10 artifacts Upgrade the quality of life

By Louis Dixon,2015-03-26 22:46
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10 artifacts Upgrade the quality of life

    10 artifacts Upgrade the quality of life

    (it's even...Does anyone like winter?Welcome you think besides can see snow in winter.Will not let the place where I like ~ hair always static, such as a sweater always bang bala ~ ~ there will be a feeling of electric shock of illusion, and wear a coat when it always stick some hair what east east!Let a person look!Very sloppy, actually courtesy jun is innocent, please put up their own!5555 - so in order to solve these troubles!I start with all of the following things ~ ~

    1, good helper, wool implement sticky paper * 10 cm

    Dustproof, easy to receive, operation more convenient, winter coat will touch many hairs, do not show good ~ it will help you to remove excess hair yo ~

    2, portable emergency decontamination fluid

    The sudden stain on clothes if you don't keep clear of in time, and then clean up after dry, it is not so easy.Ok have a portable emergency decontamination, gently brushstroke, easily solve all kinds of stains, travel on the road can keep clean and tidy.

    3, purple light sterilization deodorization of dry shoes

    All-round fever, automatic constant temperature, heat stable does not hurt shoes, necessary to keep warm in winter, the size of the shoes, don't have to worry about wet shoes can't wear situation ~

    4, superman, rechargeable bulb trimmer

    A lot of friends like to wear a sweater in the winter, but last year out of the sweater, many of whom have the balloon, so this kind of hair bulb trimmer could come in handy oh ~ there are three gear, high, medium and low three gears regulator ~

5, the Nordic fasten lovely hot table mat

Warm hand table mat, let his hands no longer cold, my hands feel much a warmth to

high-grade PU material, ultra-thin, waterproof, easy to clean, durable, unique to touch

    6, dry clothing plastic spray

    Say spray of small iron, suitable for wear after all to wash the clothes every time, such as coats, hats, coats, to fold, in addition to odor, antistatic, with it, does not fear the wrinkle, also afraid of scratching the spark.

    7, three spring foot warmers plug can unpick and wash

    Multi-functional warm feet electric pad, dual protection, safety can be washed!It is autumn and winter essential artifact super warm ah ~ ~ ~ ~

    8, beautiful household with steam ironing machine

    Ironed anti-wrinkle, antibacterial sterilization, air humidification, clothing in addition to taste.So, still not quick to put it back home?

9, letter, its heating, vacuum pad

Autumn and winter essential artifact ah, still can drink to warm in the cold winter hot,

isn't it nice ~ and it can satisfy the water temperature of 60 ? ~

10, Norway, the shoes dry sterilization fan

This is the importance of sterilization fan which can not only dry shoes, more important

is that it can deodorize sterilization ~

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