English gentleman Hugh grant

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English gentleman Hugh grant

    English gentleman Hugh grant

    The British gentleman Hugh grant

    A gentleman "break into show business.

    Known as "the English lovers," said the actor Hugh grant has always been gentle demeanor, the shy of pure smile, elegant noble temperament and lightsome handsome appearance has fans the world over with.

    Some people say that he is always English gentleman, although the smile will have wrinkles, but it can make people believe it is the most

    sincere smile under the sun.And familiar with Hugh grant, who also knows, he is definitely not a reputation of "straw bag men".Film former, he studied English literature at Oxford University, the most ideal career is to become a writer.But surprisingly, a love of the Oxford "let him from now on, on the road to acting as the rookie after Pierce brosnan, even more brilliant career achievement than brosnan, became a British middle the best person for a single man.

    Some people say that he is "English gentleman", also somebody said, he is a "European pudding".Because both British local features in his body, and combines other western style.Of light and shadow in the country, he is regarded as the most handsome niche of qi of femininity and masculinity, traditional gentleman poise and modern knight qualities in him got the most perfect interpretation, he is always popular sentiment Hugh grant - a life in the performance, the acting British actor in your life.

    Hugh grant, the professional career is not conscientious.The early years, he can only travel in all sorts of small role, how to release your passion on the screen and charm, he does not seem to have a clear answer.But all this is because the movie "Maurice's lover" and change.In 1987, Hugh grant performance to attract the attention of the British director James YiFuLi, directed by the director invited Hugh grant in his

    film "Maurice's lover" star in no.2 actor Clive.Hugh grant, with his wandering eyes and full of charm temperament of restoring ancient ways, exquisite depict role due to the social moral acceptance and under pressure, has won a best actor at the Venice film festival, which began his career in real sense.

    Four weddings and a funeral

    Maybe for most Chinese audience know Hugh grant from the 1994 film "four weddings and a funeral.In the investment of $5 million budget movie, Hugh grant in personable and humorous British bachelor Charles.He successfully mastered the sort of shyness, weak character, both love and fear of complex psychological, to accurately convey a strong exterior inner fragile city little image.The screen is revealed to the audience through the role under the Hugh grant, the British humor and fusion of classical temperament unique charm.Movie came out after the high praise, not only earned $320 million high box office, also let Hugh grant, has won a golden globe best actor and British art institute.

    Four weddings and a funeral "success for Hugh grant, opened the door to enter the international market, many Hollywood director put him as the first choice of literary piece.In 1995, he starred in ang lee's eastward of Hollywood "sense and sensibility".Played a depression in the film, Hugh grant, with rebellious spirit and noble young Edward, he sees

    himself to literature and real experience deep into the character's personality, to shape the role of Edward's such a difficult a rich character level, not only for their cooperation with ang lee wrote the notation, perfect as well as with their own performance talent conquered the critics.

    Handsome male type bachelor

    Not everyone can bear the pressure of fame overnight, Hugh grant is not exceptional also, easy money, fame and position he was a bit dizzy.During that terrible day, he even become one of the biggest scandal of show business, show business is sliding into a trough.Until the summer of 1999, three years of silence of Hugh grant, with only the romantic comedy starring Julia Roberts "notting hill" to return to the screen.Film actor William has the typical Hugh grant type style, appearance, lightsome and natural and unrestrained, a shy personality, is fragile and tender feeling, a aloof from the inside out and romantic nature.But after the film, a Hollywood had sharply with the stick, evaluation of Hugh grant, acting old-fashioned.And maybe just such a demanding evaluation, Hugh grant, the performance of natural style is not suitable for Hollywood, he needs to go the other way to prove itself.

    Seems to be the god of destiny deliberately into alternating grant British men type of single image.In 2001, he starred in the comedy film in

    qi, Jones's diary.Although Hugh grant was past perplexity at that time, but he is full of funny and humorous acting still perfectly reflects the personality characteristics and life details of new new mankind, convey true feelings the richness of the world.Film at the box office was a great success not only, also broke the Hugh grant's dilemma in Hollywood, and Hugh grant, with a gentleman charm temperament also once again be countless fans forget screen lovers.

    In 2007, 46, Hugh grant in the romantic comedy "the music and lyrics," playing a gas, a pop singer, and freely let his interpretation seems to be the role of performance at random and follow.In the film he play and sing with music and romantic to weave another screen belongs to romantic lies Hugh grant.It is also the unique character and temperament, made countless fans heart irreplaceable English lovers.In 2012 his performance in the new film "cloud" is also wonderful.

    Hugh grant, who has a excessively modest temperament of innocent and shy feeling, even in a bit of a bad man, uncontrollable confused, he can also managed to impress the women.Whether it is a small book shop owner in notting hill, or the boy actor confirmed "at-home", although each has his strong point, but were endowed with Hugh grant type charming temperament.Although he had spent a very tough time: gossip, rumors, a public apology on TV...But his popularity is not affected by the

    slightest, the reason is that people love his brow canthus light fine lines, not only to love his lips that elusive smile.

    The comedy of a gentleman

    In the time of the screen language is as important as the image, in today's people gradually abandon action and sex, the love of his fans

    agree that Hugh grant represents the rise of a new generation of British wind, namely, traditional and innovative British humor, full of jokes and fun.

    Hugh grant said: "light comedy itself is very deep and the connotation, it is difficult to perform as any other."This is very reasonable, light comedy itself has a natural gentlemanly made the matter: because light comedy can't simply tickle the audience and make them laugh, namely the degree of balance is very important.

    What rare people than Hugh grant, better suited to play comedy: Oxford literature professional education background, wise head, coupled with natural "poison tongue", the so-called a match made in heaven, but so.

    "About a boy" propaganda, the reporter asked him "the island man and you have nothing in common", he is very honest: "I didn't play four weddings and a funeral, before the day is so."Grant the shadow of the most representative four weddings and a funeral "also with the British humor and his funny, his co-star in the film labeled the distinctive British comedy.

    To a large extent, he and his comedy each other interpretation: no screaming, no sabre-rattling line wise, show restraint, perhaps never red to show no two, but always have their own position.

    Hugh grant, don't like Hollywood, not identity as an idol, but his personal style and temperament determines what he was always a little more than others, and this unique things may be the seeds of a good actor.But before becoming a good actor, Hugh grant, face numerous possible, he to be for others again and again in the eyes of others, because rely on others to fulfill itself, that is the actor.

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