Route army years killed, right place, right time and

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Route army years killed, right place, right time and

    Route army years killed, right place, right

    time and

    2014 Internet has a lot of event has occurred or is about to happen: driven by 4 g mobile video services and applications of entrepreneurial spurt, O2O mode of ecological environment, the Internet industry economy Internet financial continue enclosure layout, etc.Don't forget, it is well known that in the next few years intelligent routing must be one of the hot spots, hot spots as "soft" an important domain of intelligent routing at the beginning of open, just show the picture of combative.At this decisive in a year of 2014, companies all wanted to catch the "hardware" the wind and become the first "flying pig", but success is not determined by the single factor can, the ancients cloud: a place, and is also.

    Millet intelligent routing: fired 2014 intelligent routing first shot

    Timing: in 2013, is worthy of the name of the first year of intelligent routing, millet lei jun captures the "tail" of the first year, after a high-profile public beta on December 19, 2013, proud of out fever "configuration" : 1 g dual-core CPU, memory, 256 M DDR3, 1 t HDD drive, 11 ac WiFi support.If the first year of 2013 is intelligent, 2014 is the rise of intelligent routing, millet, nature capable of the active deployment at the start of the New Year, will begin on January 14, 2014, two rounds of "one yuan public beta" sales, trying to "millet sitting room ecological closed-loop" fever to family Internet information center, a routing domain.

    Location: ray boss internal full conference in 2013, three years for new millet surrendered a paper, performance during the first half of 13.27 billion, it sold 7.03 million mobile phones, revenue more than last year during the first half of 12.6 billion.Lei jun said, according to the present growth rate, the company's revenue will exceed 2015 millet billions.It is not enough, lei jun of rice noodles, hardware, software, electrical business "four-wheel layout" has already begun to take shape.

    And: lei jun as President and CEO of kingsoft corporation, once he gave himself more than 16 years of youth contribution to

    jinshan.Although jinshan experience not lei jun to achieve

    entrepreneurial dream, but the experience of jinshan to lei jun

    far-reaching, jinshan to lei jun different experiences and lessons, and lei jun will these into the millet's wealth.Of course to accomplish such a millet rapid development, millet "high-end grade" atmosphere, founder of the team must be played.In addition to lei jun, held is Google research institute, vice dean of fung hung is Google senior engineer, kk wong is the Microsoft advanced technology center chief engineer, Li Wanjiang is kingsoft human-computer interaction design director, kingsoft powerword, general manager guang-ping zhou is MOTOROLA Beijing r&d center chief engineer, and pfund is a graduating from the world's top design schools ArtCenter of industrial designer.Such a "local tyrants" core team, plays an irreplaceable role to the success of millet.

    360 intelligent routing: do a follower is quite good

    Timing: 360 launched in July 2013 with wifi for hardware routing first try after water, did not issue a steal in the intelligent routing procession of voice.Millet in 2014 into the intelligent routing, on January 12, 360, followed in 360 issued 500 private aircraft.Other routers have a pile of hardware as well, has 360 router configuration was exposed, carrying qualcomm 8064 quad-core processor, 512 MB of memory, support for 2.4 GHz (maximum 300 MBPS) and 5 GHz (maximum 866 MBPS)

    double-frequency wi-fi.360 router support mobile terminal APP control, can remote control wireless network, USB external hardware equipment

    such as mobile hard disk, is still the main safety function and integration with cloud detection engine, phishing, anti-trojan, prevent network function.

    Location: 360 on strategic layout pursues "blossoming", its "guards, the browser and antivirus has" sit "dragon", worthy of the king "security";360 the browser is online advertising money cans, currently occupy market share ranking second in China, the first called the IE browser, 360 application platform has more than 150000 applications.At the same time, 360 in the field of mobile security and maintain its leading position in domestic.In addition, the tentacles of 360 have been nobu to search, games, desktop, testing, certification, cloud disk, and other fields, and of course nowadays prosperity intelligent routing is escapes its "claws".

    And: 360 in 2013 reached a cooperation with many well-known Internet companies, including netease, youdao, soufun, Scott, potatoes, and even necessary rob tickets during the Spring Festival of 12360.Combination model for 360 a chance to penetrate all areas.Under the guidance of "king fighting" Zhou Hongwei, believe that the 360 team to win this "fat" intelligent routing determined.

    Ruyi cloud intelligent routing: salted fish turn over quickly

    Days: ruyi cloud is chengdu science and technology of the company's private cloud mobile phone application xiao yun effort to catch up with "cloud to the ground" and "soft" era, 2013 science and technology aimed at the intelligent routing this effort "lifeline", the software embedded hardware, took to the intelligent routing the wooden bridge.Successfully launched 2013 fortunes, cloud routing engineering machine and formal version, won the industry a better evaluation and expectation, this cannot separate with novel style and function: built-in ruyi cloud, unique private cloud system, USB external expansion and support the innovation of the most advanced third-party plug-in concept opens a geek markets, plus a formal version of the dominant frequency of 600 MHZ mt 7620 n CPU, external antennas, internal noise reduction module, 16 m Flash and 64 m DDR memory bad configuration is a bonus.As entrepreneurial teams into hardware industry, ruyi cloud team also actively follow millet, 2014 is also a high-profile "action", will be launched in January 15, 2014 public beta appointments, and revealed the new product of the NAS level to protect hard disk, mobile phone charging station data backup and subversive innovation concept such as 3 d printing.

    Location: ruyi cloud technology, hardware products, effort is built-in xiao yun mobile applications at home and abroad have been quite good achievements, has more than 500 users at home and abroad, and many

    times won the business application, especially in 2013 won the 17th session of China's domestic software expo gold medal, has a perfect private cloud system technology.

    And: according to the news, listen to science and technology have and thunderbolt, big companies such as lenovo reached a cooperation, active layout, no defying giant siege and prepared for intelligent routing market.In addition, the CEO and founder li cheng invited to routing technology "and" joining, actively to ruyi cloud, new technology, gather enough strength in 2014, rock, complete "the dream silk counter attack," shouted "salted fish turn over quickly.

    Intelligent routing occupation family data center era has opened the curtain.If 2013, Internet giant and entrepreneurs have mainly focused on testing the waters and fumble, so intelligent routing has been played once more at the beginning of 2014 overture, drama is about to start.

    The Internet is a rapidly changing place, grasp the present, create the future.A wise man will follow days, grasp the right time, meet people and, in the New Year to write part of a dream.Intelligent routing, who will jump out of the "dance", is worth looking forward to.

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