Microsoft research release Internet operating system

By Ida Davis,2015-04-06 18:08
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Microsoft research release Internet operating system

    Microsoft research release Internet

    operating system

    Researchers at Microsoft research has launched aimed at getting more easily monitor houses, head of the household with computer control or automatic control home networking equipment of Lab of Things home Internet operating system.Developers can download the beta Lab of Things develop a family thing networking application, make various intelligent home appliances play its biggest effect.

    Now many in the family installed surveillance cameras, intelligent thermometer, motion sensors, the practical effect is very good, but if the user independent installation will encounter many problems, and because the equipment is running independently, if not the same brand

    of product, it is difficult to find a platform to make them work together.The Microsoft released the Lab of Things (Things united laboratory) operating system can provide centralized virtual control panel for family Things, used to monitor, control, intelligent home appliances of the family, and its good compatibility to existing intelligent home appliances, like a Windows system and provide the development environment, application software.

    In the Microsoft employee annual conference last week, Arjmand Samuel announced the Lab of Things (Things united laboratory) operating system, Microsoft by internal employees and media attention.Samuel said that because of the equipment installation and the unity cooperation does not address, family field of Internet of things have been no new technology.

    Lab of Things operating system "to reduce the form barriers to the Internet of Things" in the family, said Samuel Lab of Things operating system can automatically control the family in various sensors and networking equipment.

    Lab of Things operating system into family connected to the Internet for consumers to provide a platform of public use, and for researchers, they can use the Lab of Things operating system to come up with more new ideas, to develop more home automation applications.

    Lab of Things name taken from the Internet of Things (iot), which is based on HomeOS will HomeOS function expanding, however, is more suitable for multi-sensor joint collaboration use (small make up feel, a nice HomeOS than Lab of Things much more easy to remember).Have outside developers use HomeOS developed gestures to control the application of intelligent home appliance and remote mobile application of intelligent control home appliances.

    Lab of Things operating system needs to be installed in the head of the household's home on a computer, network connection automatically after the automatic detection of networking equipment in the home.Researchers at Microsoft A.J. Brush demonstration, Lab of Things operating system immediately after the access network to identify the sensors can detect whether the door is opened.Then Brush in the client set up if someone open the door to send an email to a specific email.Can also through the client view home surveillance images.

    Microsoft employees on the same day of the conference in 2013, researchers at the university of Virginia Kamin Whitehouse use this Lab of Things operating system installed in 20 families a variety of sensors for automatic control, the automation of energy consumption problem of the family.According to the sensor for the door is closed, the tap open shutoff, electricity use, such as information, Whitehouse in Lab of Things (Things united laboratory) operating system on the basis of making the

    software analysis of these families living habits, and then the normal demand of family circumstances as much as possible to save energy.(information collection) over a period of time, users only need to open the mobile application who can know in which room, the room of the power consumption of water, etc., do not need the user has the capability of programming.

    Whitehouse, however, also playing table is out of their own anxiety, if a house hundreds of sensors, installed in the Lab of Things operating system whether have the ability to let so many sensor coordinate work together.Microsoft's development team hope to have more and more researchers use Lab of Things operating system of the platform for more massive experiments to verify the performance of the system.

    Researchers at university college London Dean Mohamedally praised in Microsoft staff meetings Lab of Things operating system, he thought the Lab of Things can have greater as, "I think this will be the starting point of many fields."Many researchers believe that automation will reflect their own advantages in the work environment, save energy will also be more.Associate professor at the Massachusetts institute of technology, said Joe Paradiso Lab of Things can cooperate and have commercial automation equipment enterprise, sharing standard, give full play to the advantages of both systems and equipment.

    Lab of Things development team members Ratul Mahajan says, the standard protocol for automation equipment enterprise development is very effective, Lab of Things (Things united laboratory) operating system can be used, but this does not mean that the existing standard protocols can be seamlessly with other manufacturers of equipment, "we have to make sure the system has the ability to use in all the work environment."

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