What are the most useful JavaScript IDE

By Mike Freeman,2015-03-26 06:20
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What are the most useful JavaScript IDE

    What are the most useful JavaScript IDE?

    Before reading this article, to share a picture, the picture will find JavaScript development demand the highest, accounted for 42.84%, so good job is not sorrow, to master the JavaScript language to do a good job must first sharpen his, then selecting the IDE is crucial to develop, this paper points out that the commonly used several JavaScript IDE, analyze its advantages and disadvantages, such as a faulty please supplement



    1. The key word prompt

    When using WebStorm development, it will automatically prompt JS variables, keywords, method, function or parameter names, can help you quickly enter and avoid low-level input errors.

    2. Support code refactoring

    To do development the most headache is messy code in the maintenance structure, in order to ensure that your code simple and easy to maintain, late in the development process, you must ensure that code clean, WebStorm will help you to refactor the code automatically, such as mobile file, inline variable extract, etc.

    3. Integrated Node. Js

    WebStorm integration Node. Js, can run, compile, test Node. Js App.

    4. Integration code quality tools

    Integrated the JSHint, JSLint, JSCS, etc.

    5. Save the local history

    Local history can help you tracking code, modified code.

    Disadvantages: commercial payment, occasionally performance is poorer, the background is created. The idea of file, unable to open multiple projects in a window, the native file system often will appear a lot of problems



    Built-in package management capabilities

    Atom built-in package management functions, is the most important function of the Atom

    Free open source

    The Atom on the lot is open source, and is free of charge

    Embedded Git controls, Web technology

    Embedded Web technologies such as JS, HTML and CSS

    Disadvantages: low efficiency

    Sublime Text

    Advantages: fast

    The most distinguishing feature of Sublime does the Text is tostart and use in the process of a feeling is fast

    Multi-line select and edit

    Multiple cursors and column choose to support both line edit.The function of very cool

    Support multiple operating systems

    Support for Windows, Linux, OSX.

    Plug-in type are abundant

    Low memory consumption


    No debugger

    The lack of code refactoring, and other functions

    Strictly speaking Sublime does the Text is a Text editor, can't call it an IDE


    There are a lot of plug-in support, is expected to become mature full-featured IDE.

    Advantage: the function is very powerful, fast and lightweight for free;Cross-platform, stable

    Disadvantages: learn hard, old interface style, the style of the 70 s, is not for everyone

    Visual Studio Code

    VSCode concentrated development, redefining the function, built-in Debug and cloud applications.Code is free and can be used for multiple platforms like Linux, Mac OS x, and Windows embedded Git controls.

    Disadvantages: slow loading time


    Brackets is open source code editor, front-end engineer and Web designer more applicable, support for multiple platforms, and do not need to distinguish between the front and back side.Interface is clean, pure and fresh.Start very fast.Switch between projects is also very convenient.

    Disadvantages: low efficiency, at the same time can only open a file.Function is not complete, lack of static analysis of the kernel function, and the lack of some element level text editing commands.


    Developers use Codenvy can modify, running, compile the cloud code.

    Can provide custom runtime environment, debugging code.To schedule sharing and installation is very convenient.

    Microsoft's Visual Studio

    The introduction of JavaScript Intellisense VS provide very useful script hints and automatically input function.Friendly interface clean.

    Faults can only be used for the Windows platform

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