Love in the middle of the night before

By Joshua Morgan,2015-04-08 13:03
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Love in the middle of the night before

    Love in the middle of the night before

    For eighteen

    years, life is not


    A likely just

    slightly experimental

    Lao film series is not

    careful to nine years

    in a arrived at a speed

    of 18 years later this year.This year's sundance film after expectant five-star film before midnight, which opens at USC, even surpassed all expectations, before mold in this seemingly talker subject perfectly satisfied with a lovely story.

    After eighteen years of Jessie and Celine this time spend summer holiday came to Greece.Two people have the daughter, and Jessie and his son have already 14 years old.Long the beginning of the film, the father of abnormal Jessie distress to the airport to board the plane back to Chicago son Hank ask this ask that, don't naturally don't like one more than forty years old father.Back in the car, he told Celine, I think that being a father, I have no in a period of time he grew up completely with him, he went to high school, went to college and then left me completely.So Jessie and Celine drove all the way up to the Greek town, started their summer tour.

    No longer continue to relate the plot, because as the third of this series, "before the middle of the night" inherited the style of the former two works well, or a minister of the lens then long, background music is simple to the extreme is just right, the style is not urgent not slow advance of comfortable tuberculosis, more worth pondering in dialogue and lines.For eighteen years, Celine by the non - profit of the public welfare work do you want to work for the government to consider, because This may not be the

    same (one took be differnet), Jessie divorced and Celine daughter has been feel failed to fulfil the responsibility of a good father, can't play with his son in Chicago, Hank.It's not necessarily "surrender to life" so short answer, but may increase with age, they and we have learned to be more peaceful composed attitude to treat the people and things around.

    Such as on the table and Greece have people dialogue scene is very

    interesting.Young people said, "anyway, we will eventually break up, were married last will divorce right?", when you listen to very helpless "you too reality".Jessie and Celine is about the story of the meeting show very funny (Celine this place).And really impress people, is the story of the old woman spoke last: "my husband had died. When he was still in bed when he always put arms on my chest, sometimes I can hardly breathe smoothly, but I feel very calm very satisfy very safe".After he died for me, I think he's really just a little bit of disappear, I tried to remember the shape of the color of her eyes, lips, skin tactility, his everything.But finally disappeared.But he was there from time to time.Sometimes I look up at the cloud in the sky, suddenly a smeared out, his face appeared, and then disappeared.It is probably true of life, our side appear, disappear.We are very important to some people, but We are in a hurry over (We appear and We disappear, and We 'r e important to some, but We' r e just passing through).

    In the movie don't really have little jokes abound, and this is nothing like the last two discussion so reserved and serious, well worth the audience to consider

    slowly.Such as or dinner to discuss of middle-aged woman said: "my grandmother is a nurse, specialized in severe coma patients recover woke up and told them, now you don't worry, everything will be all right. All of the female patients wake up after the first reaction is to ask: my husband, son, friends are also good? All of the male patients, all, without exception, asked is: my cock ok?".

    If had just started watching the film, see Jessie and Celine after 18 years of aging appearance also can not help some sad words, as the plot of the dialogue, the audience can still slowly and quietly left the mark naturally accept time and play as they accept time bring them peace and calm.The ending is more subtle, big fight conflict of the two people sitting under the dim light of night side of the beach chairs in dismay after the quarrel, life turned out to be the original appearance, still interesting, still interesting.

    Finally, the last time is no longer let us sigh sigh with emotion, but let us calm calm life.

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