Scientists successfully print retinal cells to cure blindness

By Elsie Myers,2015-04-01 02:16
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Scientists successfully print retinal cells to cure blindness

    Scientists successfully print retinal cells

    to cure blindness

    Many teams are working on retinal visual perception cells for research and

    restoration of different ways.

    research team at Cambridge university said that the study is to explore the eye retina tissue impaired paved the way of self cultivation therapy.The principle confirmatory study using animal cells, before the human trials have to run more tests.Scientists' research results show that an inkjet printer can be used for printing adult mice of two kinds of cells in the retina, ganglion cells and glial cells.These cells will be eyes for a specific part of the information to the brain, and provide nourishment and protection for neurons.These printed cells remain healthy, and still be able to survive and grow.

    Co-author of the study at the university of Cambridge professor Keith Martin and Barbara Lorber Dr Said: "the decrease of nerve cells in the retina is characteristic of many blind diseases. Retinal cells between the precise arrangement for effective visual function is very important. Although we only obtained the

    preliminary results, but the future we aim to apply this technology to retinal repair."They now plans to try to print the other types of retinal cells, including the photosensitive sensor: rods and cones.

    Scientists have been able to use stem cells to implant treatment for blindness in mice, and hopefully developed can be used for the patient's electronic retina implant.The royal association of the blind Clara Eaglen said: "it is clear that the study is in the early stage, and further studies are needed to research and development for human retinal repair technology. Even if only a little vision will lead to a completely different, for some people, it means that alone would be able to leave the room. It can help people to build up your confidence and independence."

    Professor Jim London Moorfields eye hospital Bainbridge says: "eye cells can survive from the print process findings indicate that the possibility of an exciting, this technology in the future could be used to create groups for the recovery treatment of eyes and vision. Blindness is usually caused by nerve cell degeneration in the eyes, and in recent years, scientists have been in the study of cell transplantation new treatment methods, such as obtained the breakthrough."

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