By the tide of O2O, next year can still thrive

By Julie Cook,2015-04-13 12:04
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By the tide of O2O, next year can still thrive

    By the tide of O2O, next year can still thrive? In 2015 for the whole O2O industry, can be said to be changeable, like earlier in the year.In the first half of the capital market for O2O also very bullish on industry, at the same time also received numerous O2O entrepreneurs financing;In the second half, however, a large number of O2O platform began to collapse, even some vertical industry giants have also started to bulk, capital market for O2O began to cool, O2O even become everyone shout dozen rats.

    Within a year, with a sigh, O2O from jisheng to failure.There is no hope for are O2O really?The rest of the O2O how do I get in 2016?For copper mirror, can is clothes, if you want to know how to get to 2016 O2O, we must see clearly O2O river's lake of China in 2015, and learn from.To this end, the author from the following six to summarize 2015 O2O industry phenomenon.

    Policy: the environment is good and the "red line"

    1, the environment is good

    In this year's March 5, prime minister * * * * for the first time put forward the "Internet +" plan of action, "put on the carrier of the Internet, online interaction of emerging consumer make prosperous" officially the entire Internet + and O2O to the peak.Then even at the O2O wither, the state council again advocated O2O, explicitly encourage life service class O2O, points out that should vigorously promote ChiZhuHang online life services and tourism, entertainment, etc, and promote the combination of trading online and offline services, provide personalized, facilitation services.

    From the point of the environment, we can see that countries are + to guide economic transformation via the Internet.That is the future of China's economic locomotive depends on Internet + as the leading consumer economy to drive, but also promote the development of new industries and upgrade the traditional industry overall.So in the process of the transformation, will there be pain?Of course there will be;Will there be failure of enterprise?Yes, and there are many.But from the long-term development of the entire Internet +, pain is short, hard to avoid business fail again, but in the end, the entire domestic economy will emerge a large number of excellent O2O platform.And from this session of wuzhen conference on the Internet we can see that state

    support for the whole Internet + is unprecedented, various discussions related to Internet + assembly is very fierce.

    2, do not touch the red line

    Issued by the ministry of transport on October 10, 2015, "interim measures for Internet booking taxi service management (draft)" and "about deepening reform further promote the healthy development of the taxi industry guidance (draft)", giving the nets about car both legal status, but also a clear network taxi booking (car) operator, shall bear the liability of the carrier, should achieve the taxi business license, and according to relevant regulations after the inspection qualified, has obtained the corresponding qualifications and may not private car or by name (carpooling, lift) provide operational services.

    So that is the policy, a lot of part-time driver of private car owners, I'm afraid I will exit the car platform, from a policy perspective, is to protect the safety of passengers, but the policy also attracted many driver and car platform.Which drops journeys made by car, passenger car platform resources flexible matching, not only for travel safety, convenient, comfortable and efficient, also let millions of drivers were offered the opportunity to work and labor remuneration, and this also is just the beginning of Shared economy in China, we are looking forward to file modification to comply with and promote China to share the tide of economic development.

    We can see from the ministry of communications of the policy, policy for the development of O2O platform has a vital role.If you don't allow private cars used car once, will inevitably lead to face the danger of survival drops travel and travel O2O platform.We can also see that the government won't let wayward O2O industry development, related to red line policy, will usher in throes for some companies.

    Second, the listed: O2O business with a new three board

    Mentioned, we will find that such a phenomenon: O2O enterprises are special favour on the new three board.Travel by O2O ass mother, medical services O2O kang O2O platform such as the home and have flocked to the new three board, there are a bunch of O2O startup waiting queue in new three board.Perhaps many people will have a question: why O2O new three board on companies like?

    1, for listed on the new three board, everyone's primary purpose are almost consistent.VC venture capital market is bad now, O2O difficult to raise more capital, then log in new three board can solve the problem of financing difficulties at once.Through the new three board, direct financing channels is established.But not all of the new three board listed companies are so lucky to be able to remain unresolved, many new three board enterprise's stock trading volume is negligible.

    2, and part of the O2O enterprises want to be listed on the new three board, is in order to be able to get generous government subsidies,

    basically, each local government to local companies listed on the new three board has different preferential policies and subsidies.Such as hainan, for enterprise success in the new three board listed at least can obtain lump-sum award of 600000 yuan, also on different equity trading market listed companies to give reward.The rewards for many start-ups, is also a lot of money.

    3, listed on the new three board has one of the biggest benefit is the ability to use equity incentive way to retain core employees, let the backbone of the enterprise with the identity of the shareholders to participate in the enterprise management, with his kind, everybody together is easier to get things up.

    Choice, of course, this is just the most O2O company listed on the main reason, each will want the new three board O2O enterprises have their own strategic consideration.For many O2O, the new three board may be they a good way to deal with capital winter period.

    Three, merger: the industry merger appear frequently

    When it comes to integration, this year in the field of O2O four largest integrated case than drops quickly, 58 market, Meituan comments on ctrip merger between where to go.For industry vertical segment of the eldest brother second choice in both merge, a lot of people have published their own views, then from the point of the phenomenon of the industry as a whole O2O, why is such a case?

