Three Idiot

By Michelle Berry,2015-04-04 04:01
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Three Idiot

    Three Idiot

    Last night watching a old movie "Three idiots bollywood" also known as "Three Idiot", also not too old in 2011, reputation, just I never watch, for this kind of everyone to see, I am not actively accept general, so-called niche, taste, ok, I am a tangle of vanity.

    In fact, it is also because, fame really difficult vice, the blow, the more good, generally looked after all - die faster!

    On the film, is a rare, good oh, laugh, cry after sort of profound meaning, and I quite agree with the point of view, about cramming education, the definition of happiness, and pursue excellence "as long as you success will chase you go" philosophy of free and easy.

    This is a fairy tale, a philosophy, the protagonist's life is not to copy, unless you are a genius, you are not, I'm not, so, or after finished, wash sleep.

    To express ideas and in the movie a long time ago, I watch cartoons "young golden rice" it feels a bit like all roads lead to Rome, "is better fighters than fighters, good fighters than joy practitioners", learn three state, enjoy it because it is over, so pleasant, relaxed, no pressure, dynamic nature will get twice the result with half the effort, also, there will be no other selfishness to interference, such as male and 2 (thin) comes from the family, the pressure of the life let he overtaxed, at last (insight) put the past behinde you before you get success, the pursuit of excellence so material such as natural a cinch;Male with a (family condition was slightly better than male and 2), a typical professional is not what I love, finally let go of all, when I was in senior year start in English, went to the remote abroad study photography, because it is their own interests, so the corresponding achievements.

    Here to discuss, what do you think is a success and fame?Or to follow the heart, even if lack of material

    conditions.Remember about Marx (or Engels?A story, because the busy study communist cause to make ends meet, children starved to death.I don't think this is inwards, which is extremely selfish, some extent even murder!Seem serious, this does not belong to the reactionary remarks.

    Because, if their interests than the child's survival, it is a moral?Don't understand, of course, may be less books I

    read, hard to say because at that time, poor living conditions, starved is common?So, in such a kind of historical conditions, is more a social state crimes.

    Digress, come back, continue to "three silly".

    The state of men in the movie, the equivalent of a philosopher, not let the audience suspicious: a young student, although is very smart, but there are some of his views are needed as accumulation of a lot of life experience.

    This is the place where the film better, is that there are background confessed to characters without acosmia feeling, originally, I grew up, even the name is not their own, not to mention the certificate, material of what, if born in such an environment, hard to avoid can realize, learning is their learned knowledge, is the interest, not for degree theory, etc., or to collapse.

    This film, I have to see the second part of India in recent years is, the first is "o my god" is also one of the leading man, quite by accident into the cinema, discovered the surprise,, so to speak, because the men so didn't pick up his years ago in this film.

    Two consecutive feels a bit similar, leading role is the wisest man often seems stupid class gump type characters, reflects the current social ills, see feel very significant for the first time, the second time, I feel a little tired, but had to admit, India is becoming more and more good.

    Said the film gave me the feeling, especially the three stupid, he reflected cramming education and optimistic outlook on life, the two problems in India is especially easy to resonate, is better than that of China.Maybe someone will say, duck education which has China strong in the world, all kinds of life we have each seed Lao tzu, Confucius, plums, who dare than me!

    Indeed, this makes sense, but, we Chinese won't be such a film, regardless of radio, film and television review, fenqing feeling in China in recent years, more and more around the country, the democracy, the Japanese goods, environmental protection, these a few topics, for education and the ideal faith awareness is a bit weak.

    India is also developing rapidly in recent years, especially in the IT industry, many multinational companies are outsourcing in India, could you make an amazon customer service, the person answering the call is in India Indian, Indian higher education of English is very successful, is not like we learn sign language, they must also learn, this is the key to change destiny!

    India is a strange nation, one side is a variety of high-tech, IT is near the Ganges slums, surnames, race, class, they, fate can only be changed into foreign company after graduation, the persistence and determination, beyond from Shanghai to marry foreigners in Shanghai for immigrants to pursue new life, and they are in order to change the fate of the poor.

    The Ganges is sacred river of India, although pollution is very serious, believers of all faiths are still in the endless stream of the river praying, praying, and funeral.Religion, is one of the growth in their blood.

    In contrast, China, religion has become a leisure pastime, buddhist head incense, Taoism breatharianism for worldwide experience trip, back to the han intermarriage, Christian, it is a fashionable new stuff.The so-called 56 ethnic groups, it is the same as when I was young in the textbooks say - national integration, ethnic clothing, tourism festival is to need to dress.Our culture, the small town's government recently doing every street name by the national language standard, around me, no one has ever seen this kind of words.

    So, now the indians are tried in learning, duck, and China, are moving in the direction of the quality education constantly improve, improve, so-called duck, in China, is only a few thousand years of inertia of exam-oriented education, but the change has been in the same time.

    As for the philosophy or the outlook on life, actually I am very admired Indian, a nation of faith.Remember to read a book about India, just mentioned, the Indian religious, believe life 20 years before reading, learning, increase the tutelage, after 20 years to enjoy life, marriage, and the average man in the sense of a happy life, to give back to society, for the last 20 years have established indians will arrives, or thrown all convert to religion, do good, the one who is no longer a few, is really a great nation!

    However, because the gap between rich and poor, poor is too poor, education, environment, security problem is outstanding, diet gap is also big, don't know when, I can in India?

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