little girl, she is the most funny and brilliant paragraphs in the film, is really "imagination".This movie, you really have a "dreamworks", as Hollywood films, an enter a door can see the busy workers, all kinds of equipment, posters, movie props, shooting and is preparing the superstar.

     In the movie, "unconscious" is located in the depths of the dreamworks, two security guard inside the door, hidden rylai the darkest lingering memory, also has she hated broccoli, and terror of the clown, and so on, and these have become magnified by hundreds of giant!When the giant clown into rylai dreams cast, she woke up from a nightmare of quickly.

     The dream was a reflection of reality, is also a reflection of the subconscious mind. So some research suggests that the dream is a secret passage to the unconscious.Through the analysis of dream can see people's internal psychological, probe into its subconscious desires and conflict.

     In addition, we usually remember two dreams, one is a

    nightmare, because the mood is too strong, stimulate, stimulate your woke up;Additionally one kind is a dream, so wonderful, you don't want to wake it up.So these two kinds of special extreme, cause tension emotional excitement or special dream, easy to be recalled.

     These details are also very interesting

     Did you have a "friend" fantasy as a child?

     In the film, "le le" met rylai childhood playmates "Popsicle" fantasy, it is cotton candy body, has the cat's tail and the elephant's nose, cry tears of is all sorts of candy.Studies have found that 65% of children under the age of 7 have had at least one "friend".For many years engaged in child psychology research Li Yinghui says, in real life, many kids have imaginary friends, talking to himself, and they play with themselves, in fact, in my mind is a playmate, this child

    imagination.Abstract thinking really dangerous?

     In order to catch up with the "thought the little train", "le le", "sorrow sorrow" and "Popsicle" wants to cut corners, the result into danger zone - abstract thinking, it will reduce the lele from 3 d to 2 d (plane), to a d (lines).

     Experts said, in fact, the film want to show is the role of abstract thinking, the concrete thought "redundant" information in peels away, leaving only the most important information can help to solve the problem.Abstract thinking, of course, not dangerous, it can make people smarter.

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