Down and out chef reviews as one of the important

By Gary Weaver,2015-04-04 12:09
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Down and out chef reviews as one of the important

    "Down and out chef" reviews: as one of the important

    When it comes to the "down and out chef", originally chicken I early August has been invited to film company within the specimen, but some bad thing happened at home at the end of July, I means to cause, may still have a chance to beat before the formal release later see, is really good news, a bit digress, back to the topic first, who directed "iron man" in the first two sets of strong fro, the director from again, this time more as a male leading role, other main actors and li yi jie Anthony and John ancient check of moab, in addition, Shi Jialei Joe hanson, Robert young,

    dustin hoffman and other star, the director to see strong fro face to guest, excellent visible good popularity is not covered

    Storytelling in a big restaurant as a chef Karl, despite its own talented, but cannot play skills under the boss restricted, one day, an authoritative food critic to restaurant, eat after the criticism on the Internet, Karl clashed with the food critic under impulse, more so lost his job to eat their own home, left the restaurant after, follow his advice, start again, buy a taichung ancient food truck, with the usual was neglected, the son of a section of road trips, and wherever sell simple cooking, whatever career, love and affection, what finally Carl would recover lost everything?

    Stephen chow movies once said: "life if there is no dream, that with salted fish have what difference?", maybe it is really so, I also believe that everyone has a dream in the heart, only difference is that people aspire to them;And some people think light is happiness, no matter what choice, later don't regret it, because these are choose, is the so-called dream the most beautiful, hope, efforts to try again.Our great journey through life, of course, the process of pursue will inevitably encounter setbacks and helpless, this is normal, however, will continue to let the mood to go down the drain, or to take positive and optimistic attitude to face, fate maybe we don't have a choice, but don't forget, but can create an opportunity.

    Film actor, although he as a big restaurant chef, but not to play their cooking skill: because have to eat head road bureau count, want to strive for innovation, but is limited by the boss of the stereotypical idea again, by such treatment and bird for a long time, coupled with later food critics think Carl cooking has a gas, the beginning of a whole emotional outbreak subsequent events, loss of chef's aura, looking for a job and go to the wall, it really will lift head in front of the son.

    Fortunately, god never shuts one door but he opens another, when god close a door, will open for you another window, mountain not turn road turn, Carl or driving a fast car set off again, but also because of this, let his former days' enthusiasm for food, fun, everything is up to, after all, now want to do, delicious food can also is very simple, are not necessarily expensive ingredients to make it, as long as the heart do food lovers can impress the heart, but more importantly, Carl can take advantage of this trip a good son and repair are further, the relationship between father and son both sides want actually very simple, but is understanding and understand each other, just now have this good chance.

    In addition, as a food film, the film is a tasty food taken, this part is very important and a bonus, of course, by the way, although the chicken dinner I am only into the near-end film, but still can't help but feel hungry in the process of up, can only say that cooking process and visual

    images is too attractive, can feel a then a taste of the food is so good, especially the Cuban sandwich, after frying bread plate heating, skin crisp, plus the cheese melts, aromatic and lead wire, let me see the really want to try!There are a lot of looks delicious food, of course, when you own to see, you will know.

    Anyway, "down and out chef" is easy to make people hungry movie, the overall pace be relaxed and happy, no burden, viewing the some humorous and entertaining didn't less, the actors performance are changed properly, although there is no denying the fact that the development of the plot to sex without too much accident, but in spite of his flaws, I still think that look good also push, after all the family I play an entire pay!This is indeed a very warm and positive, can let the audience to know more, no matter what happens, don't forget the first moved, enjoy it is really important, life can have a lot of possibilities, if you are willing to try to step out.

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