Captain America 2, the old man of the world

By Charles Long,2015-03-26 07:30
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Captain America 2, the old man of the world

    "Captain America 2", the old man of the world

    There is in the world before 400, professor, after a deep sleep the captain America in 70, the old man became the current screen to be bestowed favor on newly, how old, not afraid of you afraid you don't have a taste."Captain America 1" old-style personal heroism lift not my enjoyment of the code word, "captain America 2" old wine bottle, bright spot, high-tech high IQ.Story is very simple, the United States in world war ii defeat the nazis, but the Nazi transformed into America, gradually dominated the powerful security service penetration congress, at the same time around the world to incite, attempt to let the whole world to give up freedom, they trick was defeated by the brave captain America in the end.Captain sleeping in the 70 revolution, he woke up and stand in

    the busy city intersection as a rural youths just into the city of fear, compared to other supernatural heroes can do anything, he is more like an ordinary person, have their own troubles and worries.All-powerful captain on the battlefield is the leader, usually is a kind boy next door but person, how ground hero!Will be injured, he is not the most powerful, be afraid, but he would never give up, also won't give up on anybody, including the enemy.Many times, he throw has delivered the soul of the enemy, this is the glory of the human nature.He can let the fury of the green giant to calm down, he can let all mankind to listen to his words, he can let the enemy with their unite to fight, just because everyone unconditionally believe him, this is the power of trust.These two points is enough, have you ever seen on the show?

    Diffuse wei comics superhero almost all have shortcomings, the defect of personality is big also, unlike DC's hero, but captain America is one of the most special of these heroes, unlike other superhero, captain America was originally a very ordinary soldiers, and even qualifications, physical quality is very poor, but have a patriotic heart, other than diffuse wei hero more human, have a higher personality charm.He can from a unknown inferior troops into a leader, is because he is willing to to their country, into the super warrior of the serum, although the strength and speed was superior to ordinary people, but he remained upon all flesh, and I can't fly, only melee combat.But he has a strong personality charm,

    and become one of the avengers alliance leader and most americans in the heart of the spiritual.

    Although big scene more and fine film, a single challenge, a highway gun battle, the captain fought with falcon cool, take off the sky carrier, handsome to burst.Most poignant or captain America's mouth chanting "I missed out on a date," and immediately a hint of sadness over the film, date the girl Peggy meet again is already a woman of alzheimer's disease, and the captain is still young and beautiful, out to thousands of miles to their respective tianya sadness, how can you forget?

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