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    The development of science and technology in the 20th century let the miracle appear constantly, and people are starting to take this for granted.But what is more stimulating than the Titanic?It is the largest and most luxurious at that time in the history of artificial means of transport, set sail on April 10, 1912, but after four and a half days, the huge disaster."Dream boat" maiden voyage turned into a

    nightmare beyond imagining, it is human arrogance, complacency and greed destroyed forever.

    I shot the film's purpose is not only to show the famous dramatic sinking ships, want to make it more grand and short life.I want to take out the aesthetic feeling, bustling, optimism and hope, and the ship's passengers and crew in the tragedy of dark side of human nature, also want to clap a humanitarian spirit."Titanic" is not only a myth, a cautionary tale, or a reveal the story of the human ills.This story is about a kind of faith, courage, and sacrifice is one of the most important love.

    Writer/director James Cameron

    In 1997,


    The Titanic, is a century of legend, so-called unsinkable "dream boat" sank in its maiden flight accident is in the north Atlantic waters.In 1997, is set in a true event of disaster film "Titanic" the rest of the world love, created the box-office myth, which rose and jack beautiful romantic love story moved millions of viewers around the world.To commemorate the one hundredth anniversary of the Titanic sank, the film director James Cameron himself into the conversion of 3 d will be in April 2012, the global cutback.

    James Cameron (James Cameron) written and directed by the "Titanic" is an epic, is set in the ill-fated Titanic first romantic love story.Titanic is a White Star cruises (White Star Line), the most proud of, at the time, this is the biggest transport.The most luxurious cruise is also known as "the ship of dreams".But on the morning of April 15 in 1912, is it the first 4 days accident sank in the icy waters of the north Atlantic, a total of more than 1500 passengers were killed.

    The story of the film "Titanic" from the modern, the lens to 2.5 miles deep sea level of the wreckage, the ambitious treasure hunters (Bill sent tu (Bill Paxton)) to detect this once the ship hit the point of the hidden treasure, raises a little-known story.Ruins the picture gradually faded, the resplendent and magnificent palace of the Titanic, is preparing to start its maiden voyage from England.Port the thousands of onlookers, cruise in their sails of the formal, and two young people will accept the call of destiny to come together, they will change your life.

    Ruth DE wei, buck (Rose DeWitt Bukater) (Kate Winslet) (Kate Winslet) is an American girl in polite society, only 17 of she is bound by the Edwardian society, are young and have the free will to poor boy passengers - Jack Dawson (Jack Dawson) (Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio)) fall in love.He opened her imprisoned emotions, nothing can stop them together, even the Titanic sank such a huge disaster.

    Kyle - hawkley (Cal Hockley) is the fiance Rose (Rose), inherited wealth.He also was a passenger on the ship.Ruth - DeWitt, buck (Ruth DeWitt Bukater) by Francis fish (Frances Fisher) as, she played traditional Ruth's mother.Oscar winner Kathy Bates (Kathy Bates) is playing on the boat experienced real passengers, Molly Brown (Molly Brown).Other historical figures, including the captain e. j. Smith (e. j. Smith) (Bernard hill), director of the white star cruise company's management j. Bruce Ismay (j. Bruce Ismay) (Jonathan - Hyde) and chief designer of the Titanic ship Thomas Andrew (vic - Greta garbo).Jack's friends method of bridge oda Rossi (Fabrizio De Rossi) (Danny Mr) was an Italian immigrants, he is also a member of the Titanic destiny;Sparrow - Mr Lovejoy (Spicer Lovejoy) (David warner) is kyle - hartley rude but loyal man.

    Film "Titanic" by James Cameron wrote and directed by Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio), Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet), Billy Zane (Billy Zane), Kathy Bates (Kathy Bates), Francis fish (Frances

    Fisher), Bernard Hill (Bernard Hill), Jonathan - Hyde (Jonathan Hyde) and Danny Mr (Danny Nucci), David Warner (David Warner) and Bill - alston (Bill Paxton), and by Cameron and Jon Landau (Jon Landau), ray - mountain chini (Rae Sanchini).The film by Paramount pictures and 20th century fox studios and Lightstorm entertainment production company produced by the joint.

    Dream boat The Titanic make records

    "In 85 have passed... I can still smell just good paint. China is new, sheet no one has ever slept in,

    The Titanic is called "dream boat.

    It is real..."

    In each age, there is always a groundbreaking exciting moment, be witnessing a great change.At the beginning of the 20th century, the Titanic created such a magic, it is the symbol of human towards modernization, it brings together all sorts of people, they become a member of its historic maiden voyage, from various industry's giants to hopeful immigrants, all want to take it to a whole new world.