    First, the capital.Today many angel investors, investment institutions in each industry segment will not invest in a platform, they will invest several platforms at the same time, then as long as there is a platform which can win they can be a winner.Take you familiar with Meituan comments on merger case, sequoia capital behind it is Meituan investors, is also A public comment on investors, sequoia capital, A wheel to invest $20 million in 2010, is the first turn of the fourth round Meituan investors;Founded in 2003, the public comments, sequoia capital $1 million investment from 2006, then C, D have to cast sequoia capital.That is to say, for sequoia capital, see their two children playing with death, damage is their own interests, rather than let them and become a real family.

    Second, the bulk.For the bulk, the most obvious is Meituan, after continuously expand product lines, to tap O2O Meituan radical development since last year, led to the burn of Meituan accelerated sharply.And even so, the round and round to buy market share in the comments and the double extrusion of baidu glutinous rice also began to decline.Meituan rivals, meanwhile, also became with tencent background of public comment on background of glutinous rice, baidu and alibaba background of word of mouth, Meituan financing also encountered some difficulties, so Meituan have to choose bulk strategic way.Throughout the winter period O2O capital actually, not only vertical

    giants will bulk, there are some in the industry of smaller O2O platform will be bulk.

    Third, dominate the market.Both drops quickly, and 58 fair, their ultimate goal is to dominate the market, the most typical is drops quickly, is behind a tencent, ali, is behind a two through continuous burning money, finally gave burned many competitors, only the drops and the fast of the two companies, what did you do to each other not to drop me at last, I also whole die you, you dominate the entire market not quick zai merged with family?It also suggests that the characteristics of the Internet industry, and ultimately every niche business is very difficult to accommodate multiple companies survive together.

    Fourthly, BAT behind the competition.When it comes to the four merger case, all can't get away with the link between the BAT.Especially where the merger between and ctrip, when Meituan and public comments after the merger, baidu glutinous rice has faced a more powerful opponent, in order not to lost to rivals, baidu and promote the merger between the ctrip and where to go, for their own O2O war to win a key piece.

    Four, squabbles: two typical quarreled

    Enemy in any competitive field will exist this kind of phenomenon, O2O industry.But throughout the development of O2O, 2015, there are two typical squabbles phenomenon.

    A party member, O2O platform and service

    An obvious phenomenon of 58 home and manicurist at swords' points.The beginning attract manicurist secure attachment 58 nail is pay policies, but now because of the frequent adjustment let manicurist can't have security, and a manicurist and 58 home confrontation like this happened.Is this, the author thinks that is caused by the following three reasons.

    A heavy pattern causes.As everybody knows, heavy mode compared with light, different heavy mode need to pay a higher cost, 58 home manicurist is take recruitment platform, rather than cooperation with nail courtyard light mode, aeriform in cost is higher and higher.Plus 58 home at the beginning of the recruiting high promised workers' wages, unable to meet again at last.

    Another reason is the excessive subsidies 58 home as a result.58 home because of excessive subsidies, 58 city led to a significantly reduced profits, the profits under the condition of big reduction, 58 nature is the home to cut costs.In addition, due to the subsidy subscriber growth is only temporary phenomenon, not cultivate loyal users, eventually led to the increase in the number of orders without actual platform, 58 home nature also some manicurist will be cancelled.

    There is also a reason is 58 home too many enemies.Nail O2O is an intensely competitive market, the beaver's home, beauty jia mei O2O for

    58 home nail business constitutes the great conflict;In addition in areas such as housekeeping, moving O2O platform for 58 home also cause a certain pressure of competition, aeriform in 58 of the home front can lead to too scattered.

    2, ali Meituan quarreled

    As is known to all, the early development of Meituan alibaba became Meituan shareholders, has held and Meituan around 10% of the shares.Alibaba has been to strengthen the control of Meituan, and ultimately own O2O through Meituan layout strategy.Yet Meituan always don't want to be mastered by the ali, finally and can travel together.Then ali decided to quit new large and comprehensive support their own O2O platform koubei, after Meituan and word-of-mouth network began to increasingly fierce competition.

    From the point of view of ali, hold the O2O namely hold the pay treasure, and WeChat payment as well as the whole tencent is ali's biggest rival, Meituan merger with comments after comprehensive guide ali, is ali unbearable;From the point of view of Meituan, Mr Wang has always wanted to be a BAT out of three latest strong, don't want to be between and among them any one party dominated, but under the situation of helpless, Mr Wang finally chose tencent, because Mr Wang know tencent can give yourself more free space to control the new big, but it is not the same as ali, Mr Ma is a man with strong control desire

    once ali's arms, Mr Wang's giant dream is difficult to achieve, in the end will only become subservient to the ali.

    Five, the collapse: the annual O2O industry one of the most obvious characteristics

    Mention O2O collapse, this phenomenon is probably one of the industry's most obvious characteristics.O2O restaurant O2O, community O2O, beauty industry, car wash O2O, tourism O2O, education O2O, such as real estate O2O, wedding O2O almost every segment O2O sector fell countless business platform, time O2O become the false in the population.All say there will be a lot of accidental success, but the cause of the failure are always bore a striking resemblance, the same is true of O2O.

    1, ignore offline experience, don't understand the traditional industry.O2O platform there are a lot of from the Internet in the field of business people, these people don't know much about the traditional industries, like directly into the intention of this industry and dominate the industry, this leads to an undesirable phenomenon: all the O2O platform to blind expansion, but ignore the user experience of offline.The end user experience is not good, platform is difficult to go in the long run, is only a flash in the pan.

    2, low frequency time, not just need.All say O2O is false needs, this is not entirely, but said O2O not false demand, this is not entirely

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