Crazy little thing called love movie reviews

By Cynthia Hayes,2015-04-14 06:12
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Crazy little thing called love movie reviews

    Crazy little thing called love movie reviews: maybe

    miss this time, turned around is a lifetime

    I had thought many times, just thought.

    If now, we can meet, do you still recognize me, I still recognize you, I also want to ask you a question: are you married?

    The end of the movie is like a fairy tale.

    The heroine of the same problem, obtained the actor the perfect answer.

    Tears of the heroine and inner endless waves of male leading role, Happy Ending jumped out of the actors.

    But in reality we may miss this time, turned around is a lifetime.In reality, we can also in my life there is no chance for the unrequited love, love the person who had so long, full of expectation to ask again: are you married?

    So, all about the first love of the memory it will freeze in the nine years ago, the man who knows love is and others together, curled up in front of the desk, the moment a person cry to dark!

    Before that, at least, most of us have the same experience.

    With friend together through the constellation book, psychological problem, in the heart silently outlined by the appearance of the man, and then found that answer that's more to see more like it, so more and more believe in each other's fate.

    Try a variety of ways, from think unknown across the man in the door of the classroom, secretly ask for his telephone number, in the corridor between pretend to meet by chance and he...Can the person just want to notice.

    As long as the man said to himself that one sentence, even just hello, will be excited to rush to the place where no one, screaming and jumping and dancing.

    And when the other girls go too close, will in wanted so imagine all sorts of circumstances, to be friend all sorts of all sorts in pettish for comfort.

    In order to make myself worthy of the people, to remove glasses quietly, silently stay up long hair...Efforts from the stage down to the middle of the stage.

    Just don't have in the end, is about to leave the land, from now on can no longer meet the courage to push yourself, go to that person say like you.

    Regrets, Happy, Happy Ending of the fairy tale Ending, did not let me feel hate.

    Perhaps to make up for the heart a little regret, when they meet again, when they know each other really is waiting for the meet, the in the mind still somewhat excited.

    Because if the clock back, I might still couldn't say that like you.

    So let the film as a Duan Qingchun years witness.

    Witness in those days how is that girl likes the boy, to witness the girl now is still missed the boy.

    Witness we have all experienced during the first love...

Thank the together accompany me crazy laugh like brokenhearted cry struggle

together girl together, thank you still is my very good friend!

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