Brain food can really make us smarter

By Glenn Phillips,2015-04-03 15:58
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Brain food can really make us smarter

    Brain food can really make us smarter?

    If you are a loyal and hear the web, so very want to know what we are going to these articles must be present in front of a computer screen a few little tidbits.Every day, our writers and editors will comb the latest research data, selected topic involved in knowledge as much as possible, in order to present the best network information for you.But before we jump into the books, will go to the company cafeteria.Here, we can get free of the salmon and fresh fruit.We as you go through the table filled up with blueberry, the big head chef was rich in antioxidants cutting Onions as seasoning ingredients.The best oatmeal as were on the table, waiting for us to take, so we can be as much as possible before writing articles to find information for the body energy reserves.Amazing company cafeteria provides a solid foundation for our mental Labour.

    Ace breakfast: slow burning glucose oatmeal with highly antioxidant capacity of berries.

    This sounds great, right?But unfortunately, it is all I imagined, but executives are trying to improve our work environment, perhaps with a cafeteria is really good choice).But even if our company cafeteria is fictional, but the above mentioned food for the role of the brain is real.Food really allows the brain to run faster, and even improve intelligence.Next, we will introduce several kinds of this food.

    You eat every kind of food is actually affect the operation of the brain.Whenever the foods, they will soon be converted into energy, transported to various parts of the body, so our brains will receive one of the most.Although the brain accounts for only 2% of body weight, but its operation need consumes 20% of the total energy.

    Energy needs through blood flow to the brain, which means that the food is good for the heart also is good for the brain.A diet can keep the heart beating capacity and unclogged arteries, plus proper exercise, can maintain the vitality of the brain.Keep a steady stream of brain nutrition can also avoid depression, dementia and other brain disorders.This means that every time the dinner time, you should consider eating task of diversification, low in calories, high fiber foods most of the organ is very beneficial to the body.

    But when the energy into the brain, what kind of food can really open the wisdom, improve mental?The answer may be you a fright, the next page will unlock secrets for you.

    Omega-3 fatty acids: fish available!

    To keep your brain works best, should be more intake of fat and sugar.This may sound crazy, because we are often warned to stay away from these two things.However, the brain is the only an almost exclusively in the human body absorb energy from glucose organs, at the same time in the brain and body except fat layer (such as the hips) itself stored fat most part .

    But not all fat and sugar is applicable to the brain.Like fast food, junk food contains trans fat and saturated fat will weaken our cognitive abilities .One study found that a lot of junk food intake of mice can no longer be a maze or solve some before they can solve problems .This type of fat can damage brain cells.

    Our desire is not saturated fatty acid of brain cells, often referred to as omega 6 and omega - 3.Normally we can obtained from the diet of soybeans and corn oil enough omega - 6, but most people need to eat more omega-3 fatty acids.This kind of material can strengthen the brain synapses, guarantee the nerve conduction path.Omega-3 fatty acids can also be applied to the molecules in ganglion, directly improve the ability of learning and memory.There is an Australian study shows that children taking omega-3 fatty acid drinks than other children in language

    aptitude tests and memory tests, the results was born in the six months after more apparent.

    Omega-3 fatty acids can be found in a lot of nuts such as walnuts and hazelnut, also exists in flaxseed, kiwi, and most of the fish.The researchers could not determine why fish is good for your brain cells so, but there are a large number of signs that maybe the fish is the best brain food.One study found that at least once a week to eat a fish older than those who do not love to eat the fish the old man ten percent slower cognitive degradation speed.People love to eat fish in memory tests and mental acuity better .Experiments in rats and mice, and the loss of omega-3 will lead to acquisition obstacles, and the defects in humans is characterized by aphasia, brain diseases such as schizophrenia [source: UCLA].A physiologist or even infer that maybe it is because of eating fish makes the human brain grew into the extent of the biological world first now.

    Suitable for baby's brain food

    Omega-3 fatty acids long before we were born began to work.A harvard study found that pregnant women in the medium term pregnancy stages of pregnancy often eat fish, their children in six months on the cognitive ability test of performance is more outstanding .However, pregnant women should eat low mercury levels (low mercury levels) fish.

    In addition, the milk is an ideal source of fatty acids.In 2008, McGill University researchers have found that breast-fed children have higher IQ and better grades .Even if the baby again small, their physical energy at a third of the nutrition are directly transported to the in the brain.So let the children to drink milk!!!!

    Food more beneficial to the brain: glucose and antioxidant

    We need mentioned in front of the brain glucose to maintain normal operation.Glucose supply needs to be stable, that is to say, we have to eat every meal of glucose, which is means that you can't count on only from lumps of sugar.Candy can make our body glucose levels rise immediately fall again soon.If you had committed hypoglycemia, so know that candy will be what kind of role.So in order to provide a stable glucose, you should go to seek a kind of slow release carbohydrates to the bloodstream of food, most fruits, vegetables, milk, and grain bread can meet it.Candy and white bread only provide fast sugar.

    Glucose is very important to keep the brain at high speed, but besides oatmeal and salmon do we have any other things can have the same effect?Yogurt is rich in amino acids, which can help produce neurotransmitter.Found in eggs and soy foods, choline, can produce a neurotransmitter called acetylcholine, this kind of material levels in patients with alzheimer's disease is surprisingly low, therefore we should

    try to keep the high level .Folate (Folic acid) is vital for brain operation, from spinach and juice can be obtained.Also don't be afraid of adding more spices when cook, perhaps is because of their spicy Indian curry added turmeric pigment, and makes the overall incidence of alzheimer's disease particularly low .

    But don't too popular with these brain food.When we consume too many calories, those will be offset to the positive role of the brain.In the process of glucose is converted into energy, and excess oxygen produces unstable molecules called free radicals.Free radicals may by connected to the damaged brain cells and cause oxidative

    stress.Oxidative stress not only makes the brain ganglion work more hard, at the same time can also cause many diseases, that is the reason why we often heard that antioxidants beneficial to the body.

    Fruits and vegetables are rich in can resist these free radicals antioxidants.Eat more spinach, broccoli, carrots and salad, onion can also be put on a few berries.If you prefer drink, so can also be obtained from the grape juice antioxidants, through test of its content can reach the level of any fruit, vegetables and fruit juice .Green tea also can be transmitted to the brain antioxidants.

    Try to smooth operation of the brain, however, provide the appropriate energy just improve intelligence step.Appropriate diet for

knowledge transfer in the brain on the road, but always has to have

knowledge input in the brain.Want to learn more knowledge about the

brain, please pay close attention to the other links.

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