The choice of the IPad Air 3 chip is A9X the best choice or not

By Barbara Harris,2015-04-10 03:26
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The choice of the IPad Air 3 chip is A9X the best choice or not

    The choice of the IPad Air 3 chip: is A9X the best choice or not?

    Apple launched the iPad Pro in the fall, the device is equipped with A9X processor chip faster than notebook computer on the market in 2015 80%. Maybe we all guessed iPad Pro release, but not its processor has so much. We also think that iPad Pro is released in September and iPhone 6s/6s Plus, apple subsequently canceled the October iPad conference.

    If there is no iPad Pro, believes that the October conference will not be canceled, but we can also see a new generation of 9.7 inches of iPad, or iPad Air 3. In the current 9.7 inch iPad product line, the new product is equipped with A8X chip iPad Air 2. Now is about to enter a traditional Western Christmas shopping season, Apple also decided to let iPad Air be 2 this Christmas hit a 9.7 inch tablet.

    Although missed the Christmas quarter, but it does not mean that iPad Air 3 will be released next year to fall. According to the prediction of well-known analyst Guo Mingchi, we can see that the iPad Air will be the fastest in the next year's Spring Conference 3. However, Guo Mingchi was not in the report mentioned in the new tablet will be equipped with what kind of chip. We are here as an analyst, to discuss the iPad Air 3 chip collocation possibilities.

    A9 looks good

    A9 is a iPhone 6s/6s Plus chip, as early as the two mobile phone listed at the beginning of evaluation agencies have found that the performance of CPU A9 chip to be ahead of the iPad Air 2 is equipped with A8X, but both in terms of graphics performance is basically the same. From the CPU point of view, iPad Air 3 is equipped with A9 chip is a good promotion. However, because of the difference between the graphics capabilities and not A8X A9, may give consumers the "new products" and why do I need to buy a GPU performance unchanged feeling.

    You know, available since 2010, iPad has always been the main entertainment, which belongs to the consumer equipment. The game is one of the main features of entertainment consumer devices, if the same graphics capabilities, it means that after consumers buy iPad Air 3 gaming experience and there is no upgrade, so lost a large number of potential users will focus on the game performance. Apple Corp engineers not think of this, so iPad Air 3 A9 chip collocation looks good, but it is not the best choice.

    A9X most logical

    Now the strongest performance of A series chip is A9X, as a new generation of 9.7 inches of iPad, there is no reason not equipped with A9X. Truth is such a reason, but because the A9X is likely to be Apple designed for iPad Pro and design, after all, in addition to CPU and GPU this chip is equipped with 4GB of memory to run. Moreover, the iPad Pro

    12.9 inch screen, thicker body and a larger battery is A9X to take into account when they are at work.

    This means that if the A9X chip on the iPad like Air 3 of this size and very thin plate inside the computer, it will cause serious heating problems.

    Of course, the A9X frequency and iPad Air 3 is no problem what collocation. In fact, Apple products of their own often do, such as iPad mini and iPhone A8 chip 4 is equipped with 6 frequency is not the same.If possible, apple can take CPU or GPU frequency of A9X reduced to fit the iPad Air 3 smaller and thinner body, so that the performance of Air 2 is stronger than iPad, but not up to the height of the Pro iPad.

    Supplier selection

    IPhone 6S chip have been made while Apple raise a Babel of criticism of officials have repeatedly declared that the difference between the two chip and there is very little, to clarify the "consumer reports" agency such as apple, but until now, many users will still care about the internal chip exactly from where a supplier in the purchase of iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus when. However, iPad Pro is not the case, because there are many

    evaluation report pointed out that the iPad Pro chip integrated circuit for exclusive supply station.

    If iPad Air 3 is equipped with a A9X processor, then TSMC will become the final winner. In this case, the status of iPad Air 2 and iPad Air will present. If iPad Air 3 is equipped with a A9 processor, so Samsung can still get a share. After the iPad release of Air 2, Apple will cut out the original Samsung hands iPad Air orders.

    Although apple, TSMC and Samsung have released relevant information, but the third party statistics, Samsung iPad Air and iPad Mini 2 exclusive chip suppliers, the two devices are equipped with the A7 chip.TSMC is iPad Air 2, iPad MINI 4 and iPad Pro exclusive chip suppliers, the three devices are equipped with the A8, A8X and A9X chip. We can see from TSMC, for with "A series chip type X" has certain advantages.

    The flagship and sub flagship

    Remember shortly before the crazy 4 inch iPhone rumors? The same is the forecast report released by Guo Mingchi, he said that the upcoming release of Apple's new machine with a 4 inch version is not low, but equipped with A9 chip and iPhone 6S, at least is a "sub flagship" level of equipment, and now the same situation may occur in the body of iPad Air 3. If the iPad Pro is the flagship version, then iPad Air 3 is the flagship of asia.

    Coincidentally, according to Guo Mingchi's prediction, the expected time released iPhone 4 inches is the spring of next year, it will be iPad and Air 3 at the same conference debut.

    After the 4 inch iPhone rumors appeared, some people think it will form the conflict and the iPhone 6S in the market, so the doubts will also appear in the iPad Air 3 and iPad Pro. Some people love iPad Pro large screen and Apple Pencil, but there are also people who don't love iPad Pro too large in size, so when they encountered similar performance 9.7 inch equipment, will give priority to.

    If you are not an artist, in the performance of similar or identical iPad between Air 3 and iPad Pro will be how to choose?

    It is a new cycle

    In the history of iPad, apple set only two publishing point, one is the spring, autumn is a. More precisely, one is March, another is October. Starting in 2013, Apple has been choose October as the update stage of a new generation of iPad, until 2015. In the meantime, Apple released iPad 4, iPad Air and iPad Air 2. If the release time iPad Air 3 to March, that is we in three years after Apple again in the spring conference saw iPad new hardware figure.

    We in the previous article also mentioned, although some people on iPad Air 3 rumors excited, but maybe the real people who need it and did not imagine so much. Because the iPad Air 2 tablet as an entertainment level at this stage is not what the real weakness, with popular words is "enough". Don't forget to iPad 2, you're not wrong, is the 2011 release of the iPad 2 is still the highest utilization rate of iPad.

    IPad 4 is the first in the October release of the iPad, because Apple released in March of the same year iPad 3 (at the time of the official name of The New iPad) or the use of the old interface, apple wants to popularize Lightning interface as soon as possible.

    If the old rule of apple to re enable the updated March 9.7 inch iPad, do not know what will the impact of their marketing policies?Although this year they launched the iPad Pro, but only this equipment may not be big enough to hold the iPad product line sales decline trend.If consumers in March there is a iPad Air 3 can choose, may bring some positive energy to the market at the end of the quarter Apple Christmas season.

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