Driverless cars the earth now, the future of the cloud

By Willie Knight,2015-04-06 20:37
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Driverless cars the earth now, the future of the cloud

    Driverless cars: the earth now, the future of the


    Everyone knows that the Internet has changed our life.But who all don't know what it will change our lives into.Some believe they have a glimpse of the future began, they set off from the cloud technology, the use of wireless network, big data, machine learning ability and physical dimension network (the Internet of Things), and the way of open access, will be the future of their eyes into the boundary of the "now".

    Coffee, garden, wheels

    Set the clock back in the 1990 s, we can see the cornerstone of a new generation of artificial intelligence.At the time, the invention of a landmark into our field of vision, this is the World Wide Web .

    In the first page of human society, there are real-time display a web page with a view of the student lounge at Cambridge university.Aim at the time, the students set up a coffee pot of camera, so they can sit in the dormitory, open the computer will know that you had boiled coffee.Look, change the world are often the invention of the lazy.

    Later, roboticist Ken Goldberg and his students to the "network real time video" the idea further, made the first with graphical web robot - they will be below digital camera, irrigation system and planting system into an industrial robot arm, anyone can through the network to observe, sowing and irrigation operation.This Telegarden website officially launched in the summer of 1995.As the first to let people through the network, remote operation of the machine an epoch-making masterpiece, Telegarden without accident caused a sensation.

    The first to have graphical web robot Telegarden below.Photo:

    Since then, Robotics began to flourish, today, the world has hundreds of relevant laboratory and a dozen academic magazines.Active robot products, such as iRobot Roomba housework robot - has more than 5 million units.When used to stare at the coffee pot camera, now have evolved into a 3 d body feeling camera technology, has been applied in the game.In 2012, U.S. President barack Obama announced the U.S National Robotics Initiative allocated more than $7000 to support the research of this field.

    Housework Roomba robot.Photo:

    In such a spark, driven by a new generation of artificial intelligence is about to start a prairie fire.Google's self-driving Car is an example.This car based on Google's huge map database and real-time satellite network, combines GPS, car video and 3 d sensors to accurately complete their own positioning, and according to the traffic situation of current and historical choice direction, to avoid the heavy traffic.Powerful cloud support, Google is leading in the field in the huge advantage such as Toyota and general motors.

    Car, or a computer?

    On May 28, 2014, Google released its self-driving car prototype.Don't need the car driver, also do not have the steering wheel and pedals.In order to accurate positioning, roof-mounted optical radar system (LiDAR), originally the position of the rear view mirror is replaced by the sensor.Google self-driving car project director Chris Urmson , said at the end of the internal test, Google will bring some test products to the folk.The car's set to no more than 40 kilometers per hour - Google just follow California has driverless cars trial regulations - and, of course, Google itself is one of help contribute to the strength of the regulations.

    Singularity University (Singularity at the association chairman Brad tempo meal (Brad Templeton) is a Google self-driving car project design consultant.He has

    published a large number of blog in the field of intelligent transportation and speech.In an article, brad, commented: "conservative think Google this product is a kind of 'configuration computer car, they think it is a revolution of automotive technology; while radical will see it as a kind of configuration of the car computer, they think it is the development of computer technology, and will change our world -- quickly in the future, the traffic jam, the word will be swept into fashion, traffic accident will become history, and to and from work will be a nice trip."Brad himself?Of course he will himself as a radical.

    The singularity of the university of brad Appleton.Photo:

    Staring at the camera of the coffee maker will be able to tell you when to have fresh coffee drink and configuration on the self-driving car cameras can save lives.In the United States, more than 33000 people die each year from traffic accidents, among them 40% of all accidents from drunken driving, drugs, distraction or fatigue.If we can put these erratic humans from the steering wheel, driven by robot to complete the work, the life could be saved.In addition, commuting trip has been a lot of people's biggest nightmare, it increases people's obesity, insomnia and the risk of stress.Artificial intelligence will help us ease the pressure, people will be able to comfortably in his chariot read a book, or a nap, and need not nervous, swearing to grip on the steering wheel, worry about being late deducted wages.

