Parsing the UFO sightings of ten shocked the world

By Richard Greene,2015-04-09 03:58
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Parsing the UFO sightings of ten shocked the world

    Parsing the UFO sightings of ten shocked

    the world

    "That is a bird or a plane? Actually I don't know what it is, it looks some bizarre", this is candice Arnold in 1947 in a private flight back to Washington state, see a group of unidentifiable objects true feelings when high-speed fly to mount Rainier, Arnold is similar to the media claimed that he saw a dense flying objects in the shape of new moon.He has described the movement of the object as "like a plate in a pond", the media are soon to these objects is called "flying saucers".From Arnold's discovery is now in the past 60 years, so far we still can't close to the truth of objects that he saw, and he found that just seems to be just a beginning, slowly similar findings in the world has become a common phenomenon, but also became a mystery for a long time in the history of mankind.Now that we have found so much about the flying saucer is recorded, so what is the most surprising finding, UFO researchers often through the following three ways to find the credibility of the judge a flying saucer.Let's make a list about the flying saucer in history of the top ten amazing events.

    1, the roswell incident

    Roswell incident may be the most overrated a story about the flying saucer, but its influence the role of the scale and indeed caused people's attention to the flying saucer.Many wrong thought the roswell incident is the only evidence provided the aliens on earth's visit, the numerous similar events hidden in the government, the roswell is be explained more clearly.The U.S. government has unveiled in places near roswell in 1947 found that some of the falling object was a top-secret spy balloons experimental debris, specifically is not a weather balloon, the balloon is part of the mogul program, sixty miles from near alamogordo west launch, "mogul plan" the balloon is designed to test the new energy of

    high altitude blast.Air force personnel in roswell say they should not be charged by withholding information, are they to the media revealed that they had discovered a flying saucer.In the next 30 years that is considered to be a very embarrassing thing, until a key figure marcel declared that he believes that found the news of the alien spacecraft concealment, at that time was in 1978, had the contact with aliens event has almost been forgotten.

    2, Kathy rand lahm events

    If you think of the flying saucer are harmless, that is to think of it, in December 1980, rand lahm and her little grandson on the way home met

    a diamond of the flying saucer, when they went out of the door want to walk into a look, they suddenly fell into a violent eruption of hot gas in the issued zi zi, like diamonds and then disappeared, but the pain is not over, in the days that followed, Kathy and rand ram some radiation burns, nausea and diarrhea, the most serious damage is a headache, the symptoms lasted for a couple of weeks and at the same time every year.

    3, in April 2000, Chile

    In April 2000, the north of Chile some supernatural activity, can hear some strange sound and at least 30 animals, including dogs and pigs and ducks) was found to be completely drained of blood, then there is

    only one explains, they are being attacked by the legendary "nighthawk", these attacks is consistent with the growing of UFO activity, a drug on the helicopter police found a bunch of strange lights, put them to think from a secret signal from the landing zone, but in the end they found only a big triangle burn mark on the ground, a similar triangle was also found in nearby places.

    4, Gettysburg UFO events

    In 1965 at Gettysburg, Pennsylvania became a UFO crash found that, when he was a bit similar to the roswell incident of the incident, but the difference is that this time, there are more different witnesses, and did not have the below soon, the gates on December 9, a brilliant fireball rush across the Michigan and Ohio north of the sky, and I'm afraid in western Pennsylvania exploded and fell off a lot of pieces of hot soon put grass lit, at Gettysburg, witnesses said they saw falls in the woods near the object, and proposed the local fire department volunteers to search, finally they found a similar to the acorns, and size like the beatles,

    reportedly looks a bit like surrounded by Egyptian hieroglyphs.America's army soon poured into the town, they isolated the place and a thorough search, the official said they found nothing, but locals insist that they see the army put the object to a tablet on the train.

    5, blue ShenSenLin events

    1980 ShenSenLin events of blue line to the British UFO studies circle of famous.In a cold December 3 point more minutes in the morning, the soldiers were sent to a into a fall in the woods, where they saw strange lights moving between the trees, and heard the sound of a like a woman scream, they also reported near farm animals are very panic, and then

    they accidentally discovered a little alien spacecraft perched on a clearing, they said that is a triangle and a dim light, but did not see have similar objects in human activities, although these are only from the nameless witnesses and can't be sure, wait until they back to that place again during the day, the ship was gone, but the ship was perched there is still a charred traces of the ground, but also detected trace amounts of radioactive material, similarly strange light still can see in the next day.

    The light of the 6, phoenix

    Just because of this event is often referred to as the phoenix saw a flying saucer is larger, it does not begin from phoenix, but from Henderson in Iowa, reports that he saw a man at the bottom of a big V spacecraft with six light from flying over his head, the light transmission in Arizona, and is a former police saw in town, and then the form of light is also same price walcott some people found that a few minutes later,

    the light gradually move to the south of the phoenix.One of the largest in the history of UFO sightings is in from phoenix, then the light within two hours through the city, as many as 700 people saw the light at the time, even some people like.The U.S. military says the light is emitted from the burning plane, but don't believe that the residents of the phoenix.

    UFO events in 7, carlo

    Reported in 1977, a certain number of UFO was attacked with a strong radiation, the inhabitants of the calories carvalho doctors treatment was detected in 35 patients with radiation damage, there are

    some small holes and burns, the doctor said that even she had also suffered some radiation damage, but also good there were no adverse reactions.

    8, the battle of Los Angeles

    Five years before witnessed UFO Arnold, was also the place like a UFO visit Los Angeles, in 1942, in the three months after Pearl Harbor, an unidentified object flying over the Los Angeles, but at the time people don't take it as a singular phenomenon but a threat, regard it as a Japanese fighter, and American also sent nearly 1400 aircraft used for defense.Fortunately, as this UFO did not fire, however there are still six civilians were killed, and three are killed in friendly fire, three is due to a

    sudden heart attack.No enemy aircraft, alien, or other things have been shot down, the last battle ended in peace.So what flew over the city of Los Angeles, at the time to keep combat alert people all think that it is a fighter, but in addition to record the UFO flying speed and height is too strong, and outside the city also found some falling debris is regarded as the origin of the "underworld", but the truth of it was questionable.

    9, Belgium flying saucer

    Belgium UFO incident refers to a large number in Belgium UFO sighting, this is the wave from the winter of 1989 until the spring of the next year, during this period, numerous witnesses saw some of the triangle UFO is similar to that found in phoenix, seven years ago in Belgium air force is also involved in the incident, and increased its credibility.The last six months to Belgium airspace assaults on

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