Parsing the UFO sightings of ten shocked the world

By Richard Greene,2015-04-09 03:58
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Parsing the UFO sightings of ten shocked the world

    Parsing the UFO sightings of ten shocked

    the world

    "That is a bird or a plane? Actually I don't know what it is, it looks some bizarre", this is candice Arnold in 1947 in a private flight back to Washington state, see a group of unidentifiable objects true feelings when high-speed fly to mount Rainier, Arnold is similar to the media claimed that he saw a dense flying objects in the shape of new moon.He has described the movement of the object as "like a plate in a pond", the media are soon to these objects is called "flying saucers".From Arnold's discovery is now in the past 60 years, so far we still can't close to the truth of objects that he saw, and he found that just seems to be just a beginning, slowly similar findings in the world has become a common phenomenon, but also became a mystery for a long time in the history of mankind.Now that we have found so much about the flying saucer is recorded, so what is the most surprising finding, UFO researchers often through the following three ways to find the credibility of the judge a flying saucer.Let's make a list about the flying saucer in history of the top ten amazing events.

    1, the roswell incident

    Roswell incident may be the most overrated a story about the flying saucer, but its influence the role of the scale and indeed caused people's attention to the flying saucer.Many wrong thought the roswell incident is the only evidence provided the aliens on earth's visit, the numerous similar events hidden in the government, the roswell is be explained more clearly.The U.S. government has unveiled in places near roswell in 1947 found that some of the falling object was a top-secret spy balloons experimental debris, specifically is not a weather balloon, the balloon is part of the mogul program, sixty miles from near alamogordo west launch, "mogul plan" the balloon is designed to test the new energy of

    high altitude blast.Air force personnel in roswell say they should not be charged by withholding information, are they to the media revealed that they had discovered a flying saucer.In the next 30 years that is considered to be a very embarrassing thing, until a key figure marcel declared that he believes that found the news of the alien spacecraft concealment, at that time was in 1978, had the contact with aliens event has almost been forgotten.

    2, Kathy rand lahm events