Why is mobile enterprise application so important

By Joan Campbell,2015-04-08 17:47
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Why is mobile enterprise application so important

    Why is mobile enterprise application so important?

    In the mobile space for enterprise applications ushered in the spring, and the latter also upgrade the information interaction mode, improved the productivity of enterprises.From food to travel, from travel to spend - mobile application changed people with the connectivity of the world.Apple's App Store is launched since 2008, numerous tools and blossom everywhere, greatly facilitate the user's life.In 2015, the five largest store application quantity distribution as below:

    Chart 1: the five largest store application number distribution (source:Statista2015;

    The enterprise IT market, however, are so strong.Although more and more companies have developed internal applications to support daily activities, but the enterprise application market is still in short supply.GartnerExpected: by 2017, "theory of growth, mobile application development services at least within the enterprise IT development capacity of more than 5 times".

    Why demand is so strong?Why investment enterprise applications value?Today we are through the chart to analyze the reasons behind the phenomenon.

    1. The mobile has changed the way of human information interaction

    Just a few years ago, most of the employees in enterprises also can only rely on your desktop and notebook computers to get the job done;Now walked into an office, though still

    can see them, but mobile devices has become the lifeline of employees.The chart below is about over the past five years, the average American growth trend of spending time on a mobile device:

    Chart 2: spending on mobile devices and desktop/laptop per time/hour

    (source:eMarketer, 2015;

    Well, it seems that such growth will continue.If employees an average of 2.5 hours a day spent on mobile devices, and so encourage use smart phones and tablets to improve the work efficiency is known as the wise.

    2. Mobile applications to help employees improve work efficiency

    To convince managers investment enterprise applications, then improve the work efficiency is the most justified.A survey asked more than 300 in the IT industry decision makers to evaluate mobile enterprise application may bring the positive impact work efficiency for the enterprise.

    Graph 3: the influence of the mobile enterprise applications to the enterprise work efficiency assessment (source:Mobile Helix/Vanson Bourne;

    Research shows that: most of IT decision makers think mobile enterprise application is expected to improve enterprise efficiency as much as 30-40%.Again considering the time span of the application service for enterprise, employees work efficiency and enterprise revenue development space to be reckoned with.

    3. Both targeted and efficient processing tasks

    Intranet help employees improve work efficiency greatly, make the information more convenient digital environment.But as a result of enterprise internal information heap of mixed together, all targeted processing task is not easy, so the Intranet is not necessarily the most efficient way.But if according to different teams will be divided into different Intranet web page, so it is no meaning to set up an Intranet itself.

    Mobile applications can provide faster access to information for different teams, easy to open the target page, also don't have to be at the expense of internal network of the whole cost.

    Graph 4: enterprise need most mobile applications (source:Citrix;

    Smartphones have special mobile applications to deal with specialized tasks, saves large ado, opens the page of the Intranet computers on a cellular phone trouble, easy access to tools, the staff of life is more simple and efficient.

    4. The rise of telecommuting

    Technology boom that employees can easily at home office, the population continues to grow.In 2013-14 years alone, the number of telecommuters is increased by 6.5%.

    Graph 5: the number of telecommuters (unit: millions of sources:Global Workplace Analytics2015;

    The rise of telecommuting highlights the needs of anytime, anywhere to improve work efficiency, mobile enterprise application is the trend of The Times.

    5. Improve the workflow

    A mobile application can improve the workflow, namely daily work processes and procedures, let staff to complete the road work anytime, anywhere, fast, convenient application, without limitations on your desk.

    Such as a finance executive at lunch, at the meeting, to use mobile applications quickly open the file, complete invoice examination and approval.With the enterprise applications, it is not necessary to have to handle all the affairs in your desk.

Chart 6: changes brought by the mobile for the workflow (source: Comptia)

As the chart shows, mobile enterprise application can change the way businesses operate,

greatly improve the work efficiency and output, make enterprises more successful.

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