Varyag carrier cutting-edge technology

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Varyag carrier cutting-edge technology

    Varyag carrier cutting-edge technology

    Varyag since the date of birth is "fate", was suspended due to the collapse of the Soviet union before the construction project, the varyag spent alone seven years in the black sea, and nearly were disassembled to sell, really a little teacher heel dead.After many efforts, varyag finally at the end of March 2002, 15200 nautical miles over the difficult journey, docked in the port of dalian.Years of repair, reconstruction and extension, the varyag taken on a new look.

    "Varyag" aircraft carrier before renovation

    Recently, the domestic several of the varyag picture posted on the official website, according to the rebuilding project is nearing an end, not only the coating with a team of Chinese naval vessels standard light gray blue, and its dynamic system and radar system is installed.On July 1,

    2011, military sources said that due to the parts to repair the problem, the varyag will delay one month after the sea trials for the first time in August.In any case, China will have the first aircraft carrier, in the history of the Chinese navy will into the era of the carrier, it caught the attention of the parties and the public debate.

    Aircraft carrier is the volume of the human grasp and use one of the biggest weapons, as aircraft take-off and landing of the offshore platform and the core of modern sea fleet, it is not only an extremely complicated system engineering, is a set of new and high technology, but also an embodiment of the strength of a country.So, how much condensation on the varyag new technology?And is closely related to which industries?Please continue to read the next section.

    Special steel

    Varyag arrived in dalian port, place a few years time, after a lot of people believe that rusty varyag will collapse in China.But others think, do not immediately to repair the varyag is because of China's steel smelting technology advanced enough.Ship steel must be able to resist sea water corrosion and coating antirust paint on the surface, otherwise due to the intensity of the seawater corrosion, will reduce the protection ability of the hull.Because Chinese warships steel performance, must be four years to paint.

    In addition, the ship cruising the sea, because the earth's magnetic field, driving ship after a few years will be magnetized, magnetic ships can easily be detected, so the general ship shall be conducted in three or

    four years after degaussing.The varyag used special steel corrosion resistance is superior, not only from the shutdown to dock in dalian through the years, the surface condition is still good, and magnetic resistance performance is remarkable.Want to repair, and continuous varyag, requires the same performance of special steel, or use existing steel will only reduce the strength of the hull.At present, the world's most excellent carriers of special steel production country for the United States and Russia, the Russian aircraft carriers used by AK series special steel yield can reach more than 1 billion Mpa (Mpa), the steel can withstand more than 10 of the storm, is the world's highest yield of special steel, its design joined the chromium nickel and titanium.And nuclear submarines and aircraft carriers in the United States, special steel yield of HY series has reached more than 800 million mpa.But the United States and Russia special steel as an important military supplies, shall not be exported.In addition, the French of the mild steel yield can reach 550 million, used by the invincible class carriers, but France's own DE gaulle aircraft carrier use is special steel in the United States;Japanese production of special alloy steel yield can reach 450 million mpa, used for submarines and assault ships.

    So the varyag repaired right priority is able to produce qualified special steel.Through technology introduction and research and development, the dalian special steel factory started to produce this kind

    of special steel, the varyag reconstruction project to continue.At present, special steel used by the carrier can do 20 years not corruption, not the magnetization.

    Special steel in addition to military aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, deep sea oil drilling tools also need the higher yield of steel.Special steel research and development, therefore, the future of our country in the military field and deep-sea development has a huge impact.Please continue to read the next section, understand the varyag installed on the power system.

    Power system

    Aircraft carrier according to the power system is divided into nuclear-powered aircraft carrier and conventional powered aircraft carrier.Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in nuclear reactor device powered aircraft carrier, which mainly include, light water reactor, graphite gas-cooled reactor and heavy water reactor.Nuclear-powered aircraft carrier power strong, not only the carrier can achieve high speed, and battery life, don't need to replace fuel during aircraft carrier service, make the carrier has great operational scope;Nuclear power out the flue, cut the deck space, thus can be docked more aircraft carrier ship;And nuclear power plant can also power ancillary facilities for the carrier, such as ejection device and electrical system.Currently only the United States and France with nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in the world.

