Scientists genetically engineered fluorescent chicken that is expected to control bird flu

By Janice Reed,2015-04-12 23:17
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Scientists genetically engineered fluorescent chicken that is expected to control bird flu

    Scientists genetically engineered fluorescent chicken that is expected to control bird flu [abstract] scientists had produced the latest transgenic chicken, to be able to issue green fluorescence in the dark, they hope the transgenic chicken is easy to see how to suffer from diseases such as avian flu.

     According to media reports, at present, scientists in the latest bird flu cutting-edge research successfully developed "green fluorescent chicken", in the dark light, the green fluorescence transgenic chicken beak and feet.

    Chicken embryo injections of green fluorescent protein, so that scientists in the test is very easy to distinguish them with the other chickens.Every fluorescence chickens genetically modified using the "bait" and tracking process, experts to monitor how they suffer from diseases such as avian flu.

    British scientists new breeding green fluorescent chicken, chicken beaks and chicken

    feet in dark environment green fluorescence.

    The study was conducted by the British roslin institute Helen - mulberry (Helen Sang) professor is responsible for.It is reported, since December 2014, the United States alone there are 48 million chickens and turkeys died or were killed, and this is caused by the bird flu spread.

    To genes that control of the chicken, the researchers will "bait" injection into the chicken embryo yolk of new production

    soon.Eventually these eggs hatch into chicks who carried bait, the gene can be passed to their children.

    This bait genes are injected fluorescent protein into the chicken chromosomes, so that the chicken under ultraviolet light, luminous paint is similar to the dark environment.When these genetically modified chickens contact with bird flu, their genetic code will design induce virus into gene, and suppress the reproductive ability of the virus.

    In one study, scientists will be 16 infected chickens contact only 16 normal chicken and the body contains 16 bait gene transgenic chicken.Molecular virology of the university of Cambridge, UK, senior lecturer Lawrence terry (Laurence Tiley), according to the experimental results show that the transgenic chicken little affected, slower than ordinary chicken infected with the virus.

    Experts hope the study in two ways to stop the spread of bird flu, it is by blocking layer chicken infection;The second is to prevent further spread of the virus infection chicken.

    Bird flu is a contagious disease, which is produced by normal thyroid influenza virus mutation, is the earliest veterinary was first discovered in the early 20th century.Scientists believe that wild ducks with bird flu virus, human through contact with contaminated feces and feathers of the farm, eventually spread of the virus in the United States, after the human through the boots sticky mud and truck spread of bird flu.

    Human bird flu symptoms including fever, sore throat and cough.In addition, the patient also can appear conjunctivitis, infection symptoms for 3 to 5 days.H5N1 bird flu virus is the most dangerous bird flu, can lead to 50% of patients died.

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