Hw to wash glasses!There isthe correct cleaning methods

By Renee Arnold,2015-04-07 15:27
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Hw to wash glasses!There isthe correct cleaning methods

    Hw to wash glasses!There isthe correct cleaning methods

    Don't know whether my sisters and I, since wear contact, once the glasses have been left out, has been lying in the dust, glasses box may use it before I go to bed at night.

    Also for this reason, the work of cleaning the glasses also forget have arrived.

    But have to remind you that don't change, for a long time not to clean glasses, lens dust bacterial adhesion also with air into the eye, easy to cause eye diseases.

    Here is a glasses cleaning agent and correct cleaning method for your reference.

? glasses cleaner modulation and application

    (1) used in the material Rubbing alcohol a third small cup 1 small cup of pure water Detergent small

    Prepare a spray bottle

    (2) a blend

    First mix alcohol + water pour into a spray bottle, shake well.

    In 1 to 2 drops dishwashing detergent, on the bottle cap tight and liquid shaking force fully fusion.

    (3) using

    Shake again before each use of homogeneous liquid.

    Evenly sprayed on the picture frame glasses, prepare 2 piece cotton piece, a piece designed to wipe the lens, a frame.

    Note to wipe: from the middle out looped, gently remove the dust on the glasses and bacteria.

    After waiting for 1-2 minutes and glasses is a bit dry 1 slice with clean cotton, gently wipe the lens, so that we can make the lens more bright and clean.

Results the following left

    ? common glasses cleaning method of evaluation

    1) I breathe with the mouth

    Breathe on the glasses is equal to the saliva is gush go up, this also is not very clean.Unless it is in the case of glasses as great a dirty, there is can have a try.

    (2) glasses cloth dry brush

    Believe that this is the most often do the girls with glasses action.

    But in fact, the real role of glasses cloth is to avoid glasses and glasses box of friction.Because the glasses cloth fiber gap bigger, if used to clean glasses will wipe more and more blurred.

    Not cotton glasses cloth production costs are relatively low, easy to hide the dust, will shorten the life of the lens.

    (3) water

    The cleaning process, the main problem is the lens impact is easy to wear.If you want to use this method, is used for flushing water don't fierce nor perpendicular to the lens, the glasses is about 35 degree Angle with the best.

    (4) ultrasonic cleaning

Optical shop usually have such free services, but if I buy a such machine at least also

want hundreds of thousands of, a bit not cost-effective.

Don't lazy, to the health of the eyes move quickly to glasses "bath"!

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