    The American nuclear-powered aircraft carrier George Washington

    Conventional power including steam turbine and gas turbine, because China now don't have enough nuclear power technical support, combined with the varyag is according to the design of steam turbine power, and the carrier ship "admiral kuznetsov" at the same level (displacement of 53000 tons, total power of 200000 HP) installed on the 4 sets of steam turbine.So the reconstruction of the varyag carrier power for 4 sets of steam turbine, power capsule are represented by four independent engine room, boiler, total output 200000 horsepower, the maximum range of 8500 miles, the maximum speed of 29 section (section is a unit of measurement for vessel sailing speed, section 1 to 1 nautical miles per hour).

    At present Chinese domestic steam turbine technology is more advanced and mature, can make the surplus power steam turbine unit for large carriers to provide energy.But nuclear-powered aircraft carrier

    is the development trend of the future, researchers are also in the positive study of the carrier can be equipped with a nuclear power plant, after all, China already has a manufacturing technology of nuclear-powered submarines.

    Nuclear power except for military and power generation, but also used in satellites and space probe.As early as in 1965, the United States Abraham Lincoln on test satellite using plutonium 238 radioactive isotope as a heat source temperature difference generator;The Soviet union in 1967-1982 launched 24 nuclear power satellite;The "pioneer" and so on are used in a space probe the isotope temperature difference generator as a power source;While China's space nuclear reactor is still out of the research phase, is expected in 2015 completed the ground test.

    Therefore, nuclear power research will not only improve the speed of the development of China's aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, would also promote the development of China's aviation industry.Please continue to read the next section, understand the varyag aircraft launch technology.

    Launch technology

    Aircraft on the aircraft carrier of all kinds of plane, and the carrier is actually aircraft take-off and landing platform on the sea.Expect varyag will carry more than 50 aircraft, including: 20 "ejecting strike fighter

    aircraft carrier type, 20" xiaolong fighter aircraft carrier type, 5 aircraft carrier type L - 15 "falcon" coach strike aircraft, 3-4 CARDS - 31 warning helicopter, 6-8 card - 28 anti-submarine helicopters, etc.By 2015 or so, the varyag will carry China's independent research and development of aircraft - fighters - 15 series of fighter jets.

    Included seven series aircraft

    Due to carrier confidential in the face of complicated Marine environment, and has the characteristics of maritime take-off and landing, so the material, the gear strength and power system are put forward higher requirements.The research and development of related technology have promote role, such as domestic series of taihang

    turbofan engine technology has become increasingly mature, and reached the international leading level.

    Varyag carrier aircraft ski-jump takeoff is used the way, this way, completely on the plane tilted itself on the front end on the flight deck of the acceleration to takeoff speed.This way of take-off make cannot load the plane take off, because if the weight is too big, can't reach flight speed within limited acceleration distance.Another way is to use a catapult take-off, namely the catapult the plane in a short period of time to obtain larger initial velocity and acceleration, so that can be loaded with the plane take off, with greater firepower, increase the flight distance, and reduces the requirement for the length of the flight deck, improve the efficiency of the take-off.

    Catapult has two kinds of steam ejector and electromagnetic ejection.Steam ejector with high pressure steam emission carrier-borne machine, make it without automatic acceleration, currently only mastered the technology of the United States.Steam ejector need desalination device installed on the aircraft carrier, large-scale boilers and piping, but because of too much power, light weight cannot launch unmanned aerial vehicle (uav);Electromagnetic ejection with current emission aircraft, the United States in 2014 is expected to electromagnetic catapult used for carrier.Compared with steam catapult, this is developing the new catapult accelerated more even, and the adjustable power output range.

    At present, Chinese researchers are also strengthen the study of these two kinds of catapult, our country has begun to manufacture for large ship straight moving motor and high-power energy storage, all of these are required for electromagnetic catapult technology.Perhaps the carrier and the next generation of China's aircraft carrier can be assembled on the research and development of ejection device.

    The success of research and development, and high-power energy storage motor will also improve the level of China's wind power.Because of the wind power will be affected by wind speed and direction can not be sustained, stable output power, so the energy storage technology is particularly important.High-power energy storage motor can improve

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