    The Titanic, carrying more than 2200 passengers, set sail from Southampton to New York City.Including women and children, each of them anticipation, the fear of and optimism on the "ship of dreams".And this so-called "unsinkable" luxury cruise ship is sinking in early April 15, 1912 accident in the icy waters of the north Atlantic, a total of more than 1500 passengers were killed.

    Later, many of the Titanic's legend, countless celebrities to poetry, music, movies and novels narrative form of this legend.There are also many scholars debate on this period of history, the formation of a lot of school.After decades of exploration, in 1985, led by Dr Robert ballard, an expedition in twelve thousand three hundred and seventy-eight feet below sea level, found the wreck of the Titanic, it has broken into two sections.The findings solved many

    of the clouds from the ship sank, at the same time calm people controversy and obsessed with this tragedy.

    Cameron from the ghost ship that sank deep inspiration, constructed a love story of what happened in this cruise ship maiden voyage, and a very human way to express emotions, which gives the legendary and symbolic meaning to it, rendering close between people's story, is also the core of the film "Titanic".Through the use of advanced film production technology, the audience will also deeply as the Titanic set sail.

    Cameron said: "the tragic story of the Titanic in imagination has approximate myth, but with the passage of time, slowly off the side of humanity and vitality. I hope that through the story of rose and jack, the audience can find another kind of emotional contact, let you into my heart and thoughts to this period of history."

    Common sense, for the lower classes of rose and upper-class jack in the ship it is impossible to have the opportunity to meet, their love each other against the rules of the society at that time, it is not allowed.

    Cameron talked about the young lovers say: "their emotions like Edward times, a dead woman, like a geisha heart accidentally met a man made her new life vigor, jack has the vitality of this natural and pure heart, makes this transformation possible."

    The role of the flesh and blood like jack and rose, Cameron is trying to find the perfect combination of actors, to inject more vigor to the the two roles, he finally chose two young upstart, both of them have won an Oscar nomination before the age of 21, they are Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet).

    Cameron said: "leonardo is very lucky, I think the audience will sympathize with him, and he in the screen shows the diversity of the infinite, he has a cool character is what he sends out a living will.

    As for Kate, her face, voice, and her eyes had a shiny qualities, I know that the audience would like to have with her up the mountain and the sea, and it is quite important, because it is a long journey, and she will be an audience to the object of experience on this journey together."

    Jack is an artist living in Europe, plans to return to the United States in a few years later, rose is ready to return to Philadelphia with her mother and her fiance hometown wedding.Ruth trapped in various bondage, her class origins can only obey the arrangement of the home made.She and jack a chance, break through the barrier between the two classes, two people instantly established a close relationship.

    Actress Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet) when it comes to their own role, said: "jack was the first interested in Ruth's desires and dreams men, they share many common passion for life, jack has reached the life, and Ruth is still in pursuit."

    22, Kate Winslet (Kate Winslet), her debut drama "dreamy heaven" (Heavenly Creatures) is controversial, but she also relies on the film in the UK has quickly become one of the most dazzling star in the movie industry, she also for his role in Ang Lee's (Ang Lee, director of Jane Austen (Jane Austen) work Sense and Sensibility, Sense and Sensibility) nominated for an Oscar, Ruth is the first time she played the role of an American.

    Kate said: "the rose is a girl who is full of spiritual, she has a lot of ambition, also have a sincere heart, she wanted to explore the world, but also know it can't be happening. When the crowd saw her for the first time, you can see a kind of give up on her desperation, later, she met jack, their love is based on good communication and complete trust."

    Oscar nominee Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) in Shakespeare's works "romeo and Juliet" and "kiss bad sister"

    (Marvin's Room) had a good show, in the play the role of jack is a struggling young artists, at a poker table won the third ticket of the Titanic, his fate, also because of the ticket changed.

    Leonardo DiCaprio (Leonardo DiCaprio) when it comes to the role of jack said: "jack is a man adrift, he grasps the life of every opportunity, though at a young age, has realized that life is short, I think it is a major aspect of this role."

    Ruth is unable to get rid of her fiance kyle - hawkley (Caledon

     and family fame and fortune, she Hockley) (Billy Zane (Billy Zane))

    carries until met jack, attracted by his artistic breath.In the beginning, kyle and his wealthy friends want to taunts jack, kyle invited jack to dinner together, can think through teases him to make the guests in response, but the move makes Ruth more hate him.

    "Kyle - hawkley (Cal Hockley) don't put jack's eyes, at least in the beginning," zane has this understanding to their roles, "he to the underlying the super-rich class will be dismissed."

    Since the star Philip Noyes (Phillip Mr Noyce) directed by thriller and gripping the navigation the horizon (Dead reflux), zane began acclaimed movie career.He also do independent, and also making feature films in Hollywood.Before joining "Titanic", zane joint production and also starred in, according to James Thompson (Jim Thompson) medium-length novels as the background of the movie "This World, Then the Fireworks", also in according to Lee Falk (Lee Falk) comic book adaptation of the movie "the Phantom" played a hero, and the playing of deep-pocketed tycoons kyle - hawkley, zane will his superb acting skills developed to get incisively and vividly.

