The PC industry is warming, the configuration of the future must be full of touch

By Gilbert Black,2015-04-01 04:29
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The PC industry is warming, the configuration of the future must be full of touch

    The PC industry is warming, the

    configuration of the future must be full of


    Abstract: whether system authorization mode, new product form, manufacturers in the PC market confidence and the manufacturer's actual performance, the PC industry has presented the signs of recovery.

    First of all, must be declared is, although the author also has a Macbook Pro, but not the writing Surface on the Macbook solution good "brick house".This two weeks, the author of all articles, including this article is in the author just bought Surface3 2 g / 64 g version.

    In an attempt to Surface3 portability, I even gave up on the two on a business trip to carry the Macbook Pro, but the wear Surface, this article on the plane at the airport, yards.

    In general, Surface series products experience really is unanimously recognized in the market.Still, industry analysts believe that the PC industry downturn, death is just around the corner.However, in my opinion, the PC industry still has the vigor, has not walked in the way of death.

    PC: brilliant past Wintel alliance monopoly market

    Speak of the glorious PC s, have to talk about Microsoft and Intel had Wintel alliance.The Wintel Windows - Intel architecture.Literally means by Microsoft Windows operating system and Intel CPU to the PC.Actually refers to Microsoft (Microsoft) and Intel (Intel) business alliances.

    Since the 80 s, IT two big overlord Microsoft and Intel in order to promote the development of the PC industry, together with the Wintel alliance.Microsoft and Intel cooperation more than today's mobile phone market in Google and qualcomm model significance.

    Microsoft and Intel in the PC industry in close cooperation, jointly developed a series of industry standards and technical standards, to promote the Windows operating system based on PC operation of Intel CPU.Two upstream manufacturers standards set by the downstream OME manufacturers widely recognition and enforcement, formed the PC has the shape of the products.

    Wintel alliance successfully replaced the IBM in the PC market dominant position, the two companies monopoly desktop client for

    more than 20 years.Rely on Moore's law of Intel and Microsoft Windows upgrade, the two sides through mutual rule over downstream and rack up giant profits, PC makers from 80% - 90% of the market has occupied the PC.

    Made of Wintel accordingly in the global PC industry has also formed the so-called "double oligopoly" pattern.

    In 2006, in the face of located at the top of the Wintel alliance, Microsoft founder Bill Gates has issued such rhetoric:

    Personal computer was a terrible shortage of resources has always become the trend of history, is now almost every family have their own personal computer products.The popularity of broadband network, the expansion of storage capacity, the improvement of operation speed, software product is rich, all this seems to be telling us that a promising future in the field of personal computers.In fact, I believe that personal computer's changes in our lives in the next ten years or even more than in the past 25 years.

    Turn shake every year: PC sales in fall

    Bill Gates, the words sound just fell and market pattern has quietly changed much.

    Beginning in 2007, as the apple iPhone and the hot, coupled with the rise of the android mobile terminal is becoming more and more become

    the focus of attention.On the contrary, the Wintel alliance to the PC market growth, or even a downward trend.

    Even earlier started in 2008, the global PC sales decline of news almost became the "paste" menstruation, every once in a while to appear again.Every appeared, all kinds of bearish type analysis to start.

    Below I copied from the Internet all kinds of messages:

    : in 2007, according to IDC, said Japan's overall PC shipments in 2007 is the fifth consecutive quarter of decline, also is the key in the PC market first appears, PC sales continue to fall, and there is no sign that will be recovered, in the second quarter of 2007, sales of desktops declined 4.8%, and laptop computers are down 3.1%.

    In 2008:2008 Asian PC sales increased by 9%, less than half of the 22% growth in 2007, its lowest since 2001 annual growth record.

    In 2009: on January 16, 2009, the famous American market research firm IDC statistical report released on Wednesday, during the fourth quarter of 2008, global PC shipments fell 0.4% on the previous year;This is also the past six years worldwide PC shipments fell for the first time.

    In 2012: the IHS iSuppli estimates that global PC sales will shrink by 1.2% in 2012, from $2011 in 352.8 million to 348.7 million this year.This will be the global PC sales decline for the first time in 11 years.

    In 2013: IDC data statistics show that global PC shipments in 2013 is 2013, fell by 7.8% in 2012 compared with 2012 shipments of 349

    million).IDC analysis PC shipments landslide is the main reason, individuals and businesses to buy late PC schedule, turning to the portable tablets and smartphones.

    In 2014: in January 2014, data released on Tuesday by the market research firm IDC said global PC shipments continues to decline, expects 2014 global PC sales will drop to 296.3 million units, compared with 2013 will fall by 6%;The traditional desktop PC sales will drop to 129.7 million units, compared to a 5.1% decline in 2013

    But information technology research and advisory firm Gartner released 2014 global PC sales statistics, according to the results of the global PC sales in the fourth quarter of 2014 to 83.7 million, a 1% increase compared to the fourth quarter of 2013.

    Despite the industry analysis, after more than two years of recession, the PC market presents the slow, steady growth trend, but since the data is surprising.

    In July this year, the market research firm Gartner said in a report this year, the second quarter of the global PC shipments fell 9.5%, to 68.4 million units.Market research firm IDC said in a report on the same day also, global PC shipments fell 11.8% in the second quarter of this year, to 66.1 million units.Unlike Gartner and IDC excludes tablets.

