Twitter microblogging shopping service Into electricity

By Evelyn Hayes,2015-04-13 08:11
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Twitter microblogging shopping service Into electricity

    Twitter microblogging shopping service Into


    According to informed sources, Twitter will cooperate with start-up companies pay Stripe, launch allows users to directly from the network shopping service on the social-networking site Twitter.It is understood that in the relations of cooperation, the Stripe will be mainly responsible for handling for Twitter users microblogging has submitted a credit card payment request.

    It is reported, this service is currently in the final stage of the preparation, but it is not complete.Analysts believe that Twitter, a move

    that suggests that always regard social as their main business of the Twitter began in earnest in view of the brands, retailers and manufacturers on social networking sites directly on the sale of services.

    Stripe company spokeswoman Kelly - simmons (Kelly Sims) and Twitter spokeswoman Will - and Mr Kony (Will Stickney) declined to comment.

    Twitter, in fact, in the past there have been wading the history of electronic commerce, but the company past practice is mainly through the way of working with outside companies.In February last year, Twitter (American Express) cooperation with American Express company launched to Express card holders in the Twitter platform to buy certain products services, but the premise is that these users have their own credit card and Twitter account.Twitter, meanwhile, also a similar cooperation with starbucks, such as user can synchronize their specific message released after starbucks account, and buy starbucks gift CARDS for friends.

    But to be fair, after Twitter hasn't no so big hug electric business.According to the two well-informed sources, Twitter is often electricity related product development, and then it on the shelf.Twitter, for example, have developed a called "by weibo transfers to another person" (tweets to send money to others), and another version of the

    "shopping" tweet (to buy) services, but these two services have never formally introduced abroad.In addition, the company's support for electricity related project also is changing all the time.

    However, the Twitter partnership with Stripe may be a new start, because the company to show himself to electricity as a kind of revenue strategy of great interest.In August last year, Twitter has appointed famous live entertainment Ticketmaster ticketing and marketing company, a former chief executive of a company Nathan Hugh bud (Nathan Hubbard) is responsible for their own electrical business.

    It is reported, including Sequoia Capital (Sequoia Capital), General Catalyst and other venture firms have to Stripe invested $40 million m, while the Stripe with the launch of the application program interface allows businesses to accept payment requests from web sites, mobile applications.And this whole program to build just one day, it is appealing for developers.At present, carpooling service platform Lyft, electricity Shopify, food delivery start-up companies are Instacart Stripe customers.

    At present, we do not yet understand the user in the future will be shopping on Twitter through what form, it is unclear how Twitter electricity services focus will be on the digital physical goods or commodities.But in theory, the real-time nature of the Twitter platform is

    very suitable for pay TV play, concert tickets, tickets for the game field activities such as supporting product sales.

    , of course, it is also possible to Stripe payment process integration into their own "Cards" technology, and let the user directly through the microblogging to complete the shopping.

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