Malicious software have become a big threat to the present network security

By Veronica Ramos,2015-04-06 05:29
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Malicious software have become a big threat to the present network security

    Malicious software have become a big threat to the present

    network security

    Internet world complicated, not only enriched our daily life, more danger lurks in among them, the malicious software is one of the threats in the online world.Malicious software can control the user's computer and steal personal privacy and data, also can spread through infected computers to every equipment of home.Many malware disguised as a normal software for users to download, a move not careful there will be dangerous, especially when identifying download link, it's difficult to find this is a family of malicious software trap of fraud.

    Malware inadvertently move can let a person

    And not only on PC malware, as mobile the rapid development of smart mobile phone of malicious software is also more and more.Once infected with malware, pay treasure, WeChat, weibo users information being stolen, extremely easy to cause damage to property.In many instances, we find that after the newly installed the software, appear many miscellaneous collection of software, and the browser home page has been tampered with, induction of user access to fishing and false site, to defraud the user's personal information.

    The global distribution of malware attacks

    The researchers also found that the wireless router now gradually become the target of malware attacks.First of all, the hacker will lead users to a malicious web site, and then through the network fishing, cause the home wireless router attacked.Whether life or work, we have been without the Internet, especially in the home now smartphones, tablets, laptops and some intelligent household devices are connected to a wireless router, buried a great safety hidden danger for the network security.

    In order to protect the equipment safety, we recommend that users to the normal download sites to download activity, avoid downloading malicious software.And, in the web browsing, prudent advertising induced page, click on the winning don't leave your net silver in informal web site information and social networks.All in all, when using the Internet do not account for petty gain, often criminals is the use of users to take advantage of the psychological, to phishing, entice users to download malicious software.Users also need regular maintenance home wireless router, in order to avoid a loophole, occupied by malicious software and attacks.

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