spring, summer, autumn and winter and spring of a film

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spring, summer, autumn and winter and spring of a film

    Kim ki-duk spring, summer, autumn and

    winter and spring of a film

    There was a story in the bible: the pharisees have caught a woman is committed to spite of Jesus, the woman's behavior in accordance with the law of Moses when stoned."Woman, if not executed the breach law sin;If put to death the woman, and made a homicide.Seemingly dilemma of Jesus, only one word easily resolve: who is without sin among you, who can take her with a stone.Looked upon hearing this, all have gone, gone.Why nobody dare to say his innocence?

    This might be the "original

    sin" consciousness of

    westerners.According to

    Christian, god made man, are

    controlled by the body, under

    the temptation of a snake ate

    the forbidden fruit, deviated

    from the path of god.Results

    were expelled from the garden

    of Eden, sent to earth, seeking redemption, awaiting trial.So should westerners believe that human nature is evil, guilt, for example, the western sage the apostle Paul said: "I am foremost in sinners" (timothy).Not only considers the sinner, and is one of the biggest sinner.Jesus of his disciples and Peter said, "Lord, I'm a sinner" (Luke)!Oriental Confucianism thought "" at the

    beginning of the people, goodness (" embedded")."Human kindness also, still water went down too. Poor people no more, no more water than" (" mencius "tell") on the child.

     The meaning is that people are born that it is good, as the growth of the age, slowly turning in the society of VAT, become evil. Therefore, as long as keep learning, "Ming Ming", "goodness", people can restore his original pure form which is good. In the west of self-salvation, Oriental learned, finally believed that can achieve good. But is this true? South Korean director in his "spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring is presented in the negative answer.

    Kim ki-duk works mostly seen, the deepest impression is brutal and cruel, cruel scene reveals the cruelty of human nature.This "spring, summer, autumn, winter, spring is surface should look in all his movie the most affectionate, no similar the drift to room, put the hooks into the nakedness as extreme cruel plot, there is only poem, as if wonderland scenery, but I think the film make people are more cruel and the depth of bone marrow to despair.Born to be evil, there is no way of salvation, evil is not due to the replacement cycle of the seasons generation have any change, even more evil.

    People tend to take religion as the last straw of saving souls, convert to religion is the only road to salvation, then the director will put the story in a temple, let you see the "straw" can really help.Main characters are a few monks, the old monk, the young monk, young monk, middle-aged, and another young monk, with spring, summer, autumn, winter and spring seasons change, the different age paragraph the monk also symbolizes the different periods of life, the world's rebirth.Evil, not in change of the seasons, for transfer, not because life is depending on the age, the afterlife will put evil evil to continue.No roads, no hope.Perhaps only death can release, for example, the old monk set himself on fire after into sarira.

    First to see the old monk.Production did not hand over to treat the old monk's backgrounds, but from the extraordinary skill he struck cans and legacy of martial arts manual, at least director wanted us to do some associations.Only by the imagination, of course, we also can't give the old monk, but eventually he taught a killer it is an indisputable fact.Maybe is this let him consciously sinful, determined to set himself

    on fire.Disciple's guilt natural can't calculate to master, even if the fault is with heart and honest, but not too, after all, is also too.Some mistake unknowingly already

    committed.The old monk to discourage the young monk to treat creatures, for example, can he dipped his cat tail ink writing "heart sutra" on the floor while ignoring its disregard the kitten's pain.Buddhist pay attention to all living things equality, "heart sutra" said "every bitter urban", this is undoubtedly a great deal of irony.Through the ages the monks to piety, thering is no lack of the needle body, the umbilical blood generation ink writing heart sutra, but the old monk amuse oneself finger ink did not do it.People are determined to die in front of the moment, it is said that to be able to get peace and liberation, but let's see the director put tears in the eyes of the white paper has been wet, visible didn't get out the old monk to death.

    In the way of opening the little monk.The story of the young monk and its relationship with the old monk is still not hand over to treat, we from the degree to which he told the old monk familiarity and he in between the mountains and at ease, he should be bred at an early age.Between the mountains and forests or one side in the middle of the lake a small temple, there is no more closed environment, he should can't be affected by the outside world "evil", all the action by nature.His "nature" is good is bad?The film will give the answer soon.Young actors choose is also very good, full, celestial court square garden, large earlobe wheel, a pair of good, but it is unequivocally a small creatures to abuse, looked at the little creatures suffer but smile so innocent.Is

    punished by the old monk and repent, and yet who is coming will come, even if it is in such a wild backwater.So has greed, obsessed with beauty;Chi read, stubborn, give up the practice;Chen to read aloud, in a rage, killing the moving knife.For several years in prison, and receive the punishment of the society, to return to the buddhist temple, looking for the salvation of the soul.But sin will end?Director told us, even when you are subjective to change, but objectively or is likely to continue to make some evil.Convenient digging hole for water, but was buried another life.So weight-bearing walking in the mountains all day long, abuse your body to release of the soul, raising baby in the comfort of the mind.After the baby grown up children, however, continued to the front of the little monk's iniquity, means more cruel, even the old monk and a young monk story repeats itself again, does the evil.

    Sin is inevitable, a life without a redemption.What should we do then?

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