Mission impossible 5 tunneller-in-chief reviews responsibility

By Raymond Harrison,2015-04-13 18:38
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Mission impossible 5 tunneller-in-chief reviews responsibility

    Mission impossible 5 tunneller-in-chief

    reviews: responsibility

    Ok.Let's say a movie.Name is mission impossible 5 mysterious country ".Why

    do I have to choose the movie?In fact, looking at a variety of titles and pictures, I also hard to decide."Love nightlife 3" I familiar with also like this series of films, but worry about you don't like it, don't watch."Mission: impossible" series has not seen, but I was attracted by its name, to be exact by agents.Agents trained foreign languages, psychology, fighting, local conditions and customs, tracking and tracing, the establishment and management of network and so on many technical training course, and then for a long time of internship with professional training on a special mission.They have a special forces of the body quality, beyond normal psychological state, decisive processing ability to deal with difficult things perfect, as the computer's mind, in a word, let I admire envy powerful.Especially I watched

    the first spy Japan south cloud files after explanation, understand the importance and necessity of the spy.She is known as "flower of the empire", in a war of aggression against China and role, is more powerful than a division, can not polite to say, she is Japanese laid a half...

     By a sound of consumers and sellers normal conversation organization code derivation, is my first impression of the film is very professional!!!!!!Watching the intelligence of the actor Ethan Hunt saw before is fan dizzy and he traced the terrorist organization syndicate has the only clue.Woke up to find himself tied to a pole, a woman ready to let him in front of confession, and rushed in and dead on the intelligence of the "bone" Janik Vinter, Ethan is at the moment of a woman with the key understand this is associates, have to admire, agents are really smart, able to capture the nobody pay attention to details and even a series of conjecture and the right decision.After a spluttered pa, two people fled, locked outside railing Ethan after listening to the woman's explanation see her also to remain in the organization to complete the tasks and adventure, this is the mission, sacrifice himself for his country, a kind of let a person respect responsibility.

     However, Ethan escapes in talking to the IMF's agent Brandt know the news of the accused by the CIA ceased to exist, to continue task does not accord with his position, but for the sake of the IMF's desperate decided to do the final mission perfectly.CIA when pursuing this not obedient child always find that a little later, through the polygraph confirm Benji gave him the freedom after not help Ethan.However, this is a wrong decision, or deliberately to do so.Benji help Ethan

    grasp the clues in the theatre, but at the execution to assassinate the President of woman, the woman is to save him.Is next to the place where we have to admire, Ethan targets in the President, and another woman killer of wandering, chose the sniper's right shoulder.Rode away, just know, the assassination of a successful woman will be another killer to kill;Even if women don't kill the President, and the other a killer will make up the gap.Unfortunately, rescued the President or by a car bomb in the west, blame it on the serial JiJi gets right, it's kill bureau, in addition to the leading role, no one can break.

     The woman called Ilsa Faust is British agents, Altee sent spies in the syndicate.In order to complete the task, defraud Ethan steal to U disk.Ethan during underwater breathless for 3 minutes, mistake identity card to be dropped, and when turbine flow, can be said to be the most worrying, the director has the emotions of the audience has led, which refers to play!!!!!!Leading role is not the same, will soon be dead, Ilsa launching rescued...However, Ilsa robbed U disk, betrayal, naked betrayal. The following is a most to watch this movie.Ethan luxuriant driving technology is no less "speed and passion", alley perfect drift comparable to 86, known as the fastest autumn mountains downhill, high speed astern showed you the strong reflex...You than violence and violent motorcycle, motorcycle faster and more violent, you are the lone Wolf, high speed of the phantom of the opera.Sure enough, the hero sad beauty pass, could not bear to kill her you threw himself half to death, highlight the perfect arc in the air, and wiped out of the earth and how much the spark of love, in a pool of blood.

     In the conversation with Ilsa you understand all, but had to make a choice.Fight for national sacrifice, for the sake of dignity, or to give up this also does not belong to own the responsibility.Ilsa says: Can you go with me, right now.We can be something.We can do anything.Though my English is not good, but still have to translated into Chinese.Follow me, just now.We could be the one.We can do anything.Indeed, Chinese is the most diao, I just understand her intentions.This is in the profession.

     However, to make a choice, not Ethan's syndicate Lane, also is the clue.Kidnapped Benji, let Ethan for him to open the U disk of the prime minister.In the middle is a spluttered pa...Puzzle and solve, syndicate is Altee founded an organization in order to national development, has become the destruction of the world by the Lane rebellion terrorist groups, Altee has told the truth to the head of state has repeatedly hide, so that things get so serious.Story end, Ethan and Ilsa meet, the IMF also recovered, and safe in the world.

     There is always some people, so they are not afraid of sacrifice, walking alone in the most dangerous place, endure the unwitting spit on, carrying that belongs to the responsibility of also do not belong to them, hard go forward...Sometimes, they also want to give up, but, still did not give up...In order to what?For the sake of responsibility?For the country?To the world?We don't know, they don't know, but,

     just do it.

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