Review the guardian who's looking after our hopes and dreams

By Jerry Sullivan,2015-03-26 15:01
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Review the guardian who's looking after our hopes and dreams

    Review: "the guardian" who's looking after our hopes and dreams

    Naughty, love playing tricks on people is full of love "frozen", "uncle" in the legend of a sleigh flying Santa Claus, has a pair of angel wings, with colourful peacock feathers, and exquisite lovely "tooth fairy", a funny but the infinite tenderness of the Easter bunny, represents is a dream, round shape, shorter hair messy but full of fantasy "sand"..."The guardian" gives the characters in the fairy tale, entirely, these guardians out of childhood into immortal, powerful and agile, their task is to do all it can to protect all the child's innocence and imagination, and called a "nightmare" bad guys wholeheartedly to cause fear in children around the heart to take over the world, in order to stop his evil plan, Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, Easter bunny, such as sand, frozen together a group of

    super heroes unite shut it, eventually make dreams back to every child's heart.

    The 3 d effect is very good of the film, the line is also very good, the fish tears always low, a lot of plot couldn't help hey sighs hiss, especially kids insisted patron saint exist jamie asked jack frost: if one day you no longer believe the patronus?Jack replied: the cloud covered the sun, you will not believe in the existence of the sun?Replace the moon the sun rises, you will think that the moon does not exist?Lines so touching

    "The guardian" let me understand some clues about the ideal and the dream.Patron in the film and the evil spirit have a common characteristic is the need to children believe that once the children don't believe he can be ignored invisible but also lost power and spirit that is our real life and its similar dreams exist only when you believe, and we give up to believe that is the dream of the enemy.We now have many dreams in insist, because things let us fear damage like the evil spirit in the movie.Dream the real enemy is fear we are afraid of don't believe, give up.Yesterday I finish see animation erupted like my little universe.Now that is a dream we should be as the growth of the age is more and more brave insist, as long as you want to dream for a letter I am very happy as long as I believe in the existence of it makes me very happy, not to is that god is I want to try I can happiness.

    A dream in everyone's heart, courage, love, innocence, fantasy, hope...Just believe it!You can see!As in a dark room, lit candles, fear is just a fantasy in my heart, as long as to believe that the light will spread in the bottom of my heart!

    Who is our guardians?Who is the guardian of our hopes and

    dreams?It is our own!!!!!

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