Why has the android, Google still encounter mobile transformation of trouble

By Beverly Watkins,2015-03-26 06:56
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Why has the android, Google still encounter mobile transformation of trouble

    Why has the android, Google still encounter mobile

    transformation of trouble

    Once everyone thinksGoogleMost don't need to worry about mobile

    transformation.Yes,AndroidIs the mobile Internet infrastructure, Google Glass is one of the earliest public wearable devices, Google self-driving car so proactive...But this is coming, Google recently a series of actions are reflects the transition of it is moving in, like what happens to all the PC era technology giants.In the eyes of some G powder, it is not possible, but this year it is, no matter whether you are willing to.

    You read that right, Google now began to move

    Google to major adjustment algorithm in the past two days, those of mobile client friendly website will not be right, the move intentions clear: to guide more mobile site adaptation and promote Google mobile search business.At the same time, Google has also launched a new feature: the user can through the content to search the App and direct download.At the beginning of this year, Google introduced the function of the tickets directly in the search results page.Google is to speed up the pace of the transformation of the mobile.

    Google on Android so strongly do hardware, this MOTO, Chromecast, Nexus, acquisition and sale, Google Glass, no car...But ignore the content layer mobile transformation.To illustrate this point, there are two vivid example: Android launch for a long time have no integrated Chrome but do it himself a browser, it was not until the father of the Android leave integrating Chrome;Google in the mobile terminal rely on Google Play and search business has been insulated, through search in the application is recently, than its Chinese counterpartbaiduLate for more than a year.

    At the beginning give up the Chinese market, it's too bad really

    GoogleWhy now began to transition move, have some core reason analysis.

    1, motivation, although Google has Android, but control to the mobile phone manufacturer, fragmentation problems, on the distribution of browser, search, and other key business of mobile did not make good use Android.

    2, strategic, Google hasn't formed on value-chain corporate level strategy, to emphasize information and intelligence.By contrast, baidu has complete transformation.According to the latest earnings data, baidu mobile traffic has super PC, mobile revenue accounted for 42%.

    3, strategy, Google invested too much in the short term can not output the future of our business such as unmanned vehicle, Google balloons, etc.

    4, on the market, this is critical, Google's main market is America, there are two passive.

    China mobile than in the United States,China mobile,Traffic has been more than a PC, a lot of people never have PC, mobile phone as its first Internet equipment, the United States, in turn, every family has a PC to mobile phone dependency is not high, Google Consumer Barometer shows flow rate is still higher than the PC mobile;The second passive is mobile payment habit, highly developed credit card business in the United States, UBER, taxi payment can use a credit card, investigation shows that American consumers prefer "pocket money", and more and more Chinese consumers favor new mobile payment, credit card is not developed, the red envelopes with Chinese characteristics a taxi wars and the war, these factors make China better mobile payment environment.

    Developed than China mobile, China and the United States pay different habits, this gives Google mobile transformation to form the block.

    I do not know if Google regret leaving China.China is becoming the most important of the mobile Internet market, Apple, Intel has to recognize the trend and more investment in China, even the Facebook zuckerberg also actively interact with the Chinese government don't give up the opportunity to enter the Chinese market.Mobile payment, e-commerce, O2O, mobile search, China has walked in the front.

    Mobile Internet era, the C2C is failing

    The Internet age most mainstream products, you can find the shadow in silicon valley across the Pacific, silicon valley returnees become one of the mainstream of the Internet age business groups in China.Someone summarizes a pattern that C2C, Meituan net boss Mr Wang is the leader in this field: Facebook do xiaonei, Twitter cooking fire, company and China has the Meituan came.Don't know if it because of C2C, in the PC era, almost all the Chinese Internet is hard to go abroad, do not pay enough attention to product innovation, the cultural features and differences, of course.

    Up mobile Internet mobile applications, however, there are many "created in China".Internationalization of many of them have achieved very good results, such as millet this attempt in the low end of the market and the Android ecosystem copy apple's hardware company also figured out a way of rich characteristic, become a phenomenal company.And those who try to C2C American popular application, but mostly failed: SnapChat, sets, Tinder, an...Include the Copy of the hardware such as Nest, GoPro, Fitbit, Oculus and Dropcam is no successful cases.

    Now Google baidu, in turn, learning in the practice of mobile transformation, once again proved that China is no longer in the mobile Internet era, but have the opportunity to become a leader.In spite of the frontier technology, top talent, market freedom and operating system on the bottom of the facilities, there are some gap, but the overall market is much better.Can also see the domestic giants are actively globalization, going out with the silicon valley giant did to market, talent, the investment project.This is a new era, Chinese Internet companies are changing the image of "follower", blindly believe Chinese companies will only fake, Copy, with tinted glasses should be remove.

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