Simple five-step let you use the smartphone experience holographic projection technology

By Emma Nichols,2015-04-07 14:09
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Simple five-step let you use the smartphone experience holographic projection technology

    Simple five-step let you use the smartphone

    experience holographic projection technology

    we all expect to be able to use smartphone to projection has been out of hologram, but apparently now smartphones already have the potential, but you don't know yet.

    If you are curious, then we'll tell you, in addition to smart phones, still need some of the basic tools and CD case, to make smartphones achieve the effect of the holographic projection.Now Mrwhosetheboss upload this tutorial to the Internet, looks cool.

    The preparatory work

CD case;

    Coordinate graph paper;

    Scotch tape paper or super glue;



    A smartphone;

    Color glass cutter or knife;

    Step one:

    First pen mark on the graph paper size is 1 cm on the bottom, the bottom 6 cm, 3.5 cm high isosceles trapezoid, if you like, you can scale up to double or triple.But note that don't be too big, so long as can as long as can match the size of the cell phone camera on.

Clipped the isosceles trapezoid. Set aside.

Step 2:

    Take out before you have prepared a CD shell, unloaded edges of it.The choice from material, as long as it is this kind of glass item can be improved, the transparency, the better the results.But for the sake of convenience, the choice of the most accessible CD shell.

    Step 3:

With the isosceles trapezoid before cutting for reference, with a glass cutter cut out of

the same size trapezoid, a need four pieces.

Step four:

    Use adhesive tape paper will four trapezoidal small transparent plate joining together into a small pyramid, but bonded together.In addition, we also can use super glue to replace tape paper, but use super glue to make glass glue difficulty bigger, so it's easy to use transparent adhesive tape paper.

    Step 5:

Turn off the lights, the transparent pyramid upside down on the screen, and then use

Mrwhosetheboss specially provide some demo video to test.Interested friends can look at this

piece of video, and then quickly also try it myself.

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