Amelie review comedy humor contains bitterness

By Linda Berry,2015-04-02 13:08
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Amelie review comedy humor contains bitterness

    "Amelie" review: comedy humor

    contains bitterness

    French film "amelie", is by the famous director Pierre, directed by Confucianism, big film star Audrey and Matthew has a light comedy.Confucianism in the early years with a series of has distinguishing feature quite short to determine their own movie style, he favours XingFeng unusual, or even of a color cartoon characters and transnormal photography Angle.In this movie, Confucianism to full of humor, strong narrative and rich romantic comedy style again.Ancient clever odd choice, the film is full of fantastic imagination, in the form of easy humor and bitterness, the happiness of information to the audience.

    Story tells the story of a French girl love beautiful childhood was spent in the lonely and lonely.At the age of eight, her mother died because of an accident, the father of the broken heart also changed the autism.Love beautiful be deprived of the fun of playing with peers, lonely she can only let the imagination run free to pass the time."Finally, she

    can grow up to, to do as a waitress in a cafe in Paris.In the summer of 1997, princess Diana died in a car accident.Love beautiful suddenly realized that life is so fragile and short, she decided to go to influence the people around, bring happiness to them.A chance to make love beautiful found in the walls of the bathroom in a tin box, inside there are a lot of boys cherished baby, love beautiful determined to find the owner of the "treasure", to treasure up the memory quietly returned to him.Her secretly to help the people around you, change their life and repair their life also began to implement the great ideal.Love beautiful positive action, and ruthless grocery store owner, try man, glum janitors and lose faith in life of neighbors, have been drawn up to help.When she is motivated to work toward the ideal, she met a "strong" - - the adult video store clerk, she gradually discovered this like the time consumption in sex shop, has collected waste coin camera chassis, such as the ancient, halogen quirks good shy boy is her heart prince charming...

    In the film, Confucianism in the French poetry tradition and personal style to unify perfectly, we still can find Confucianism in fuzzy black humor and strange ideas.Director used the animation, special effects and exaggerated comedy.The film's most grab limelight is not love is beautiful, but not life!"Elves" Gnome can travel alone, but also a postcard back to his master.Love beautiful the pig would help her to turn off the lights of the head of a bed, but the most enjoyable or nino a 4 x4) passport photo album, also a person can "into four" can talk to each other.With his keen insight has captured some meaningful and beautiful moments, those

    from the real life, but is endowed with the details of the romantic poetry to make the whole 5 film meticulous and moving, has strong appeal.It should be said that this is not a totally happy movie, it contains a sad and bittersweet appeal, it describes a group of lonely people, their difficulties in communication, shattered life, full of frustration.In its rich fantasy color and wonderful imagination, is going to the real life and life perspective and references.Although


    the lens in Paris is ideal, but it still has its realistic color.Love may be beautiful ideal, stylized character, but she the advantages or disadvantages of each part is from the daily life of ordinary life, she is all around us.She is kind and brave our heart shadow.Interestingly, for the film, people's attitudes toward the poles. AlmostLike to crazy love, and hate unceremoniously whip at all.Chose the film such as artistic director of Edinburgh film festival as the opening film:, "I can't find a more cheerful than it to the opening film, can't find a better work set the tone for the following two weeks J '."While some critics don't grudge to "annual best film" awarded it early.But there are also many critics accused fantasy film in a quite time inch thin tone color is too strong,

    is not reflected in Paris now, more and more indulge in nostalgia, lack of realism.

    The film also features in art.The film's lens has distinguishing feature very much.Traveling of the machine will be in the middle of the movie characters and audience, always with a hollow man's identity, participant observation the entire event, and let the audience with lens unique Angle love beautiful explore together at the same time, can gently jump out some plot, see screen before we want to find things, there are many characters in the lens of the shooting distance very close to the person, as if the characters in the film in dialogue with yourself - one that is beyond people subconsciously "safe distance" of "oppression", make the person, more easy to feel love beautiful mood at that time.At the same time, in terms of images and stereo sound, director with the colour and lustre of bright-coloured saturation, surreal, colorful style, with Yang. Tim coulson folds of piano, violin, accordion, drum, such as instrument makes love beautiful vision to the image of the world.The colour of the whole film abound change, from the moment of love beautiful adult, picture is enveloped in a very strong in low tones, details the natural character of face, but like oil painting color strongly.The lens is also very flexible.Director like first to a standard to wide Angle lens, the heroine of where the supporting with other clear, and then immediately pull out a standard to the portrait, with large aperture, create beautiful bokeh, in addition to facial ministry, other places appear fuzzy.Sound of polarization: one is general the

    dialogue in the movie, the dimensional feeling;The other one is exaggerated low frequency.

    The former is the core of the film, the dimensional feeling comes from love beautiful work that a cafe.Can emphasize the low frequency part is director, many effects, such as in the toilet, the coffee shop in the vibration of the cup, chair, table, floor, door plank of the impact of low frequency sound, exaggerated funny effect.And such as love at the first sight of the heart, beautiful perfume bottles suddenly fell to the ground, even the key parts of the image transformation are "not surprised about death.And as for the soundtrack, romantic and cheerful music style, out of time and variation in the main melody.Director for each instrument the intrinsic characteristics of balance, a large number of using France full-bodied amorous feelings of playing the piano, accordion and toys and to cope with the violin, the audience assembled a pure spotless.

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