Let love with the sun

By Brandon Jordan,2015-04-04 17:25
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Let love with the sun

    Let love with the sun



    "Migratory birds" is a famous French director Jacques bei han shooting a reflection of the migratory birds migrating south north life status of large-scale documentary.Across five continents in the world, which lasted for four years, the film used for 460 kilometers, the scene is grand and exquisite, under the lens of the picture is very beautiful exquisite artistry, background music the ups and downs with the scene,

    do a scene of blending, so moving heartstrings, content complement each other, as is shown in pictures and interesting.The film won in 2003OscarFrench film Caesar award nominated best documentary, best editing, best music performances.

    The film the biggest success is that there is no any artificial carve affectation and deliberately exaggerated, nature, and its natural simple, everything is objective and true, beautiful and vivid, even the voice of a variety of migratory birds type of commentary is also very few, very few, most of the scene shows the most primitive of migratory birds in the sky, the water feeding, thrive in a variety of other destination, but brings us the feeling is not a dull and boring without drama.Because the birds are inherently spiritual and lovely has brought incomparable appeal to the film, and enjoyable to read.Regardless of story plot, also let a person no matter what they will do the next unexpected behavior, even if they do nothing, the birds of the materials and angelic purity jiling would firmly locked every audience's eyes, and vivid, graceful and restrained, rising and falling as background music foil properly like sounds of nature, make every piece of scenes in the film can easily open the audience's heart, let the audience to forget their own various clamor of the modern society and agitated, can't help with with these beautiful fairies into the fascinating and intriguing migrating south north migration adventure

    trip to nature as it were, the most primitive infinite charm, and in order to survive and have to fight all kinds of test.

    Of bird migration is

    the need to have all sorts

    of unexpected trek and

    difficulties and obstacles,

    can arrive, paradise

    finally though cruelty of

    nature to selection of

    migratory birds

    evolution really let a

    person regret and sigh,

    such as lost in the desert,

    which cannot fly out of

    the desert grey leading

    wild goose dry body and wings because of an injured and unable to fly on the sky small cranes in struggling is a group of "killing don't blink of an eye" devils desert spider to ruthless NieShi let people even give birth to compassion of love is only in vain and helpless, but if because of human caused the death of a variety of migratory birds is intolerable and indignant.

    Several images, such as in the film: a group of black leading wild goose wings flies over a farm from the blazing and scream, and farm below the hut by layers of barbed wire imprison lose freedom black leading wild goose to fear after the way to the front of the barbed wire slot, upturned neck desperately to its companions a moan of cries, the sound is very sad, through the director of natural lens language, one of our heart is heavy, because we see the black leading wild goose innocent blue eyes and desire for infinite yearning and extremely wide sky;And a group of white holy snow geese stretch and lightsome and elegant wings was foil with the background music a carefree through hazy mist, gunshots sounded "snapped" SINS, disaster without warning, a shot in the snow goose, unable to struggle the wings and rapid fall to the ground, background music soundtrack, lens, we see several laughing hunter in a silhouette in the reeds and they risked gunpowder smoke shotguns, close shot, stands a black and white gulls, inadvertently scream, and also don't know is mourning for the death of the snow goose or for the atrocities of human cruelty roar?There are red, blue, the parrot in the tropical rain forest in the branches were wearing to shuttle to follow one's inclinationsly, a cage full of all kinds of birds and all kinds of wild animals of the barge slowly out of the red and blue parrot free life river, imprisoned freedom to sell to the fate of the missing from all over the world all kinds of animals to friends here in the ring, its difficult to see,

    don't have to guess that they must be in to these clever birds for help, but they again and again shouted for only helpless wail, finally, one of the white baboons have to named to head buried in his arms, don't go to the outside world, in order to immerse yourself in a free dream don't want to wake up...Fortunately, we saw a lucky but brilliant blue parrot, it with a thick, curved hard lips pried open the wooden cage outside the embolus, alive with wings, to fly to the blue sky, this how much let's get a little comfort and joy of WBH...

    The theme of the film contains the untold love and commitment, wait and watch, finally a group of black grey goose after the time change all the year round eventually returned to the original film the pond, a kind of children stood quietly in the pond, motionless gazing at the golden sunshine with the warm pool, he was thinking about something, we don't know, but must be related to love.

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