Good sleep to get up early and health tips to help you

By Annie Rivera,2015-04-11 21:33
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Good sleep to get up early and health tips to help you

Good sleep to get up early and health tips to help you

    - don't bring work into your bedroom, you should relax before going to sleep, don't worry was still in or plan tomorrow's things, do things prior planning first, make a better organized

    - in bed put a small notebook and a pen, sometimes may suddenly what inspiration can be conveniently written down, you can read it again after get up, or to practice

    - put the clock in the room on the other side, you have to up will let it stopped;

    - the bedroom should be able to let you calm down, so the dim light or is the use of scented candle, can have a better atmosphere before tax;

    - sufficient sleep time is more important, as far as possible in a fixed time to go to bed, make sure you can have complete seven to eight hours of sleep;

    - night to try to have a regular routine, such as bubble bath before you go to bed or doing hairdressing, let your body and mind are all ready to go to bed;

    Disease - civilization's greatest vices is everyone away from technology, try to sleep in an hour and a half ago, away from all the electronic products, to return to the most natural and simple way of life, especially the electronic products release a large damage of blue light to the eyes, also can try to use the app "FLUX" will automatically adjust the light of the screen, unapt too influencing the body's secretion of melatonin, can let you have a normal sleep quality;

    - put down after electronics, might as well try to read or is meditation, leave everything to slow down, release your exhaustion and trouble for the day;

    - if you can, can not to rely on the alarm clock, but wake up is the best of the natural light, perhaps let curtain leave a small gap, so that the sun could sneak into your bed, feel the morning coming;

    - wake up don't hurriedly open mobile phone or email, first try to extend bones and muscles, to move, jump jump, can actually help you awake;

- another little affectations is your bed, only need a minute of time to get the bed looks

neat and comfortable, to be prepared for the night;

    - establish good habits in the morning, then do like a cup of delicious coffee, prepare a delicious breakfast, let you look forward to the arrival of the morning;

    - the last try to don't have to spend time in the morning in a hurry, everything is ready in the day, let you can calmly go out, not only let you stay away from anxiety or a bad mood, you will find how good is a new day!

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