Drop the meteorite dust lanes around the entire northern hemisphere within 4 days

By June Rodriguez,2015-04-06 09:15
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Drop the meteorite dust lanes around the entire northern hemisphere within 4 days

Drop the meteorite dust lanes around the

entire northern hemisphere within 4 days

According to foreign media reports, in February, a meteorite

exploded over the ural mountains in Russia, power equivalent to 30

nuclear bombing of Hiroshima atomic bombs, for the local caused great

    casualties.According to NASA satellite observations, the meteorite to form a thin layer of the stratosphere dust lanes, in a short span of four days around the northern hemisphere.

    The meteorite 18 meters in diameter, weighing 11000 tons, at 41600 miles an hour (67000 kilometers) per hour speed to fall to earth.Falling process, the meteorite and earth's thin atmosphere friction and burst into flames, finally in chelyabinsk 14.5 miles (23.3 km) above the explosion.Cause a large including dinosaur species of meteorites in about 10 km in diameter, power equivalent to 1 billion atomic bomb.

    Meteorite exploded raw pieces last fall the earth's surface.In addition, the explosion dust in the stratosphere to form a thin belt.The dust lanes by hundreds of tons of dust, full of viscosity and solid.NASA's Goddard space flight center of atmospheric physicist Nick's card wikipedia said: "we would like to know whether our satellite to detect dust meteorites. In fact, we see the earth's stratosphere forming a new dust lanes. This is the first time in the long-term evolution of space fire shooting star dust plume observations."

    Card wiki and colleagues will be together a series of satellite observation data and the atmospheric model, simulate how meteor explosion fire plumes of dust in the stratosphere jet under the influence of the surround in the northern hemisphere.About 3.5 hours after the explosion, NASA - the national oceanic and atmospheric administration

    (noaa) Sue, Naomi national polar orbit with ozone satellite imaging detectors in about 25 miles (40 kilometers) from ground the air to detect dust plume, at about 190 miles per hour (305 kilometers) per hour the speed of moving to the east.

    A day after the explosion, satellites detected the dust plume moved to the east, into the Aleutian Islands.Bigger heavier particles began to lose height and speed, smaller lighter particles remain in high altitude and speed, different height of wind speed.Four days after the explosion, dust plume height faster higher part of the trip to complete the entire northern hemisphere, back in chelyabinsk.Three months later, the earth is still around can detect dust plume.

    Spain astrophysicists to walk to chelyabinsk meteorite fragments are analyzed.Analysis results show that the meteorite from an Apollo asteroid.Around the sun, the asteroid is often through the earth.They point out that the asteroid may be caused by planets and the sun's gravity stress fracture occurs, may also have with an object in orbit around collided, that formed the meteorite.

    Meteorite exploded to more than 1000 casualties.After the disaster, scientists found more than 50 meteorite fragments, and then to study composition and origin.In the process of high speed through the earth's atmosphere, the meteorite in front of compressed air, the formation of high temperature, the final explosion.Although falling debris and earth

    to form a 20 feet (6 meters) in diameter crater, but chelyabinsk damage mainly from meteorites to break the sound barrier and the explosion of a shock wave.Card wikipedia says: "attack of chelyabinsk meteorites, it is much less than the 'killer dinosaurs' it is very lucky. We have a unique opportunity to safely have great potential for a dangerous event study."

    A lot of collectors from all over the world asiatics by meteorites falling to the earth.Big Hollywood director Steven spielberg is one of the most famous meteorite collectors.In October, 2012, 1960 Seymchan meteorites found in Siberia (olivine pallasite) of a piece of broken 9 inches (22 cm) clinch a deal with the price of $43750 in New York.Astronomers have pointed out that if the fall time changes little, this meteorite may attack the city.

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