    In the face of such a dismal situation, SONY has sold their high-end PC business, HP laptop business has been spread the message of is

    about to be sold, apple CEO cook is asserted, and the alternative Macbook Pro will outside the PC products.PC all people's eyes, has become almost a dying old man.

    All these little messages taken together, all point to one conclusion - PC is dead.

    Metrorrhagia hides life: each are in exploration

    Indeed, from the point of this trend, the PC market seems to have be the general situation, market sales are showing a downward trend of "type" precipice.But Gartner predicted in July this year, the global PC market is expected to rebound later this year, because of Microsoft's Windows operating system 10 will bring a wave of life.

    In fact, from the perspective of the signs of this year, the PC industry is showing a different new atmosphere.Whether system authorization mode, new product form, manufacturers in the PC market confidence and the manufacturer's actual performance view, the PC industry has presented the signs of recovery.

    The trend is brought by the PC industry's big brother

    Microsoft.Surface product line went through three generations of development, and finally in the Surface on the Pro3 is yet to mature.In October this year Microsoft hardware products fall conference, Surface Pro4 and Surface Book, once appeared two product has attracted the eyes of the world.

    Even if apple CEO cook says Microsoft Surface series product is deluding themselves, but a new Surface Pro4 and Surface Book hot still tell the world, what is called "was the best-selling" - Surface, the Book will sell off the goods on the first day in the us market, Surface Pro4 also in short supply in the domestic market.

    Some people say that Microsoft is now become a "hard".If a success only the success of Microsoft and Microsoft did not represent the success of the PC, so Microsoft strategy change in software licensing and PC camp good response is really can explain the recovery of the PC.

    Windows system paid to upgrade to change from the past into today's free upgrades, more surprisingly, even Win10 pirated users can free upgrade.

    Thanks to a one-year free upgrade plan, issued after Windows 10 installation rates among the soaring.In November, according to the latest data show that Windows 10 has become the world's third largest operating system, only after Windows 7 and Win8.1, three share is 49%, 13.11% and 9.8% respectively.

    Software licensing changes also bring confidence downstream oems.In October this year, Intel and Microsoft two giant led by joint HP, dell and lenovo PC market leader jointly launched the slogan for the "PC Does What?"Advertising campaign (PC can do), so that the computer in potential buyers to fully aware of modern PC to be able to do all the

    things, will be through television advertising, print and online, a full propaganda boost of the PC market.

    In the face of the "PC Does What?"Marketing activities, lenovo's chief marketing officer chuan-dong wang said in an interview with the interface:

    Any industry has a cycle.Home computers spread quickly in recent years, the market gradually saturated, the user a slowdown in demand is normal phenomenon.Combined with smart phones, tablets and other mobile terminal equipment, PC sales will to be down than before.But the PC as a productivity tool, it is the office performance of mobile devices is hard to replace.Several companies together is not a "no", but just need to $300 billion a year.Rhetoric of "PC will die", therefore, I am not in favor of, but also in PC and mobile terminal through gradually, become thinner and longer standby time, meet the needs of users.

    For the future of the entire PC environment, Mr Yang also expressed the positive attitude and Yang yuanqing even think that spring is not far off the PC industry.Open in the face of the media interview, Yang yuanqing optimistic individual, personal computers will begin to recover next year.

    In fact, like Microsoft, lenovo also made a lot of exploration on the notebook shape, lenovo Yoga and ThinkPad series notebooks are in ultra-thin, portable, touch screen is suitable for mobile office conducted

    on the direction of a lot of change, and also made good response in the market.

    On November 14, according to wei feng network reported that recently in an interview with the guardian interview, Dell's chief executive Michael Dell said: "the post-pc era has begun to feedback actually traditional PC. In the post-pc era in the early stage of our annual PC sales to 180 million units, but now surged to 300 million units, so I want to thank the post-pc era."The recently released from the point of view of product, dell XPS13 also achieved good response in the market, science and technology media will be in the form of the new super compared this with apple MacBook Pro.

    The PC industry's existing makers are bullish on the PC industry and constantly innovation, some vendors outside the PC industry is half block half mask, intent on the inherent a share in the industry.

    Since the summer, millet was news from will be involved in the PC industry supply chain.These days, is that the introduction of lenovo vice President, launched in 2016 to a laptop.According to the current media reported, millet laptop may be very different from traditional PC, with the core of millet beautiful MIUI notebook will explore a fusion of new ideas on both ends.

    When it is worth noting, lei jun in the face of the media has said that he has been forced to his office on the phone, because he thinks, the

    mobile terminal is the future.But rumors from the current view, if millet is entering the market, so this can show that to some extent, the PC industry not only not dead, but they may even more new changes.

    The future of the PC pose: fusion of turn on both ends

    From now Microsoft Surface, lenovo Yoga and rumoured millet laptop even listed want android notebook fusion are adopted at both ends.

    As the author in the apple, Microsoft, millet to bet on the future of the PC logic said: in the future the morphology of PC must be full of touch.Two models, a set of system.PC and mobile phone have the same icon, the same UI, the use of the same kernel, the same way, both use cloud synchronization of screen more interactive.

    On the way to the winter, the author favorite still Microsoft actually.Windows 10 a window of the application of experience as a Macbook, if can in Windows software ecosystem gradually make up of general application, perhaps in the future the Windows can be get rid of at hand exe desktop software.

    Of course, this idea is just assumption.Will be history, we modify the market rapidly changing and absolutely beyond our imagination.At present in the high-end notebook industry will give apple still lasts for a long time.

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