The market with a temporarily stable upward trend

By Anna Hill,2015-04-05 15:16
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The market with a temporarily stable upward trend

    The market with a temporarily stable upward trend

    The market should say pretty good for the performance of last week, up 144 points, most of the stock's performance is pretty good, vanke stock, not to mention the focus control tussle for guangzhou pharmaceutical and baiyun mountain selection before performance once, vanke has a bit different, but the same is become the hot topic, with this condition, rose is very easy.Dollar interest rates boots be born to quotation has certain stimulative effect, can raise interest rates for the first time in this way, if the second or even third raise interest rates next year, the result is not so, negative effect will be displayed. Recently many brokers do forecast for 2016 market, in general are promising, as I am concerned is not so optimistic, many people think that I will only blindly look much, actually this is an illusion, I every day in the release notes, and a long period of time is ok, thinking how much will be a little inertia, could not have a few days I have more than a few days look empty, so many people get stuck in the pursuit of short-term and forget that the investment is actually need to be together for a long period of time, people indulge in short term, would eventually eliminated by the market, I hope you don't do this, so falling prices for a short period of time I generally prefer to ignore, and

    the level is limited, it can't go to grasp each short-term fluctuations.Next year we are going to carry out registration system, the market before this I think the problem is not big, once the registration system, the start of the market should be no big problem, high-level will think of some way to escort, to ensure that the system is successfully implemented, but it won't be long before the negative effect will be displayed, and then was in trouble.And brokerage shares, subject hype must focus on registered before landing, once the floor is subject to cash, will fall, brokerage business a lot of weight, once open, the market is worrying.Therefore, for the market in 2016, I think the problem is not big, before and after the middle period of I am afraid will be difficult, the registration system if in March, was probably just at that time, then the watershed between now and then the problem is not large.Next summer I'm going to making a big circle, I look at that time to avoid should be cost-effective, sit before computer when it's hard to ensure their own plunging to the bottom., of course, if the registration system of be born ahead of time, the corresponding adjustment time too early, flexible processing.

    18, the U.S. congress passed the lifting of the ban oil exports, a ban in place for 40 years, ensure the security of the United

    States energy now American dependence on oil is much lower than that, at the same time, America has huge reserves and production capacity, once can be exported, as long as the price is right they will vigorously exports, the international price of crude oil for a long time will produce suppression effect, after all, supply increased a lot, as such a low price now, they are unlikely to export, this is, after all, business at a loss.And, of course, there is a possible, that is, republicans next year's elections in the United States, it won't be the same, then the oil business is bound to influence government decisions, make something let oil prices rise, lucrative, if the democratic victory, the international status of crude oil will last for many years, that there is a big advantage for us, low oil prices, after all, in the interests of the us.

    This year, around the end of the year, the money is in the cage, market financing area compared with normal pressure is not big, after all, the real economy situation is not very good, capital flow has decreased, but no increase for the volume, prices will go higher still has the certain difficulty, so at present, although the market trend is good, but I can't count on much higher, can push up a pretty good slowly.Big bad temporarily no, so is difficult to go down.Due to the registration system is not

    be born, so I said temporary stability, affect the market wobbles when there is a big news, we'll assess, careful to do more or can temporarily.

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