The cause of sudden western adjustment policy in Saudi Arabia and the change in the future

By Randall Tucker,2015-04-15 08:28
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The cause of sudden western adjustment policy in Saudi Arabia and the change in the future

    The cause of sudden western adjustment policy in

    Saudi Arabia and the change in the future

    [abstract] in order to against the Soviet union, andIranAnd for a long time,Saudi ArabiaFormed an alliance with the west.However, the foundation of this relationship is loose.

    In order to against the Soviet union and Iran, for a long time, the Saudi formed an alliance with the west.However, the foundation of this relationship is loose.On December 13,The BritishSunday newspaper the observer the main editorial accused Britain and Saudi Arabia is the relationship between "endanger the safety of the infamous coalition".More western leaders, for exampleGermanyDeputy prime minister, gabriel, a former British Liberal Democrat leader when Lord ASHLEY, the extremist group IS called the Saudi wahhabism "product" ideology ", argues that the west survey Saudi funding support for extremist group behavior.

    Saudi suspected of involvement in chechnya and the kosovo war, the west turn a blind eye.In this respect, as the British financial times columnist rahman said, "the Saudi royal family itself has always been the goal of IS and al-qaeda attacks, also IS the truth. At the same time, Saudi intelligence, to some terrorist attacks against western plot has been plays an important role".

    However, extremists in Europe and the United States, let things began to change.19 hijackers in September the 11th, has 15 from Saudi Arabia.In recent years, with extremist groups IS emerging, especially Paris fear after the attacks, Saudi Arabia and difficult to maintain the "honeymoon" in the western world relations.Looking for IS worldview and funding sources, western investigators traced back even the Saudi government supported by some religious institutions and some consortium.Saudi Arabia have different views, but was unable to persuade people in the west.

    Saudi strategic value, of course, reduce, or even become negative resources, has a more profound internal factors in the west.In 2015 Britain's general election, the conservative victory.Britain is no longer "day not fall empire", but is content to be a normal country in Europe.Originally "sunni Saudi Arabia plans to share power to hamper""shi" in Iran;butPresident barack ObamaThe government signed a nuclear deal with Iran.Western public opposition to the Saudi military intervention in yemen also caused a large number of civilian casualties, presence in bahrain domestic uprising against Saudi Arabia.Europe and the United States on how to change less and less interested in such issues in the Middle East, the Middle East immigration is full of fear.

    Also let the international energy landscape changeThe United StatesReduce the dependence on Saudi Arabia.As domestic "shale revolution" in the development of shale gas andThe new economyThe development of traditional commodities such as the United States no longer rely on oil energy.On the evening of December 15, the speaker of the U.S. house of representatives republican Ryan (Paul Ryan) was announced the republican and democratic parties have some 2016 comprehensive

    fiscal appropriations bills agree and relevant preferential tax bill.Republicans on behalf of the United States more energy giant, democratic representative is more rapid rise of clean energy group interests.Due to the claim for more than 40 years of oil exports ban, the integrated appropriations bills for the impact of the global energy structure will not less than 1973, the organization of the petroleum exporting countries "oil embargo" policy.

    Because of international oil prices halved, to appease the public, Saudi Arabia has borrowed $27 billion subsidy.Once oil prices continued to fall, the domestic financial unprecedented, to prevent their support of "wahhabism" fire through the discontent to oneself, when after the global exports of crude oil quality, how Saudi Arabia need to borrow 27 billion dollars?So, America's energy policy will greatly influence the Saudi's relationship with the west.

    , of course, is a parliamentary monarchy regime, "royal elders committee" and "minister meeting" and other institutional arrangements, the rational application of Saudi decision making and its rationality, than saddam hussein's Iraq,gaddafiThe period ofbiyaHigh, and obviously different fromThe FrenchLouis xiv that I that the state "the absolute monarchy.The government has high welfare policy, encourage private ownership and market economy development.These are Saudi Arabia are more positive side, restrain the Saudi crisis deepens at home and abroad.

    Overall, the domestic and foreign affairs of Saudi existing content, its community and is fully adapt to the economic development.In this way, such as "why can maintain long-term stability" Saudi "is why the United States and Saudi Allies""the United States why not talk to Saudi democracy", the answer is relatively clear.Also as a result, Saudi Arabia this alliance relations with the west, in the short term will not suddenly interrupted because his honeymoon period came to an end, is a longer-term, it depends on how the Saudi wash west to its support and cultivate the "stigma" of extremist groups.

    Saudi Arabia's foreign relations change proved a system: the logic of culture level for a variety of purposes, the government embraces its culture closed conservative wing;For the power development, started into the mainstream society towards the closed, conservative and open;At this time for the government, against this is against their own strength.The sustainable development of economy and society, and call for similar state values to reconfirm, development path to choose.

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