Affect the performance of Java EE ten big problem

By Jamie Morgan,2015-04-05 23:44
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Affect the performance of Java EE ten big problem

    Affect the performance of Java EE ten big


    The writer is a senior has 10 years of experience in the system architect, his main professional field is a Java EE technology, middleware, and JVM.He is also in the field of performance optimization and promotion has very insightful, he will share with you the below 10 common Java EE performance problems.

    1. The lack of correct capacity planning

    Capacity planning is a comprehensive standard and the development process, predict IT environment capacity of current and future needs.Formulate reasonable capacity planning will not only ensure and track the current production capacity and stability of IT, IT will also ensure that the new project with minimum risk of deployment to the existing production environment.Hardware, middleware, the JVM, adjustment should be ready before the project deployment.

    2. Lack of Java EE middleware environment specification

    "No rules, no fangyuan".The second common reason is that the Java EE middleware or infrastructure.In the initial project, not formulate reasonable specifications on the new platform, cause the system stability.It would increase the cost of the customer, so take the time to formulate reasonable Java EE middleware environment specification is a must.This work should be combined with the iterative initial capacity planning.

    3. The Java virtual machine (excessive garbage collection

    You for "Java. Lang. OutOfMemoryError" this error message is not very familiar with?Due to the excess consumption of the JVM memory space (Java heap, the native heap, etc.) and the exception thrown.