    Zane said: "in 1912, the world on the brink of social reform, there will be a new era will be born, that role is jack embodies the spirit of such. Kyle represents autocratic tradition, this tradition is flawed, and facing collapse."

    Kyle is aware of his fiancee melancholy mood, he USES his own way to try to reassure her, he bought a called "the heart of the ocean" priceless blue diamond necklace to her, but that for Ruth, can be a kind of inspiration, let her see her in the heart of kyle is just a nice vase, rather than a wife.

    "Kyle is the one you love and hate the guy," zane laughs, "on the surface of his interpretation of the love is, for him, rose is just a plaything, this is the root of the problem."

    Ruth's mother, Ruth (Ruth) to make the whole thing more complex (Francis fish (Frances Fisher)), she worried family facing financial collapse secret exposure, so will the existence of jack as a thorn in the side, because of his existence to kyle could provide financial security threat.

    As jack and rose taboo love more strong, kyle and Ruth tried to use their strong power to the couple separated.And little imagine at this point, the Titanic and all the passengers are inevitable to their tragic fate.

    Kate said: "I believe that this story will let everybody moved, will make you want to do anything to stop the ship from sinking, so that the two of them together."Cameron added: "the audience is looking, there will be a faint sound has been in your ear, their situation is at stake, this sad story background will let the audience for jack and rose to share every moment felt so sad."

    Although the film "Titanic" story is the beginning of the modern, but soon back to the past the epic journey, in the new generation of visual Angle of relating the incident to, through the story of the shipwreck, Cameron discusses the social and cultural level.

    "Has a shocking discovery, if you analyze on the Titanic's survival probability," Cameron said, "suppose you are in the coach of the men, your chance of survival is probably one to ten. If you are

    an upper-class man, you have about a fifty percent chance of survival. If you are a first class of women, your survival rate is almost 100%, but if you are a third of women, the chance of you only a quarter. In simple terms, your survival is mainly decided by gender and class, the Titanic is reduced mortality by cabin class for the first time, I hope the world can see the truth."

    Between jack and rose love is emotional spindle this movie, the film but also provides a further look at the Titanic's historical significance and social impact of pipeline, also let people better best regards to all the passengers on board.

    "We present though is a fictional story, but we also respect the history, we are on the investigation to the history is absolutely the most strict and precise."Cameron said, "if we are all already know what happens, we won't go to violate it, appears in the movie history of nothing is untenable, and we are fictional characters, is also in the framework of these historical play, all of the scene, special visual effects are for one purpose, that is to let the audience feel really on the Titanic, it's a very immersive experience."

    The rebirth of an era: the Titanic professionals behind the scenes

    "3 million rivet was needed to build a good ship and a large number of sweat."

    - Thomas Andrew (Thomas Andrews) the Titanic shipbuilding division as a whole

    Cameron and his team had the dickens of a job will be "Titanic" on the big screen, they all day immersed in the legends and history of the Titanic.The Titanic experts Don Lynch (Don Lynch) very early began to intervene in the film, there are famous artist Ken - Marshall (Ken Marschall) for the film as a consultant, he is a

    History of the Titanic: figure painting (Titanic: An Illustrated History) of the author.

    Don (Don) since his childhood, he has been researching the Titanic the ship and the ship's passengers, he later joined the Titanic historical society, relevant academic research for 25 years, he and the Titanic alive survivors are very familiar with my family.

    "I found that no one really to look for the surviving of the people," tang said, "when there are a lot of young people were rescued, I think maybe some people still live in this in this world, so I began to look for them, explore their stories, this also let me know more about what happened the night of shipwreck."

    Ken - Marshall of The Titanic, art director, his ship portrait for accuracy and artistic international reputation, his works had boarded The magazine and national geographic magazine, including "The Discovery of The Titanic" many years ago, The Discovery of The work, also in Dr Robert Ballard (Dr. Robert Ballard) is also seen in The best-selling books.In 1976, after a meeting with tang Ken, between two people with common interests quickly established a good friendship, they created about the Titanic bestsellers, attracted the attention of the world famous movie producer.

    "James Cameron read our books," said tang (Don), "he told Ken's painting has a very deep impression, he wants to put them on the big screen, the beginning, Ken and I met with Cameron together to discuss the plan, then we sat down to discuss the possibility of implementation and from page to page is consistent with the history."

    "Cameron wants to know if there is a role, he for a while in the squash courts, but the next minute you appear on the possibility of a swimming pool, he wants all the characters are all can move at will, they can easily go from one place to another place, do not need through the entire length of the ship, this is only the real Titanic enthusiasts will know."

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