    In the eyes of brad, driverless cars also is not only used to show the superior off-road vehicles.Unmanned vehicles will also be more energy efficient, if we no longer need clumsy bluestar driver, high precision of artificial intelligence will enable our vehicle closer.According to the Rocky Mountain Institute is expected, the vehicles near the wind resistance caused by the decrease will help us save 20-30% of the fuel consumption.Another from the Massachusetts institute of technology (MIT) research suggests that, in a crowded city center area, people kept wandering the process of finding a parking space will also result in evaluation of fuel loss, it also or will be along with the development of a new generation of robot technology.

    Last year, the university of Texas, Daniel Fagnant and Kara Kockelman for in Eno transportation center report, submitted to the technology has carried on the estimate.In their calculation, if America has 10% of the vehicles into unmanned vehicle, then the national throughout the year will be able to save $3.7 billion spending;If 90% of all vehicles on the road is based on the artificial intelligence, the number will reach a staggering $44.71 billion.

    People, of course, the design of the adviser from the singularity university has many different views.Some Google cars that too stupid of appearance, there are fears that the reliability of the machine.Driverless car on the way "into the ordinary people" there are a lot of problems and hidden dangers.

    Google's self-driving car prototype appears very "cute".Photo:

    How to smoothly transition from manned era to era of intelligent driving is a first difficult -- obviously, Google pay more attention to contact each other between Google and Google car, and won't care about the human driver how to interact with the driverless car.But compared to Google and other car companies is perhaps more of a headache.

    Safety problem has caused a debate.In aino transportation center director Joshua Schank said: "if the first case due to computer malfunction caused by self-driving car accident, so it caused panic will than thousands of cases of human traffic accidents

    combined."And if it is a pedestrian suddenly frenzied to jump to a moving driverless car in front, and who should be responsible for the accident?Auto makers or sitting in the car?In addition, in the United States has more than 233000 taxi drivers, and 1.7 million truck drivers, if so many people will face unemployment due to promote driverless cars, so it is conceivable that the application of the new technology will face a very large social resistance.

    At present regarding the driverless cars, of course, every argument is not enough to be a decisive opinion, they just remind us that the creation of any landmark will cause a lot of problems, these problems may be no one can foresee."The future of transportation will not be our understanding of" car "."Brad, writes on his blog "it, Disruptive Technology ".

    Considering the high hopes and ridicule, all good and hidden trouble, why still crazy about this technology with Google?IT houses, is so capricious, because they know this day and age, this belongs to the era of networks and computing.

    Based on the cloud

    As early as in 1969, the founder of the Arpanet Network (Arpanet, the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network), the j. c. r. Licklider is put forward the general concept of "cloud computing".The cloud is in a long time, however, failed to reach creed, expected.Until recent years, with the improving of the network bandwidth and a number of outstanding products, the advent of cloud to find opportunities to take off.Cloud technology development, make people get rid of the dependence on personal computers, to be able to get data anytime and anywhere.As long as in the world, no matter how far, no matter what kind of equipment you use, you will can be unobstructed access to the data, which is the foundation on which the remote control.

    Known as ripped and Dropbox can help you to private data stored in the cloud.And in the future, in the driverless cars on the road "based on the cloud.Vast amounts of data acquisition and computing power, is that they are the foundation of security on the road.In the future, such ability of the product will be more and more.In 2010, the outstanding researcher James library from Google's (James Kuffner) for future robot subject gives a new concept - Cloud Robotics.The current robot are often limited to the self management, and its computing power and storage capacity is limited;Cloud robot provides an exciting possibility: through wireless network access and exchange data.In the future, "chat" on the road may no longer be casual taxi driver in the street, but the auto exchange data with each other.

    Of course, like brad tempo, puts it: "only the robots were ordered to work, chose to go to the beach in the sun, it is a true artificial intelligence."

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