American life style in the future

By Stephanie Coleman,2015-04-03 17:20
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American life style in the future

    American life style in the future

    Is probably in 2010, time magazine published an article describing americans will choose what kind of living environment in the future.Based on Washington's tyson Angle (TysonsCorner) as an example, to 2050 is expected to become the example of a new generation of American cities.It is a kind of what kind of pattern?Is the business center and shopping center and residential building integrated into an organic whole, show adequately is a city with convenient transportation for comfortable living entertainment new ideas.Maximize meet the dream of an ideal living environment for people.

    Now five years later, Washington's tyson Angle is no longer a "corner", she is gradually toward the established goals into, to become worthy of the name "tyson square" (Tysons Plaza).Within five years, built and opened here in Washington's biggest subway transportation hub project, allied to the district of Columbia (WashingtonD. C.) the subway, in a few years, people can take the subway from Reagan national airport to Dallas international airport, the project completion is just around the corner. Tyson Angle of medium-sized shopping center, has been extended to large shopping and entertainment center.Here not only brings together those famous boutique, and multi-dimensional three-dimensional cinema, distinctive hotel bar and cafe.Around tyson Angle of the original

    shopping center (he), past office buildings were built.And those buildings properly embedded, dotted.Every weekend, a lot of people come here to leisure, see a movie, a pint after looking for hotels, taste the small endowment the American characteristics.

    Just five years, from tyson Angle to the rapid changes in the tyson square, let me have to believe, this is probably the americans life style in the future.Decided to people living environment factors are various, but the fact that there are two or not, one is the structure of the population, the other one is people choose way of life.History in the '50 s and' 60 s, americans had exodus city move to the suburbs, a ghost town home.This and when the transportation of common people.Combined with many American big city traffic congestion is serious, social problems such as crime and drug JiuZhi fruit.These ills force people fled the city, the relatively clean and pure and fresh outside to find the ideal habitat. However, as the world energy tension, and the real estate, rise in price, making the cost of living in the suburbs is increased.A new generation of young people in the United States, after entering the workplace, will not necessarily repeat the choice of their parents, away from the city.The popularity of social networking, also make the lifestyle of the younger generation in quietly changing.Have a suburban villa, or a symbol of the American dream?After after rates may not be convinced.Besides, accumulate wealth in this world, has been more and more far away from

    the traditional way, look at facebook and Google, founder of the road to success is a glimpse into the.So, the new generation of people to pursue happiness in life is likely to tend to be more heart and real, rather than appearance and flashy.

    There are two of the most important factor would shadow to the American life style in the future.It is by the middle of the century, white americans will become "minorities", this is not sensational.According to the latest census, in 2050, Hispanic, African and Asian the coming of the baby boom, will rewrite the percentage of the population in the United States, makes non-hispanic whites worthy of the name of ethnic minorities.Currently the United States the number of white children with the white children was born, the agreement has been reached.Birthrates are falling and the white, minority's birth rate is rising year by year.This phenomenon continues, inevitable experts expected results.The changes in population structure, can fundamentally change the political landscape and the landscape.Also will inevitably profound influence on American life mode.

    Another reason that nots allow to ignore, it is the single number soared.South American New York university sociology professor Eric. Kerry's (EricKlinenberg) in 2015 published his book "single society" (GoingSolo), just comes out, the book became a bestseller.Kerry's south to us in his book single social released a set of data, without shock.By

    2010, more than 50% of American adults in a single, of which 31 million people live alone, that is one of the seven adults have one person living alone, living alone account for 28% of the total number of census register population, solitary family has become the second only to the childless couple family, the second largest household registration form, far more than the nuclear family (husband and wife and unmarried children live together), multigenerational composite family, roommates and elderly home.On gender, 17 million women living alone constitute the main body of the population who live alone, men accounted for 14 million.Age 18 to 34, young solitary, 4 million, 35-64 years between the middle-aged people, 15 million, 64 over the age of 10

    million.Distribution, solitary population concentration distribution in American cities, New York in 1 million, and more than half of the population living alone in Manhattan, is the single "capital" of the society.

    How to parse phenomenon of such a high proportion of live

    alone?Kerry's think south, caused by the highly developed capitalist individual liberalism flourish, is the main source of single solitary social phenomenon.As the economist Joseph schumpeter have pointed out, "when people become utilitarian and practical, and refused to accept the social environment for them to make the traditional arrangement is a kind of natural selection, when they learned in their own personal

    interests and other action may cause unfavorable balance between gain and loss, especially when people realize that family parent-child relationship brought about by the huge personal sacrifice, the bourgeois family's disintegration is just a matter of time for the men and women, independent thinking will choose another more comfortable and more freedom, more can realize self-worth way of life."

    Kerry's south in the single social concretely analyzed the individual liberalism is how to change the concept of American life.First of all, large-scale urbanization contains rich variety of values, let those some aspects of the self in the village social man depressed by the monitoring, and to realize the self.And urban layout and facilities, from the gym, cafes, in bars, restaurants, clubs, etc., as well as the different values of solitary people find team and collective, provides a powerful material guarantee.

    The second aspect, the popularity of smart phones and the Internet make people more convenient to keep in touch with society, and in a more economically way (rather than family collaboration) social, work and survive the resources needed.Urbanization and the transformation of the communication technology effectively support the solitary life of reality may be, live alone is not destined to be "insular".Young people through the phone keep interaction with friends, colleagues and customers, let them have more opportunity to access to information,

    expand the network and to participate in public activities, the elderly can under the condition of the family can't care for 24 hours, with the help of mobile phones and the Internet off loneliness and get help. Third, since the rise of the feminist movement in the seventy s this century, greatly enhanced women's status in society.Professional women's economic independence consciousness enhancement, so they are no longer willing to just attached to the husband or family, also do not want to use this can obtain the labor remuneration, energy cost on housework for free and not be respected.The wave of the feminist movement directly promoted the late childbirth of marry at a mature age, the extension of adulthood, the rising divorce rate and separation.This has caused more and more social scientists to rethink, marriage and family position in modern social life.

    Comprehensive above, due to the great changes in the future population structure, and the profound changes of people's living idea, that we have to believe that American future life pattern is with different today.As to how much will be different, that only let tomorrow to speak.

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